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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome (maybe back!) to the Gator Clause blog. I’m Jesse Simonton, and I’ll be the newest CEO of this establishment.

From the words of one of my favorite TV characters ever, “There’s a new sheriff in town, boys. Ya’ll best get used to it.”

I’ve covered Florida athletics since college (yes, I’m a UF alum), but I actually grew up in Dawg country. Cue, instant shrieking.

I’m excited to make this blog an insightful and engaging community where even the most ghastly trolls are welcome.  This blog will maintain a steady stream of content, so let’s have some fun.

Bring out the banter; only don’t make the comments section read like the lyrics of Jay-Z’s latest album. Florida and SEC fans are preferred (kidding… sort of) but if Miami or FSU brethren want to join the party, we’ll kick it like Will Smith and reminisce about the millennium.



Now that introductions are over, some actual news from the Southeastern Conference’s Media Days in Hoover, Ala.

Shocking, I know.

While the SEC’s annual circus begins today with 1,500 media members waiting for the next Johnny Manziel quote, the league did announce the kickoff times and TV broadcasts for the first three weeks of the 2013 season.

Florida will host Toledo on Aug. 31 at 12:21 p.m. on the SEC Network. The Gators travel to Miami the following Saturday (Sep. 7) for a noon tilt (ESPN) with their in-state rival Hurricanes. Florida better start hydrating now.

UF is already struggling to sellout the season opener and the confirmed start time surely won’t help matters. The University Athletic Association recently began offering a “Meal Deal” package to entice fans to purchase tickets for the Toledo game. For $35, fans can get a ticket, soda and hotdog. No word yet if hand-held fans are included.

Later, I’ll have more from SEC Media days, as UF coach Will Muschamp and players Jeff Driskel, Dominique Easley and Jon Halapio all address the media this afternoon.

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Welcome, Jesse, I hope you can control the Gator thugs on here.

Minor typo in there. Surly versus Surely. Spellcheck won't catch that, but grammar check will.

As for hydrating in Miami, I know it is over 300 miles away, but it is not THAT different from Gainesville in temperature, and actually is cooler many days since we are just off the ocean versus being landlocked.

For example, 9/7/2012, Gainesville high was 87.

9/7/2012, Miami high was 87.

Just saying, they will actually be better off in a stadium that handles NFL games and has some shade like Sun Life, compared to being in the Swamp.

Meal Deals to attract gator nation to the swamp? Really? GOOOO FAKERS

I don't know how I feel about a Dawg writing about the Gators. I sincerely doubt any Georgia fan has the ability to be objective about intradivision rivals.

Sweet! Bout time we got a true Gator fan reporting on the Gators!

Could u please interview thepouncy brothers to find out what thier involvement with hernandez?

Per Fatty: What are your thoughts on Will Muschamp considering he actually attended Georgia? I simply grew up in the state.

Welcome Jesse! As long as you keep rolling out new material, I think things will work out just fine.

Welcome Captain Jesse.
Will you be based in Gainesville?
Will you be able to travel with any teams?
Will you (please) report on prospective (e.g. recruiting) and previous (e.g. professional and retired) in addition to current UF athletes teams and related events?
Glad to have the Herald bring your considerable talents to benefit the interests of the Gator Nation here in South Florida.

Go Gators!

Thanks, Steve. Yes, I will be based in Gainesville and will travel to all UF football games, lots of basketball and other events. I'll update the blog with any pertinent recruiting information when it breaks.


Welcome, we needed the hometown paper to report on sports from the state's flagship university.

Keep us posted on the inner dealings, we get the big picture from the national news, I want to know the stuff you get while working in the Swamp. We're coming home to Hogtown next year, so prep the place for me! Go Gators!

"I sincerely doubt any Georgia fan has the ability to be objective"

Like any Gatr Trash fan has the market on objectivity cornered?

Wow. Delusional. I guess you think you are the state's flagship university. Well, if this state is mostly low-educated whitetrash, then yes you are.

"Simply" grew up in the state, huh? Well, regarding Muschamp, I'm preserving judgement on his allegiance until he passes on the Georgia job after Richt gets fired, which will probably happen before the end of his contract in '17 (he's gonna tank hard).

Look forward to reading future entries.

Welcome Jesse hope you pay more attention to this blog than Matt did.
To cue you in the first post from Gator Logic is a cane troll digging for trouble, he should have said that you need to control the many cane thugs that post here, like the Worthless Diploma Holder poster above.
The fifth post asking about Hernandez was from Sidcane who has stolen my screen name and posts all kinds of non sense. You have your hands full here. If you do not edit the non sense this will deteriorate rapidly, just read the comments on Matt's posts.
Anyway looking forward to more timely Gator info from now on.
Go Gators

There will be plenty of Gators content (daily in most cases) moving forward.

I'll monitor the comments. Thanks for the heads up. So long as nothing gets truly malicious, we'll be alright.

jls, you don't know me, don't pretend to.

My comment was about the weather and a comparison of how the stadiums are built to handle that weather, a typo tht Jesse fixed, and a warning about the Gator trolls.

Nothing in there was a Cane troll digging for trouble. You might want to call every non-Gator a troll, but you are mistaken.

Logic I don't pretend to know you but when you complain about GatorAlum and Gator "trolls" on this blog and ignore the obvious cane trolls such as "worthless diploma", "100 years", Sid posing as me, and countless others then it makes mw wonder what your true intentions are.
I have no problem with non-Gators posting here and in fact would welcome an intelligent exchange, but the ones that post here are all imbecile and infantile cane trolls that have nothing intelligent to say. I shouldn't have to point this out, just read their posts.
Your warning should be about the myriad cane trolls here.

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