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Speed Read: It’s not about the money, money, money

Florida coach Will Muschamp received a nice $250,000 raise last Friday.

The response from some in the Gator Nation was unsurprisingly inane. 

Many bemoaned Muschamp’s place on the league’s compensation hierarchy, while others questioned why he justified a raise in the first place.

(***With an annual salary now around $3 million, Muschamp currently ranks as the seventh highest paid coach in the SEC***)

Here’s the skinny on why Muschamp got what he got, is where is and moving forward...

* The Gators are 18-8 in Muschamp’s first two seasons as a head coach. He’s tallied consecutive top-five recruiting classes, is a dedicated grinder and fresh off an 11-win campaign. Is he a great coach? That's a valid, debateable question. Asking if he's even a solid coach is downright silly. 

* The bump in pay was pennies compared to what would happen if the Gators won the SEC Championship and/or a BCS title. Also, the funds couldn’t have been used on academics. Totally different resources.

* Florida initially got its head coach on the relatively cheap (zero HC experience) and are simply rewarding a coach with a nod towards his market value.

* Georgia’s Mark Richt ($3.2 million), Arkansas’ Bret Bielema ($3.2 million) and Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin ($3.1 million) justifiably make more money than Muschamp. Richt is the SEC’s longest-tenured coach with two career league championships, while the Aggies and Razorbacks both paid premiums to poach coaches from their former schools.  

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