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Cleaning out the notebook: Hard to miss

Junior-college transfer Trenton Brown, a 6-foot-8, 363-pound offensive tackle, has already caught the attention of Florida’s offensive coordinator Brent Pease.

Pease called Brown, “the biggest kid I’ve ever seen out there.”

Brown is expected to contribute in a reserve roll in 2013 (see: true JUMBO packages), and Pease noted the junior has been a terror for teammates in one-on-one situations.

“That kid has created frustration a lot with the guys he has to go against. He’s got a lot of ability. He’s done a good job.”


Sidelined starting guards Jon Halapio (torn pectoral) and Max Garcia (back) are expected to return to practice early next week, sliding Tyler Moore back to right tackle.

Pease said the Nebraska transfer can play anywhere along the offensive line but prefers to slot the redshirt sophomore on the outside.


“Dante [Fowler], depending on how they use him, he’s such a weapon because he’s a down guy, pass rusher, pass coverage guy, very physical, so heavy handed. He knows how to get of people. He’s a real tough kid to block.”

-- Pease on Florida’s sophomore BUCK linebacker Dante Fowler Jr.


“Gideon [Ajagbe] is a very good football player. … He’s very unselfish and willing to say, ‘Hey, I’m going to make these tailbacks 1,000-yard rushers’ as far as what a fullback’s mentality should be.”

-- Pease on Florida’s redshirt junior and recent fullback convert


Florida practiced in full pads for the first time Tuesday. … Pease said he missed last month’s annual recruiting extravaganza, Friday Night Lights, because he got tied up travelling back from an Alaskan vacation. … The start times for UF’s four open practices (free): 2:45 p.m., Aug. 15 at Dizney Stadium (Lacrosse fields); 9:05 a.m., Aug. 17 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium; 7:45 a.m., Aug. 19 at the Sanders Practice Facility; 9:35 a.m., Aug. 20 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. All times are subject to change.

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6-foot-8, 363-pound that is a mountain, now can he move or is he a slow slumbering object. Reminds me of the "Refrigerator" Perry with the Chicago Bears back in the day.

Brown's technique needs work, but Pease highlighted his great mobility, saying, "The kid's got tremendous feet for a guy that big. He moves really well. So he can get away with bad technique sometimes, but you're obviously stressing that so you are a good football player."

jlo, nothing reeks worse that you are a newbie wannabe than when you reference things from the past that are dead wrong.

Fridge Perry? Really? Reminds of you him "back in the day"? Did you ever watch him play live or just in highlight reels or what daddy told you? This guy would swallow Fridge Perry, whose size when he played was about 6 foot 2, 320 lbs. which was big at the time but average now.

You are such a loser. Get back in your BMW 3 series and blow your all your disposable income at Happy Hour.

Andre DeBose remins me of Willie Gault "back in the day."

Jeff Driskell reminds me of Jim McMahon "back in the day." You know, both being white, reckless and wearing the same number just upside down.

And that Ronald Powell, he reminds me of Wilbur Montgomery, well, just because they both went to Florida.

"you are a newbie wannabe than when you reference things from the past that are dead wrong."

What the heck is a "newbie wannabe"
You take things way too literally. This kid is huge, the "Refrigerator" was huge back then. Who cares about their actual weight it's a relative thing, you yourself said Perry was "big at the time".
Then you have to go on and google all of Perry's Chicago team mates just to drop some names and sound like you are knowledgeable but we all know the truth.
Like it was Wilber Marshall, not Montgomery you twerp.

It is obvious you are the loser living on our blog 24/7.

Hey, you remind me of Kanye West, you know, from back in the day, because you are both douchebags.

You also remind me of David Samson, because you are loud-mouth runts annoying to everyone.

Who cares about their weight? Not me, except that you have no clue of what you are talking about. Perry was a DT. This guy is an OT. Other than the color of their skin, what is the comparison. Have you seen Brown move? Is he agile? Exactly how does he compare to Perry?

You are a slobbering loser. But at least you drive your lil' fem Beemer.

LB Matt Rolin tears ACL

There were multiple slip-ups today during players availably.

* Rolin's injury (something rumored earlier in the day) wasn't confirmed -- A UF spokesperson would neither confirm or deny, saying, "Muschamp will meet with the media tomorrow." -- but linebacker Michael Taylor said, "It's unfortunate what happened. He'll be back." Rolin, a freshman, is a former high school All-American who blew out his knee once already in November.

* RB Mack Brown said, "it's good to have Driskel back." Here's guessing Driskel will practice tonight and Muschamp will confirm as much tomorrow.

* Finally, Taylor also said LB Antonio Morrison was in the team meetings today. It is unknown if Morrison has been officially reinstated.

We need to start recruiting at the jailhouse cause our boys are hurting themselves to get out of playing Miami. Everyone will be good by game 3 though.

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