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SEC Preseason Predictions: Florida picked to finish third in East (again)

For the second straight season, Florida is predicted (by a record-number of media) to finish third in the Southeastern Conference's Eastern Division behind Georgia and South Carolina. All three schools are expected to open the 2013 season somewhere inside the nation's top-10 ranked teams. 

Will Muschamp’s team received 19 first-place votes, with zero votes to outright win the league.   

Meanwhile, the SEC also released its preseason all-conference teams.

The Gators placed nine players across three teams, including first-team defense honorees (DT) Dominique Easley and (CB) Louchiez Purifoy.

UF punter Kyle Christy was also a first-team selection. 

A couple interesting nuggets stand out to me: Not a single Florida wideout was even listed on the ballot for selection. The Gators' last non-lineman to make a preseason All-SEC first-team was Tim Tebow in 2009. 

Linebacker Ronald Powell, despite missing the entire 2012 season with an ACL injury, was picked as a third-team honoree. While sophomore running back Matt Jones , who is just a first-year starter, also earned a third-team nod.

Below are all of UF’s selections:

First-team defense: DT Dominique Easley, CB Louchiez Purifoy

First-team specialists: P Kyle Christy

Second-team offense: OG Jon Halapio  

Second-team defense: CB Marcus Roberson

Third-team offense: RB Matt Jones, C Jon Harrison

Third-team defense: LB Ronald Powell

Third-team specialists: RS Andre Debose, AP Louchiez Purifoy    

Agree or disagree with the media’s picks? Any noticeable omissions (Antonio Morrison, Dante Fowler maybe)?

Have at it.

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Jesse good to have you in charge of Gator Clause now, I haven't checked in days and haven't posted in a long long time but you seem to be updating daily so I will check daily too.
Just in time for football season, good job.
I think it's good to have the media pick us 3rd in the east, nothing like a chip on the shoulder to keep the players hungry and angry to prove that wrong.
Keep up the good work and always Go Gators!!

Florida thrived as an underdog with an us-against-the-world mentality in 2012 (see: LSU, USC, FSU games), but when expectations were high (see: UGA, Louisville games) the Gators laid an egg both times. UF also played down to its opponents too often, a dangerous mindset that nearly cost them multiple occasions last season (see: Lou. Lafayette, Mizzou).

Good points Jesse, in the end our superior talent prevailed in the Mizzou and ULL games, the UGA game was a bummer but it was amazing we were still in it until the end even with 6 turnovers. When you turn it over 6 times you usually get blown out.
The Sugar Bowl game is a different animal and not representative of what that team did all year so that one does not bother me as much. What difference does it make if you finish ranked 3rd or 12th, now if you end up unranked and forgotten that's a different story.

Thanks for the updates Jesse!

Jesse is so awsome. He is the best reporter the herald has hired for gator clause. I hope he doesnt abandon us for an ohio st blog. That would make me sad. Has anyone found a picture of johnny football in a thong yet? He is so sexy. I wish i could meet him. I would think aboht him when i touch myself to tebow posters. Tebow is way cuter but johnny football is a badboy. Best of both worlds.

Jesse, so you are saying the gators will finish at least 6th overall in the SEC. I see a trend starting and the fact that a skill position like receiver is so questionable, it points to all the 4 & 5 star recruits seem to be overrated or poorly coached. I would guess poorly coached.

I'm not projecting the Gators to finish 6th overall in the SEC -- although it quite possibly could happen even if UF goes 10-2 -- but the gathered media in Hoover VOTED Florida to finish 3rd in the East behind UGA and USC.
UF has absolutely had skill position deficiencies dating back to 2009, and that's not news to anyone. There's no "trend starting," it exists. It's readily apparent.
The lack of production (specifically) from receivers has been a combination of poor coaching and overrated prospects, but Florida hopes that changes in 2013 with an influx of fresh talent (5 frosh WRs) and improved veterans. We'll see.

Well done Jesse.

Full respect from a Cane fan and Gator hater, looking forward to September 7th. Better that this blog is alive so I can get real information about our opponent.

Jesse good info so far. Just so you know you responded to a cane troll, as evident by his screen name and his stupid post. We all know the receiver position has been wanting but to say it's a trend is stupid.
Also the troll talking about Tebow posters and thongs is Sidcane who again has stolen my screen name and is posing as me.
You will find many of these cane wannabes here trying to stir up trouble, it is very easy to know who they are by the stupid things they post.
Back to the receiver question do you think Joker Phillips will be a big help in developing the new guys and helping the others get better? I did't know that he used to play WR, but having a former HC with experience as our WR coach can only help.
It can be said that our WR coach has much more experience than the mediocre cane's HC.
Go Gators!
Don't get fooled by the cane trolls, they come here every day en mass.

JISM14234, you complain like a little teenager, man up or shut up. By the way Jesse confirmed my view:
"UF has absolutely had skill position deficiencies dating back to 2009, and that's not news to anyone. There's no "trend starting," it exists. It's readily apparent".
FYI, Miami has #2 recruiting class even with the NCAA issue hanging over Miami, just the facts.


Turds will lose 4 games this year.....

Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff

Which way did be go which way did he go

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