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All Day: Powell ready for season

*** NOTE *** A version of this piece ran in the paper/sister page Thursday. This is an updated version with some addional comments from D.J. Durkin, Will Muschamp and Ronald Powell. Enjoy

GAINESVILLE -- Strong-side linebacker/defensive end Ronald Powell was inspired by Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson’s near record-setting 2012 season.

Now, he hopes his comeback season will be just as successful.

Powell led Florida in sacks (6.0) in 2011 before tearing his ACL twice in the past year. He never played a down last season, and the redshirt junior said he’s ready to bust out this fall.

“Just the feeling of running out in the Swamp. I can feel it, man. It’s going to happen for me.” 

Powell, the nation’s No. 1 recruit in 2010, said he keeps a Sports Illustrated cover story on Peterson’s incredible comeback in his locker for motivation.

“I know he had a lot of anxiety about coming back and all that,” defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin said. “But we’re seeing the flashes of No. 7 to say, ‘Alright we got what we think we had.’”

After two non-contact tears in a calendar year, the redshirt junior was tense early in camp, but head coach Will Muschamp said over time Powell has “gained a lot confidence” and “really cut it loose.”

The knee “feels great,” according to Powell.

Powell also admitted his resilient rehabilitation wasn’t strictly physical. Humbled by his adversity -- he matured. 

“You have to strap it up and take [the hardships] on full speed ahead,” he said. “You just have to grow from it. It’s in front of you. There’s no reason to harp on it. You know it’s there, so take it on full speed ahead and go at it.”

Somewhere, Muschamp is smiling.

“That’s one of the great feelings you have as a coach, to see a guy develop and come through so much adversity and handle it as well as he handled it,” Muschamp said. “That’s one of the joys you get in coaching when you see a young man like that develop.”

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Can't wait to have RoPo back at full strenght. With Dante next to him our pass rush should be a big strenght of this D.

excUse me? excUse U!

can you say delusional
can you say cowardly
can't rebuild while playing an ACC schedule?
the worst conference in college football and you can't handle that?
you just validated the handle of
what he says is so true
why did UM duck LSU?
Golden is afraid of high level competition
sUcks to be U

No sucks to be U....SERIOUSLY?

Are you even able to field a team? Did you guys have spring practice?

No...of course not...your the MIGHTY GATORS!!!!

Reality check is coming homer...your offense is going to get punished in two weeks!!

Surprise surprise....

JLO is such a UFaker cluck. Really delusional and often projects in insecurities on others. Shame on U!

Man I hope Driskell can throw it better than me...

Good thing someone is ready.Pease 118th sure isnt.We have no talent on his side of the ball . If Muscamp doesnt get rid of him we will never compete with the vandys or auburns of the world. There is no excuse for some of the offensive , or defensive games we had last year. How do you barley beat Bowling green? bowling green? really? Rajin cajuns? Really? Some of you fans are blind and will never see the light. Pease needs to go now. If Tenn., Toledo , kentucy,Ark.,Missouri,or even georgia southern hangs with us we need change from the top down.

Dude, that's my schtick!

To swamp fever cane, every day you rant about Pease and every time you rank his offense lower and pretend you are a Gator while we all know you are not.
You should ask for one of your coordinators to be fired for sure. You know the one, the one with the lowest ranked unit in the history of your school. the one who has 2 years under his belt and is going in the wrong direction with his players playing worse each year.
So go back to the cane blog and join the chorus of cane fans asking for Donofrio's head.
Stop projecting about not being able to compete in your conference. Fact is it is the canes that can't compete and lose every year to the UVA, UNC, BC or Marylands of the world. A fact, not your delusional rants about the Gators.

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