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Two (or more) Bits

Will Muschamp will participate in ESPN’s “Car Wash” on Tuesday, as Florida’s coach will appear on various ESPN platforms reciting his 2,500-word, greatest-hits dissertation from SEC Media Days discussing his team and the upcoming year. I’m sure “barking” will be brought up a time or two.

Muschamp will be one of several SEC coaches in attendance on the Bristol, Conn., campus, as Arkansas coach Bret Bielema, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn, Kentucky coach Mark Stoops, Tennessee coach Butch Jones and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier will also make the rounds Tuesday.

Below is Muschamp’s busy schedule (courtesy of Gatorzone.com)


GameDay Radio


First Take


Digital Media




CFB Insider w/ Travis Haney


SC Tonight w/ Freddie Coleman


Recruiting Nation




College Football Live


SVP & Russillo Radio Show


ESPN.com chat


College GameDay


St. Thomas Aquinas defensive tackle Anthony Moten decommitted from Florida on Saturday.

According to recruiting experts, Moten’s decommitment wasn’t all that surprising considering the four-star prospect had never visited Gainesville and was openly courting other schools. Miami, Florida State and South Carolina remain high on Moten’s list, but it remains to be seen if Florida will continue recruiting him.

Shortly after the news broke, Moten sent out the following tweet, publically announcing his reasoning for decommitting.

Florida now has just 10 commitments in the 2014 class, but the Gators are expected to make some positive noise this weekend during their annual Friday Night Lights camp (June 26).


The NFL announced this weekend New York Giants safety Will Hill has been suspended (again) for violating the league’s substance abuse policy and program.

Hill is forced to sit out four games next season, just a year removed from missing four games in 2012 for violating the league’s drug policy.

Hill is one of four players -- Brandon Spikes, Joe Haden and Jermaine Cunningham are the others -- from Florida’s 2008 BCS National Championship team to be suspended by the NFL for (allegedly) using performance-enhancing drugs. 

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So Moten said he didn't want to get lost in the system. He saw UF was loaded at DT and wanted to go somewhere he could play right away. Nothing wrong with that, if he goes to UM he could start right away and be part of a lousy defense. To each it's own.
Friday Night Lights is always a fun time and we usually get a few commits there.
Go Gators!

jls, yes, he has Miami, FSU, and USC(e)on his list, but that doesn't mean he is seeking bo play right away, they are all smaller schols than UF and he might want to just go to a smaller school and not get lost in a large crowd.

UF has over 31,000 undergrad students enrolled,
FSU has under 28,000,
USC(e) has under 20,000,
UM has under 10,000.

Logic I hear you but that is not what he said, he said he did not want to get lost in the football program, not the school. He specifically mentioned that UF was already loaded at his position. There is nothing wrong with a kid wanting to go to a school where he feels he can play right away and everyone knows UM is so very weak at the DT position so good for you if he ends up there. You need all the help on D that you can get.

One thing's for certain, the Gator D-line should be one of the best in school history. 4 5-star proven players on the field at once, when they put Fowler as a LB and Powell at buck. Easley at tackle and Bullard on the other end. I can't wait to watch these guys play this year!

JISM1, you are not capable of an intelligent conversation as you start every post off with an insult. I am guessing your about 18 yrs. old and living with your mom and dad. Saying Miami schedules weak opposition, you obviously have not looked at a UFelony schedule in the past 10 years. This year UFelony plays Miami, LSU, FSU, GA & USC that are the tough games otherwise your schedule is a complete joke. Let’s not forget the real tough games against Toledo and the GA Southern Eagles, truly pathetic, notwithstanding you have to play all of the tough teams above except Miami and UFelony has been trying to get out of this game for the past 3 years.


Florida plays a VERY difficult schedule in 2013 -- Phil Steele tabs it most-difficult in nation. Comparing it to Miami's is an insult that makes zero sense. Whether you believe UM is better than UF is irrelevant. SEC >>> ACC.
UF plays four teams probably slated in the preseason top-10, three away from Gainesville.
The only two top-25 teams on UM's schedule are in-state rivals UF and FSU.
In 2012, the Hurricanes faced three ranked opponents, losing to all three by a combined score of 126-36. Florida faced six ranked foes last season, not including Texas A&M, who finished the year ranked in the top-5.

Jesse, trying to explain the clear and simple fact that the gators play a much tougher schedule than the canes year in and year out, is like trying to explain physics to a 5 year old. They just can't seem to grasp it. Any cane fan who actually believes and tries to argue the fact that the canes play a tougher schedule than the Gators, shows how little they know about college football.

You are funny and pathetic at the same time, maybe funny because you are pathetic.
You do the same thing you accuse me of doing, and then go on a idiotic rant about SOS. Like GatorAlum and Jesse have posted before me here, there is nothing to be discussed and no question that the canes play a soft schedule every year which is getting softer since Golden has been in charge. It is also obvious the Gators play a top 10 SOS every year, last year it was #5.
But you Miami Morons don't live in facts and reality, you live in delusion and in the ancient past.

I do give you props for coming up with an original name. Only took you about 20 tries to do so but good for you.

Jesse, not sure where you saw someone bring up which team had a tougher schedule. Did you delete that message?

Even so, Miami did not drop UF from their schedule, UF dropped Miami and replaced them with teams like Montana State. Is their conference tougher firhgt now? Yes. Is their non-conference schedule tough though? Not usually. I have seen tem get F grades multiple times for their non-conference schedule, while Miami was scheduling Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Kansas State.

Logic, your name is a fraud. You are not a Gator and you have zero logic, go figure.
The Gator non conference schedule consists of FSU and a few pansies, this year included. FSU is top 20 usually.
The SEC schedule speaks for itself.
Is it so hard for fools to understand if you play in the best and toughest conference in the Universe then you face a tough schedule by default and then you add FSU.

Compare and contrast with your canes who play in the weakest conference in the World so by default they play a weak schedule. It is teams like yours that need to schedule tough OOC teams just to balance out and play a decent schedule. But along comes Golden, he of the "7 win is my ceiling" college football record, and on purpose drops half of their good OOC teams while crying that the schedule is too tough.
And you have the audacity to come here and rant about SOS?
No logic, not a Gator, a complete fraud.

Gator Logic, you probably weren't even born when UF and UM were playing. Assuming you were a grown up back then you'd know that the reality that UF athletics was completely in the Red was a major (though not the only) reason for UF going to a 6/7 home schedule. UF admin was contemplating getting out of that game for years before it actually happened for those reasons alone.

UM doesn't offer the breadth and depth of Title IX sports and the facilities that go with them, so this isn't a matter you guys would ever have to think about.

If you went beyond the Billy Corbin mythology on matters like this you'd understand it was economics that drove that decision and not Michael Irvin, Vinny Testeverde, etc.

Logically illogical, thanks for the considered response.

Yep, I was there for Kerwin Bell and Emmitt Smith and their 31-4 loss. And I know that finances were given as a reason (despite the fact that UM games were moneymakers for both schools and would make even more in this TV era), well after the fact.

UM is a much smaller and non-sponsored private school, so it makes sense that they would not have the scope of athletics that UF has. However, that doesn't explain why Montana State would be on the schedule when they also do not have that size of facilities.

Notre Dame and Florida kept Miami on the schedule the whole time that they were easy wins. Once games started going 31-4, 56-7, 41-16, 20-0, etc. in Miami's favor and we were no longer a freebie win, the choice was easy for those schools, even if finances was the reason given to the local fans.

That is not Billy Corbin saying that, it is written history. A team that you lose to seven times in a row is likely to be dropped for a team you can beat seven times in a row.

But again, thanks for a response that discussed the ISSUE, and not chose to avoid them in place of personal attacks.

Not sure why my post got whacked (Jesse?). The point I was trying to make was that splitting the money on an away game at the OB offers far less than that of a home game in G-ville, regardless of the opponent.

I recall that game in 1987. Unfortunately I was recovering from fraternity hell week that ended that Friday night so I was cooling my jets in Gainesville. If I recall (still hazy to this day) Emmitt didn't play that game. He got some carries in the next game then had his breakout against bammy two weeks later. Of course, I wasn't physically there so you would know better.

As far as dropping the hurricanes because we lost 7 in a row running up to that game, that might have been in that 30-for-30 piece but I'm pretty sure written history doesn't bear that out. Of course Billy Corban history and actual history diverge when it comes to hurricane football. If the object was to get easy wins, the Gators would've scrambled to add the canes in the '90's during the prob years.

I havent deleted a single post since I've taken over the blog. Perhaps you wrote something in a different thread.

Jesse, I did not point to sos, just that UFelony plays the sisters of the poor out of conference. They chose not to play Miami, no matter what the reason. In case you forgot a Big East team blew your team out of the stadium in the bowl game, so much for the sec.

UFelon: It's not MY team. I simply cover Florida.

@runonsentencehater - Keep making excuses and playing those Thursday night/noon time games. We'll cover the big boys at prime time on Saturday.

Stupid that marijuana is even illegal to begin with...

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