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Speed Read: It’s not about the money, money, money

Florida coach Will Muschamp received a nice $250,000 raise last Friday.

The response from some in the Gator Nation was unsurprisingly inane. 

Many bemoaned Muschamp’s place on the league’s compensation hierarchy, while others questioned why he justified a raise in the first place.

(***With an annual salary now around $3 million, Muschamp currently ranks as the seventh highest paid coach in the SEC***)

Here’s the skinny on why Muschamp got what he got, is where is and moving forward...

* The Gators are 18-8 in Muschamp’s first two seasons as a head coach. He’s tallied consecutive top-five recruiting classes, is a dedicated grinder and fresh off an 11-win campaign. Is he a great coach? That's a valid, debateable question. Asking if he's even a solid coach is downright silly. 

* The bump in pay was pennies compared to what would happen if the Gators won the SEC Championship and/or a BCS title. Also, the funds couldn’t have been used on academics. Totally different resources.

* Florida initially got its head coach on the relatively cheap (zero HC experience) and are simply rewarding a coach with a nod towards his market value.

* Georgia’s Mark Richt ($3.2 million), Arkansas’ Bret Bielema ($3.2 million) and Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin ($3.1 million) justifiably make more money than Muschamp. Richt is the SEC’s longest-tenured coach with two career league championships, while the Aggies and Razorbacks both paid premiums to poach coaches from their former schools.  

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Coach will prove his worth this season!

Go Gators!

Don't have a problem with this raise at all. You need your coach to be well compensated in this league and he still is #7 in that regard.

"So this video of Riley Cooper saying he wants to fight every n- - - er at a Kenny Chesney concert has gone viral. Just another Urban Meyer prodigy doing the damn thing."

Gatrs finest making headlines all over the country. Your institution has sold its soul to the almighty athletic dollar.

Riley is in with the brothers, he can say that.

What's up with you pathetic recruiting class? I'm sure it's a direct correlation to the 75+ arrests and 1 famous alumni murderer.

You all will be average for quite some time....

Now you have an ex player in the NFL running around dropping N-Bombs??

Your players are THAT stupid. You do realize this correct? The sooner you all realize that you have a SERIUS problem in your program NOW and with guys who are in the league that came from the Urban Meyer tenure....only then can change come.

homie iz in wit me tu. that cracka iz a bad boy fo shizzle.

he mo thug than most my homies. he jus need to pass dat blut quicka n stays offs da liquah.

Poor little canes starved for some good and relishing everything that could look bad for the Gators, keep trying fools, keep trying.
What Riley Cooper says or does is his problem and the Eagles' problem. Nothing to do with UF.
The 2014 recruiting cycle has barely begun you idiots keep touting that cause it's the only good thing you got. Problem is all these rankings will change as we approach NSD. Enjoy it now cause it will only get worse for you.


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