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Woof. Woof. Charges Dismissed

Well that didn't take long. 

The misdemeanor charges filed against Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison have been dropped, according to William ‘Bill’ Cervone, state attorney for Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit.

USA Today’s Dan Wolken first confirmed reports after speaking with Morrison’s attorney, Huntley Johnson.

Cervone released a lengthy statement reviewing the arrest.

Key quotes included…

* “The charge of interfering with a police animal requires malice, and none exists. It also requires that the animal be engaged in some official duty, and it cannot be said that sitting in the back of a police cruiser in case he is needed constitutes being engaged in such activity by a police dog. As to the charge of resisting an officer, I challenge anyone who looks at the video of the incident to find any resistance, physical or otherwise, beyond questioning the actions of law enforcement, which is not illegal. Certainly, I see nothing that would allow or persuade a jury to convict.”

*”I wish to commend Sheriff Sadie Darnell for her comments about this situation as reported in the media. Those comments are candid, responsible, and appropriate. I disagree only as to whether any crime occurred. In my view, no arrest should have been made in this case, whether technically sustainable or not. In my office, I teach and we attempt to practice restraint.”

*Morrison's deferral agreement in his previous case will remain in effect. Because his arrest and potential prosecution for this new incident are in my view legally inappropriate there are no grounds to revoke that agreement.”

*To anyone suggesting that he has received special treatment due to his status, I would say review the police video and associated reports. Doing so with an unbiased, legally rigorous analysis can only lead to the conclusions I've reached.”


Boom speaks...

"As of now nothing has changed with Anonio's discipline status," UF coach Will Muschamp said in a tweet. 

Morrison remains suspended for at least the first two games of the 2013 campaign. Could that change? Maybe. We'll see. 

As always, the floor is yours…

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WOOF WOOF Mu' Fu'kers

See u Sept. 7th.

Thanks for the timely update Jesse. As has been said before this situation should have been handled with a warning from the get go, not an arrest.
I don't have a problem with the 2 game suspension being carried out just to teach him a lesson at the very least in better decision making.
Get ready for the cane trolls to go in a tizzy and denounce this decision by Cervone, even though it is the right thing to do.
Go Gators!

Jessie as a Cane fan I actually think your pretty on top of your game....much respect.

Preesh, Canes 38 UF 17

Just a matter of time before he or another UFelon commits another crime just wait a week.

Everyone has a little Ray Lewis in 'em, I guess.

Gator Grad Cervone says "I challenge anyone who looks at the video of the incident to find any resistance, physical or otherwise, beyond questioning the actions of law enforcement, which is not illegal."

Challenge accepted.

1:02 into the video, when he feels the first cuff put on, he starts to struggle, but soon stops we he sees he is outnumbered, and the K-9 officer informs him that he is making it worse.

But still, this is much ado about nothing, just like when a Cane player was accused of assaut on police officer for getting the officer's hand wet when the officer covered Cookie's mouth. Let's face it, if this was a Canes player on dash cam, the Gators would be saying throw the book at him, too.

Only difference is the LEVEL of feedback from the Prosecutor and Sheriff throwing the K-9 officer under the bus. They spend alot of effort justifying the release to then claim they are not giving this case special treatment.

"...this is much ado about nothing"

Hey Twisted Logic, we do agree on something!!

"........ if this was a Canes player on dash cam, the Gators would be saying throw the book at him, too."

You think? Pure speculation with no evidence to support.

So far the 2 game suspension stands, which I agree with. Duke and Morris can now feel a little better about the Sep 7th game, hope they are over confident.
In fact they probably are since that offense looks soooooo good in practice. Then again what offense wouldn't. It will also look good against FAU. Then it will be brought back to reality against the Gators. Just like last year......

J U are dumber than i thought....speculation ....lmao

I would love to see the version... cant believne he pulled the " do u know who i am" card again....that never works for a gator.....

Jesse, how are things health-wise with the incoming class and the returning guys? If I'm not mistaken a few recruits had offseason procedures. Also, when does camp start?

Alex Anzalone, an early enrollee, had shoulder surgery during spring camp. Florida's fall camp opens on August 2. Media Day is on August 1 where Muschamp will update the health status of entire roster.

I'm pretty sure Rolin had a procedure too. In either case we'll know more on August 1.

jls, no evidence to support my claim?

Gator fan comments after the Ramon Buchanon arrest, a couple years back, were evidence, not speculation. Took two seconds to google "Gator Ramon Buchanon". I then added 2011 because the was a recruit of yours in 2009.


One guy on here says the cops should have shot Buchanon. I haven't seen any Canes fans suggesting even a Taser of Morrison.

Twisted you are a treasure trove of old sports stories and fan comments. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
Glad you enjoy the civil discourse we have at Gatorclause.

Civil discourse exist only at that public dump UFelony. Take a look at the 46+ arrest and the good ol boy network to get the players off, Gainesville, nothing but a truck stop.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, jls.

You said my claim was speculation, so I showed that it was based on past behavior on Canes and Gator blogs when a Canes fan was arrested for just as weak an issue.

That is like me claiming a group of cars stopped at a red light will go when the light turns green. You call that "Pure speculation with no evidence to support." The rest of the world would call that "Likely behavior based on what they have been doing for years."

But then instead of accepting you lost that debate, you go on to insult the messenger, yet again. And then you wonder why Canes fans on here do not trust or respect you.

Is it hilarious, no, but pretty funny that you don't see the hypocrisy of your actions, and the lack of logic in your arguments.

Twisted, take a chill pill. Point out the insult in my last post, I can't find it. I do not care to have the trust or respect of cane trolls, and you are like the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to lack of logic.
For an example of insults and lack of civil discourse look at your buddy Felony and his liberal use of such adjectives as "dump", "truck stop", etc to describe our school.
That is why I go on to call him and his ilk Miami Morons, imbeciles and idiots. You get what you deserve.
I suggest you get off that high horse, stop pretending to be above the fray, and if you can't stand the heat go and stay on the cane blog.

Only responding because you asked a direct question:

The insult in your last post was in the very first word, calling me Twisted. YOu claim Canes fans are twisted, insane, morons, etc, just because of the team they cheer for.

And of course, the sarcasm of the entire comment would be tough to dismiss as not insulting. And then in the next post, where you claim to not be insulting, you continue the insults and claim I get what I deserve, followed by a renewed demand that I leave this blog even though Jesse has said I was welcome to stay.

I am done with you until you attack again. But don't turn around and claim I am singling you out when you asked a direct question, made a direct insult, and then ignored the response except to sarcastically call it twisted.

Twisted you are somewhat amusing.

You call yourself GatorLogic, yet you are not a Gator and your so called logic is warped or twisted at best.
Hence I call you Twisted.

If you want to call that an insult it is your prerogative, instead you should think of this as a term of endearment, a pet name.
I am not demanding you leave I just said do so if you can't take heat. He who gives must also take.

I suggest you take a vacation to chill a little, enroll in an online reading comprehension course and come back refreshed and with some better capacity to understand what is posted here.

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