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The doldrums of a college footballess summer will soon be over. With the season quickly approaching, [insert team] hype videos are being viewed daily, on a loop, during every fan's lunch hour.  

Today, I did a couple quick YouTube searches and found six game-changing plays (listed chronologically) defining Florida's 2012 season. Now these are not necessarily the year's top plays (although some may qualify). 

Apologies to Matt Elam (couldn't find a solid video of his forced fumble vs. LSU), Mike Gillislee (while important, 8-yard runs aren't usually the most ballyhooed of plays) and Jon Bostic (Florida fans were passed out drunk during his Sugar Bowl knockout). 


1. 'Wild-Gator' 


2. A dagger sprint  


3. Starting off with a bang...


4. Game Over


5.[gasp] HOLY...


6. Decleated


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Damn you Jesse! You're turning me into a corporate time-stealing weasel!

Typical gator^^^^^^^^^^^^
Get back to work and stop stealing from your boss! People like you work for me and thats all they want is a check. Stealing my money,just like uf defense team. Only there its my tax dollars. Wait a minute, that was a joke right? Most gator fans eat oxycodone and leach off of the system....take the guy who posts as D for example, even his typing shows signs of brain damage.

Laugh a little, sidcane. I've heard it's good for ya.

Good stuff Jesse... Sidcane can't help nearly 10 years of bitterness.

Happy to have a journalist that is truly invested in this blog...

See you in the Bull Gator Lounge or Presidents Box sometime perhaps for a pre-during or post Victory cocktail fellow Gator.

Let Arty or I know if you need help getting in. No problem.

Nice collection. I was pissed I the game was so close on that punt block return, but that ending was worth it.

excuse me cane fan ... u are excused now


Good work Jesse, that Purifoy hit on the SC QB was my favorite.
Poor Sid, no sense of humor and full of anger and ignorance.
Go Gators!

Poor jls, again with the personal attacks. Take Jesse's advice, and laugh a little, rather than attacking every non-Gator on here.

Twisted I see I'm your favorite poster now. Why don't you call out Sid The Idiot Cane instead, he is the first one who came here with the real insults. The things I just said about him are mild in comparison.
I'm starting to get bored with you and your constant whining. my civility only goes so far.

Yes, very angry....just had a guy wreck one of my trucks because he wasnt working when he was supposed to be...wasnt even in the area....jesse can we get a story on that olineman gators just wrestled away from buffalo? Hahaha how is that for laughing a little.

Sidcane, nice very nice!

A Moron patting another one in the back for posting garbage. Probably the same fool using 2 different names and congratulating himself.
Toot your own horn Moron, you have to, no one else will.

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