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Driskel looks sharp, Rolin officially out for season

GAINESVILLE -- Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel said he had “no limitations” during practice Thursday, as UF’s incumbent starter returned to the field for the first time since undergoing an emergency appendectomy on July 30.

On Friday the junior added that “He is up to speed,” and ready to show off Florida’s improved attack.

“Great to have Jeff back at practice,” coach Will Muschamp said. “He had great command and threw the ball extremely well. … I thought he looked sharp.”

Driskel was officially cleared Thursday morning and has no more doctor visits scheduled. He noted UF’s team doctor gave him one piece of exiting advice: ‘“Don’t be dumb about it. Don’t push through pain.”’

Driskel missed six days of training camp and did not participate in any weightlifting sessions. He said he tried to stay in shape with some walking and light running.

Due to NCAA acclimation rules, Driskel won’t practice in full pads for another four days.  “You have to go two days in helmets, two days in shells and then full pads,” Muschamp explained.


Muschamp updated UF’s lengthy injury list Friday, officially confirming linebacker Matt Rolin tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. The freshman re-tore the same ACL he had surgery on last November.

Defensive tackle Damien Jacobs (sprained knee) and cornerback Jaylen Watkins (foot) will both be sidelined until Aug. 19.  Freshman offensive tackle Roderick Johnson had knee surgery (meniscus) Friday and will miss 3-4 weeks.    

As for the rest of Florida's sidelined players, Muschamp said, "Jon Halapio (guard) is meeting with the doctor today. I’ll know more this afternoon. Max Garcia’s (guard) been cleared for individual work and he’s doing all of that. They just want to lay off some of the contact work. He’s out there working. We’re just not doing much of the contact. I think he’ll be cleared Monday. Trip Thurman will be cleared the 12th. I have not had any update on Matt Jones (running back). I’ll probably know more the first part of next week. He is running and getting exercise, but he hasn’t been cleared to practice yet."


Will Muschamp derisively issued a no comment on the Johnny Manziel autograph scandal, but Florida’s coach did acknowledge he sees a day when college football players are paid for their efforts.

“I think eventually it’s going to happen. I don’t think there’s any question,” he said. “There’s no question our players need to have some spending stipend, cost of attendance, whatever they want to term it as,” he continued. “Obviously the money is there, so I think it’s obvious that’s something that needs to happen. When, I don’t know.”


The Gators scrimmaged for the first time Saturday in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. … Muschamp highlighted the recent play of two freshmen receivers, Demarcus Robinson and Ahmad Fulwood. … Sixth-year senior Jeremy Brown, Florida’s last remaining holdover from its 2008 BCS National Championship, graduated Saturday with a degree in sociology and criminology. 

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Guck The Fators and their fans.

That's funny that Muschump says he thinks paying players will happen since he has already been there done that. Fist me a $100 will you Mussi?

I, as well as Arty, have stayed away the entire Summer from ur little Candy Canes on crack blog, but the absolute delusional cane ridiculousness has returned and getting all outta whack and amped up as the College Football Season draws closer. It has come to my attention that there are some cane clucks out there that are popping off how u have better D.B.'s than the Mighty GATORS and will be a better 'efense than them by season's end because, "our 'efense is a year older, stronger, smarter and experienced." What u dopes still fail to realize is that they are still the same average talented players led by the same proven below average D.C. Those things will never change. ur 'efense sucked... sucks... and will continue to suck. 450yrds./40+ pts. is ur 'efense destiny u silly, out of touch, know nothing, delusional, in denial, stUpid always waiting til next year Cane Clucks... Consider urselves warned.


Phil Savage‏@SeniorBowlPhil5 Aug

Most #NCAA schools have 1, maybe 2 corners that can actually "play". Point is #Gators have at least 4 this yr. Pressure + coverage = top D.

Phil Savage‏@SeniorBowlPhil5 Aug

#Gators may have best looking set of corners in nation: 14 Watkins, 15 Loucheiz Purifoy, 5 Marcus Roberson and 16 Vernon Hargraves. #players


But what does a former NFL GM and now Director of the Senior Bowl know right?

And the reason why Tracey Howard went to duh u is because of the Fifth Corner 5-STAR Brian Poole, who was Rated HIGHER than Howard out of High School in 2012 is now the main Nickle and Dime slot coverman.

#24 Brian Poole was a highly rated five star and recruited defensive back out of Southeast High School in Bradenton, Florida. He chose Florida over offers from Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame and South Carolina.

As a freshman, Poole played in 12-of-13 games, mainly as a special teams player.

Player Evaluation


Poole is a very physical, athletic defensive back. He excels playing underneath and will likely play nickel for the Gators this season. Poole is at his best when playing at the line of scrimmage, he is strong against the run and can cover slot receivers as well.

Poole is a good tackler and delivers a solid hit when he meets the ball carrier. He plays with a high motor and pursues plays very well.

What to Expect

Poole is projected to start at nickel back for the Gators, which means you’ll see a lot of him this season. Will Muschamp estimated that the Gators play in nickel or dime packages 80% of the time their defense is on the field. That is just the nature of playing against teams that spread the field and use a lot of pass-heavy sets.

Poole will likely continue to be a special teams stand out while also starting at nickel.


U canes dopes have no clue. Like stated before, ur best corner would be Florida's 6th. best if that. U have just ONE player on ur entire Defense that would see the field for Florida. LB Perryman, that's IT... The O-Line is equal. U brag on ur Wide-outs but not ONE made ANY Pre-Season All-ACC team. Duke is a good player but would be nothing more than a complimentary in the SEC where Backs are tandem workhorses. Gators have three at 6-2/235 Jones - 6/220 Brown and 6/215 Taylor. U have ZERO depth behind Duke Johnson. Get back to me around mid-season when he's all beat to hell with ankle, hip and shoulder injuries sitting on the sidelines. I'll give u Morris, but just for now. Driskel is asked to manage the game. Not win it by tossing the ball all around the yard against terrible ACC 'efenses. It's an SEC thang. U would have no idea about having to play a game against a top rated D. The best D u faced all year was Notre Dame, and we all saw just how good they turned out to be.

But u keep beating ur bird chests and shouting from the mountain tops how this is ur year for the 8th. season in a row u incredibly dumb clucks...

Typical cane clucks, all bark and no bite.

and u better damn well pray that Morris or Dookie don't go down hard for turf-toe, an ankle, knee, hip, ribs, shoulders, neck or head injuries and under the knife.... ='s OVA fo u


HOLA ARTY !!! 21 DAYS BROTHER !!! Let's do this !

u better be prepared, unlike 'Onofrio, for ur daily on and off the field ...



Soldy or whatever your name is....i thought we had four backs behind Duke.....?. Did they all get kicked off the team and only U know? Did they kick our backups qbs off too? U add to gator ignorance .

Good job there Umpride, show how classy a UM Moron can be and how much pride Um must have in fans like you.

Great news about Driskel, too many darn injuries this offseason though.
Bummer for Rolin, hope he hangs in ther and comes back strong next year. In the big picture I don't think the team was counting on him he is a frosh coming in to a loaded team. It's not as if we had a terrible defense that had to play multiple freshmen right away cause everyone else on the team sucked. Wonder if there are any teams like that out there?

Let's get Matt Jones back and hopefully Halapio as well.
Go Gators!!!

Driskel has 4 WINS verses Top-25 Teams in 1 year as a starter. 4-2

Morris has 0 WINS verses Top-25 Teams in 2 years as a starter. 0-8

Q.B.'s are rated for 1 thing... WINS. u were saying ?

Driskel- 11-2... 2 losses to Top-10 teams.

Morris- 6-6 and 7-5... and 3 losses to teams with a losing record.

next ?

i thought we had four backs behind Duke.....

Posted by: just sayin' | August 10, 2013 at 10:36 AM


and u don't even know any of their names, numbers, stats or the fact that combined as a group, they rushed for under 50 yards last year...

ALL teams have 3-4 backup R.B.'s behind their starter u fool. Difference is none of urs have stepped on the field other than practice not one was offered by a Top-25 Program.

='s SCRuBS/Scout teamer R.B.'s ... u gets that ?

Dookie will be a bandaged up limping M*A*S*H* carcass by mid-season.


please, tell us all about ur Corners again.

Soldy or whatever your name is....

Posted by: just sayin' | August 10, 2013 at 10:36 AM


And that's MISTER DON SOLDY to u, u infected pUs filled bloody membrane monthly menstrUal discharge of cane slUnkmeat.


now tell us all about ur 6 foot 300lb. D.T. weebles that wobble but do fall down opening up freeway sized running lanes...

Your o line made furman , bowling gerrn , and the ragin cajuns d line look like allamericans. I like our chances with our weeble wobbles....

Fact....i like our chances against your unknown recievers....your best one that sucked, U lost to an injury ,in case you didnt know.

And your qb sucks.... that surgery doesnt help either.

Do u even know what a fact is?

Posted by: just sayin'

Hey I had all of 3 catches last year - the are going to miss my production BIG TIME

See what im sayin'?

just sayin you are just another cane idiot, another Miami Moron with no brains.
Our QB sucks to the tune of going 11 - 2 with 2 losses to top 10 teams and 4 wins over top 25 teams. But your QB is 0 - 8 vs the top 25 and nover won more than 7 games in his career. Great logic there imbecile.
Our O line is going to destroy your sorry excuse for a D line and Jones and mates will be running all over your efense all day.
Our receivers will be just fine and FYI DeBose was never the #1 receiver or the #2 or the #3 he was more of a return guy.
Don't let the facts hit you on that uggly mug of yours.

Gator moron.that d and special teams went 11-2 last year. I got news for you, it wasnt the qb.

Wrong again Miami Moron, the team went 11 - 2 including the QB.

Driskel would be 2nd string at best at Miami. The fact that JISM1 defends a QB that is completely horrendous reminds me of when he predicted Brantley would win a Heisman and a NC, how did that work out? JISM1 has no credibility. BAWAHHHHAAAA

lets see, a big least d stopped your "SEC,SEC,SEC" offense. A big least O Lit up your "SEC,SEC,SEC" defense. Y'all better worry about toledo also. they are better than bowling green, rajin' cajun's,and furman. when you struggle with teams of this nature , you have major problems. and to boot, y'all lost half your d and half of your oline that sucked and were still starters. Canes 45 gators 6 , and thats if your new kicker hits 50% of his field goals like he has done at practice with no pressure from a screaming crowd.

Golden says this year's defense is totally different from the one a year ago that struggled.

"It's not even the same group," Golden said. "You can't compare it to last year. The biggest challenge for our defense and defensive staff is to let last year go. That's the greatest challenge, because it's not even the same group in terms of maturity, size, experience, strength, poise, communication."

You all know Golden isn't one to "puff" up his team or players....his word is Golden....trust us :)

You all are in for a NIGHTMARE IN 28 DAYS....

Ufirstdegree, thier recievers would be our scout team recievers and with no hope of playing time. Oline too. I wouldnt give driskel that much credit, have you seen kevin olsen in practice yet? he would start at UF this year.

I smell interceptions!

When the first Toledo defender hits Driskel in the gut, he will be done.the inside of the body heals slower than the outside. The last thing the doctor told him was,and he stressed, "dont play through the pain". Do you think he is gonna listen? Hell no , he wants to play. Better hope for the best because nothing comes after nothing for quaterback.And the recievers, Geez, dont even get me started.

Gators will be 0-1 going into the Miami game......write it down folks!!!!!!!

It's funny how you guys thought you had a good defense, until you played Louisville! SEC offenses blow!! The only time you played against a good QB look what happen, you guys get smoked down. If you played Manziel at the end of the season U guys would've got smoked down.....you were lucky that it was Texas AM first game and Manziel's first career snaps as a college QB.

Your first 5 games last year you turds looked horrendous......I think LSU played to lose that last year......your 11-2 record last year was a joke!!! Play a real out of conference schedule like Alabama & LSU does.....Props to them!!!! I would bet you that you'll never win a SEC championship again

Another thing, stop scheduling 10 home games every year!!!! What a joke!!!!!

Hey Gaytor Hater, look at the strength of schedule rankings before criticizing a schedule you idiot! There's nothing funnier than a cane fan criticizing the gators schedule, which year in and year out is ranked as one of the toughest in the nation. Again cane fans, don't let the facts get in the way of your completely delusional, beyond stupid comments.

Driskel would be 2nd string at best at Miami. The fact that JISM1 defends a QB that is completely horrendous reminds me of when he predicted Brantley would win a Heisman and a NC, how did that work out? JISM1 has no credibility. BAWAHHHHAAAA

The only people that think the SEC is so hard is the SEC teams/fans. Your buddy Bob Stoops is right on the money about the SEC. There are only a couple teams (Alabama & LSU) that are always at the top. The rest of the teams are crap and the SEC east is really weak. If you turds were in the west, you would be 7-5 every year.
Tennessee= crap
Vandy= crap
Ole Miss = crap
Kentucky = crap
Miss. State = below average
Auburn = average
Florida = average
Georgia = average
South Carolina = average

Let me know when you win a national championships without losing a game.....U turds were lucky on all 3 of your titles with teams losing the last game of the season for U guys to get in.

Breaking News!!!!! Florida has now schedule 10 home games for next year and the rest of their games are at neutral sites!!!!

Coach I told you yesterday to put me somewhere where I'm not going to get killed......I'm listed at 5'9 185lb but I'm really 5' 7 170lb. I'm terrified of those tight ends Miami has. I'm not going to ask you again, please coach!!!!!!

Turds have two GOOD corners....WE WILL HAVE 4 stud receivers ON THE FIELD at all times....DO THE MATH HOMIES!!!!

2 cant cover 3 stud WR'S and a good TE!!!!!

Were going to stretch you long....AND EAT YOU FOR DINNER UNDERNEATH....DUKE IN THE FLAT....TD....TE UNDERNETHE....LONG CHUNKS OF YARDAGE....try to come up on us....someone's going to be deep.

We will have 3 WR'S running sub 4.4 or better all day on you....YOU DONT HAVE THE TALENT WE DO KIDS!!


Talent Canes 35? That's hilarious!! Did the canes miraculously gain an extreme amount of talent from a 7 win team during the offseason? Did amazing players just fall from the sky that no one in the entire world, other than cane fans know about? You cane fans are so beyond delusional, it's really sad actually. But it'll be really fun to watch once reality sets in just like it does every year!

Its gatoralumnus . How many times do U have to be told . Unless U have multiple personalities, then its alumni.

Our corners are the best in the nation and we have so many good ones that we have to play Burns the freshman right away. We also need a freshman RB to play corner because we have so much depth at DB. Just like we switch some of our 24 TEs to play DT.
Golden is a genius.

At least this cane clown admits he is delusional, in that vein I understand his delusion.

Listen Morons, I never predicted a Heisman or NC for Brantley, only an idiot would have said so of an unknown. Which reminds me of the many cane idiots who predicted the same for Jacory. Poor fool believed it himself and went an got that stupid pink suit. Must be a cane thing.

The heigt of stupidity is a cane fan talking about SOS and conference superiority. Then he lists a buch of SEC teams and describes them as crap or average. When those same teams year after year beat up on their respective ACC foes.
Vandy would easily win the ACC coastal. The 2 Miss schools would be among the best ACC teams as well.
UGA, USC and UF are so average that they all finished in the top 10. But who cares about facts when you have sucked for a decade. Who cares about reality in the Summer, when you can always claim to be back and loaded. The saga of a Miami Moron, Spring and Summer champs and Fall chumps.

BTW cane clown, it's not spelling it's a few missing letters here and there, but you can understand the message. Your delusion won't let it sink in though.

Gatoralum....we had the talent last year we were just very young and enexperienced. I know reality is not a Gator "strength".....2008 is 5 years ago!!

2001 was 13 years ago just as well!!

Your front three are undersized going against us....everyone under 290....your linebackers are decent size...but....kids...they will still have to deal with lineman who outweigh them by 30lbs....it's almost unfair!! Do the math kids!!

Jonathan Bullard 6-3 270 So
Damien Jacobs 6-3 290 Sr
Dominique Easley 6-2 285 Sr
Dante Fowler, Jr. 6-3 265 So
Ronald Powell 6-4 240 R-Jr
Michael Taylor 6-0 230 R-Jr
Darrin Kitchens 6-2 230 Sr
Loucheiz Purifoy 6-0 190 Jr
Marcus Maye 6-0 200 R-Fr
Jaylen Watkins 6-0 181 Sr

Our O-line.....

Ereck Flowers - 6'6 315
Malcome Bunche - 6'7 327
Shane McDermitt - 6'4 296
Brandon Linder 6'6 319
Seantrell Henderson 6'8 345
Asante Cleavland 6'5 260

Do the math kids!!!!!

You will not touch Morris!!!

If you blitz us you will not get through!!!

Your defense does not "blow us away"!!!!

Hey....but you have two GREAT corners....alright!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus Roberson 6-0 195 Jr
Cody Riggs 5-9 184 R-Jr

I think a good gauge is a common opponent and UM should have beaten FSU

No....like AG said..."they are a little ahead of us right now"....I believed it last year. This year....we do not lose to them.

Anytime you have no retort, you resort to criticizing my name. You cane fans are hilarious! False hope is alive and well! Stick out your chests a little further, because the season starts soon and reality will strike even harder than it has the last 10 years in a row!

Oh, oh!!!! Looks like the D tore it up at Miami's practice today........Can't wait for Sept. 7th.

Louisville just scored another TD!!!!

JISM1, I see as usual not only are you projecting but lying at the same time. YOU many times said Brantley would lead UFelony to an NC and would be a finalist if not win the Heisman. To embarrassing to remember huh? Missing letters not misspelled words, rigghhhttt?

Can the canes beat that ACC powerhouse Virginia this year?

Can the canes beat just one top 25 team ?
Can they reach that elusive 8 win season for good olde Goldie?
Who will be the ACC doormat that beats the canes this season?

I'm telling you, gayturds will be 0-1 going into the Miami game......You heard it first.

Sept. 7 is going to be just like when Miami went to Canesville in 2002, as underdogs, they smoked down the turds! It's going to be a beat down Sept. 7. When the turds play against a good QB, which they hardly do, they get smoked down!!!

Usually I'm pretty hard on my team, but this year is going to be special!!!!!

What happens IF the Gators win? What will you do with your life? Troll the FAU blog?

The GATORS are just soooo GREAT !!!

All-Time BCS Bowl Game Conference Records ...

1. SEC (17-8)


2. PAC-10 (13-7)

3. MWC (3-1)

4. WAC (2-1)

5. BIG EAST (8-7)

6. BIG TEN (13-14)

7. BIG 12 (9-11)

8. ACC (3-13)

The ACC's 3-13 BCS record is dreadful enough even when you don't consider the irony that one of the victories came over Virginia Tech, a Big East member that has since joined the ACC. No wonder the league hasn't received multiple BCS bids in a season.

HEY []_[]r #8 out of 8 Conferences !!! That's who U play and why U SuCK...

[]_[] and the ACC are what []_[] are... NON PLAYERS in BIG BOY COLLEGE FOOTBALL... Keep playing with []_[]rselves for that coveted ACC Ring for the 8th. Best Conference in College Football year after year after year year after year after year after year after year after year after ...

lemme guess... this year will be different riiieet ?

26 Days ...

Gaytor Hater (or Poacher or trapper) easily wins the weekend award for most outlandish comments.

"Posted by: NuFF SAID ... | August 12, 2013 at 12:00 AM"

This dude is an obsessed near-50 year old maggot. His posts reek of the blog Pig. He has been doing it for years.

If/when the Canes win, the maggot will be AWOL for a week or so, only to reappear with the same tired posts.

Back to your graveyard shift at Costco, blog Pig. You still suuuuuuuccccckkkk.

Jesse, it is Gator(hater, poacher, trapper, time, et al)
One delusional clown with multiple names and same lack of brains.
Had a busy weekend posting garbage here.

C'mon Muschump.....let Morrison play....he barked....BIG DEAL....we want your team and ALL your players come Sept 7th....no EXCUSES!!!!

I find it very amusing to have all these tough talking canes in our blog. Their trash talk would be justified if they were Bama or Georgia fans, but a UM fan? UM fans cannot even trash talk doormat Virginia, let alone an SEC powerhouse. That is why you are referred to as being delusional canefan. It is your summer sickness, delusions of grandeur.
I do think Morrison should be reinstated by the Miami game, one game suspension sounds about right for his wrongdoing. Talk all you want now little cane but I guarantee that neither Morris or Duke want to face Morrison.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, it is almost over and so will be your empty talk after the season starts.

As always, Go Gators!

I will say this about Gayor Hater, he had me intrigued on the "SEC offenses suck..." rant so I went and checked out the stats.

The SEC had four offenses ranked in the top 30 nationally (Texas A&M, Georgia, Tennessee and Bama).

The ACC had three offenses ranked in the top 30 (Clemson, UNC, FSU). Miami (No. 36) and Ga Tech (No. 35) just missed the cut.

The SEC dominates the most important offensive stat (consensus among analytic peeps): yards per play. UGA (No.1), Texas A&M (No. 2) and Bama (No.5) all rank in the top 5 nationally.

Miami does very well in the category too though, shooting up to No. 16 (6.46 yards per play). UF ranked 92nd at 5.25 yards per play.

I will say this about Gator hater,time, trapper, et al, he is a douche.
Now you went and did the research that shows he is talking out of his derrier. But that wasn't necessary, we all knew it coming in.
These Morons don't care about facts. They still say UM has better DBs than UF and still claim the SEC is over rated or top heavy or any other such non sense.
Turns out the SEC is not only superior on D but also on offense as well, very logical.

UF ranked 92nd at 5.25 yards per play


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