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Woof. Woof. Charges Dismissed

Well that didn't take long. 

The misdemeanor charges filed against Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison have been dropped, according to William ‘Bill’ Cervone, state attorney for Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit.

USA Today’s Dan Wolken first confirmed reports after speaking with Morrison’s attorney, Huntley Johnson.

Cervone released a lengthy statement reviewing the arrest.

Key quotes included…

* “The charge of interfering with a police animal requires malice, and none exists. It also requires that the animal be engaged in some official duty, and it cannot be said that sitting in the back of a police cruiser in case he is needed constitutes being engaged in such activity by a police dog. As to the charge of resisting an officer, I challenge anyone who looks at the video of the incident to find any resistance, physical or otherwise, beyond questioning the actions of law enforcement, which is not illegal. Certainly, I see nothing that would allow or persuade a jury to convict.”

*”I wish to commend Sheriff Sadie Darnell for her comments about this situation as reported in the media. Those comments are candid, responsible, and appropriate. I disagree only as to whether any crime occurred. In my view, no arrest should have been made in this case, whether technically sustainable or not. In my office, I teach and we attempt to practice restraint.”

*Morrison's deferral agreement in his previous case will remain in effect. Because his arrest and potential prosecution for this new incident are in my view legally inappropriate there are no grounds to revoke that agreement.”

*To anyone suggesting that he has received special treatment due to his status, I would say review the police video and associated reports. Doing so with an unbiased, legally rigorous analysis can only lead to the conclusions I've reached.”


Boom speaks...

"As of now nothing has changed with Anonio's discipline status," UF coach Will Muschamp said in a tweet. 

Morrison remains suspended for at least the first two games of the 2013 campaign. Could that change? Maybe. We'll see. 

As always, the floor is yours…

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