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The mailman doesn't deliver on Sundays... Until today

Ladies and Gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying fascinating news story. I need all of you, to stop what you doing and listen!

We've officially hit the final turn of college football's offseason. 




Gator Club gatherings, in the rearview mirror. Southeastern Conference Media Days, done. Friday Night Lights, ova. 

Florida kicks off training camp in less than a week (Aug. 2), so let's knockout a pre-practice mailbag because why not. 

This will be a weekly feature here at the blog, so fire away, spread the word and bookmark this sucker. Let's turn this into a trademark segment on the blog. 

You can submit questions by posting below, emailing me (see side link) or tweeting me (@JesseReSimonton). 

In an nod to fellow Gators writer, Bryan Holt…


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FWW Jesse, looks like you brought back the real Gator fans (SoMiamiGator, etc), which proves you ar doing a great job.

See you around, keep the infomation flowing, and hopefully the board does no go into a meltdown no matter who wins on 9-7.

Jesse, Twisted Logic has a point in that you have revived this blog. Not to make light or diminish the compliment but it would be hard to do worse than the fellow before you did.
Keep up the good work and more Gators will post here as the word spreads that Gator Clause is back in business with a new and improved writer.
Go Gators!!

Gator Logic you said you are a Cane fan and Gator hater, so who are you to decide who is a "real" Gator fan and who is not?
Every Gator that posts here is a real fan, and those who were able to endure the Matt Watts disaster should be commended.
Jesse is doing an outstanding job, don't know why the Herald took so long to find him when there are so many Gator fans in South Fla that he has a built in audience, all he has to do is give us good content and post in a timely fashion. Both of which he does very well.
As always Go Gators!

Poor use of words by me. Sorry.

I meant to say that folks like So Miami Gator want to talk about their team, rather than merely rip the local team or their fans.

My point is that now, with information about the team coming in, I am seeing folks discussing their TEAM, rather than attacking each other.

Again, sorry, I was just trying to praise Jesse, not insult anyone in the process.

Go Canes!

Appreciate the kind words. Again, all peeps are welcome. Where are all my good questions at though?

Quick recruiting update: Trent Harris, a three-star defensive end (Rivals) from Winter Park, chose Miami over UF, Ohio State and others. It's been largely rumored by recruiting insiders that Harris lost his spot at UF with the recent commitment of three-star DE Justus Reed.


Of all the red-shirts from last year's class, who do you think will have the biggest impact? Haven't heard much from or about them. The only thing that has been out there is that Bryan Cox's kid bulked up significantly.

Being his last year, is Andre Debose going to finally take his head out of his ass, or go down as one of the biggest flops ever?

Debose is the best we have and until he is gone ,he is a starter. Just think his backup is not as good or he would be a starter. We need to start recruiting hard core thugs and pay them better. Did you see how much bama is paying? We also need to let the recruits have a free pass on classes like south carolina. Muschamps 400$ handshakes are just pocket change for recruits to get them to bama where they will commit and get paid. At this rate , as soon as all of meyers recruits are gone bama will have all the top players on payroll. Winning is not enough. These kids want to get paid. Lets get some booster cash and rig some grades. Heck , even vandy has thugs tougher than our lightweight criminals. Who steals tacos? Gators ,thats who. Get some real thugs. Thats how miami became better than us. They have 5 rings,5.

Posted by: canetrash

Good one.

Yo, canetrash here,
Them Canes gonna be blurrin' right by our D yo!
Dat duke johnson is supposed to be fast as a jaguar yo!
Some of his boyz is racin a jaguar yo! Dem boyz be fast as all get out.
Dat O-line,yo,is ballahs b. Dey gonna be the bests we ever saw yo.
No way we get to morris before the ball is gone g.
Dose receivers be tall widt some reach to yo, and widt morris being accurate,man,man we be in trouble yo!

Sept 7th is gonna be our ds biggest test yo
Yo Yo , check dis out, we better hopes they get thru training with as many injuries as possible.
Yo we need to practice light to avoid injuries.
Bad news is they rarely start with an easy game and dis year deys gonna have a practice game yo.
is hopes none of our last years starters we have left go down yo, but that would be a good reason for a loose.
Why didnt axle foley get dem out of this b.

canetrash, the name speaks for itself.
Nice try at an imitation but the canetrash that posts over at the cane blog is much better.

The only point that's surprising about these wow goldthorn farming is so fantastic.

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