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Driskel returns, Morrison too?

The media is set to meet with UF coach Will Muschamp and starting quarterback Jeff Driskel later this morning. While we await the confirmation of several pieices of news (more below), here's a notebook I wrote for the paper last night... 

Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel returned to practice Thursday night, the team announced via Twitter.

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 10.12.21 AM

The junior starter missed the first six days of training camp recovering from an emergency appendectomy on July 30.


Suspended linebacker Antonio Morrison is supposedly practicing again too, although school officials will not comment on his reinstatement. Earlier in the day, teammate Michael Taylor said Morrison was “back now.” 

“It was kind of weird,” Taylor, a redshirt junior linebacker, said. “He was in the meeting room with us today. It was good to see him.”

Morrison missed the first week of camp as part of his two-game suspension. 

Matt Rolin, a freshman linebacker and former Under Armour All-American, re-tore his ACL. Rolin had recently been cleared for practice after rehabbing his initial ACL tear sustained last November.

In a series of tweets since deleted, Rolin hinted at the disappointing news...

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 6.50.21 PM
According to Taylor, the linebacker was already a standout at practice.

"He's physical, not afraid to hit, flies around," Taylor said. "It's unfortunate what happened , but he'll be back." 


Florida’s pedestrian passing attack has been well documented this offseason, but offensive coordinator Brent Pease said Driskel is perfectly capable of consistent 300-yard games.

“He has the ability to do it,” Pease said. “He has the ability to do it in this system, to do it off his skills.”

In 2012, the Gators ranked No. 118 nationally in passing offense (146.3 yards per game) and struggled with a lack of explosive plays for the third consecutive season. Florida has had just one 300-yard passing game since Tim Tebow graduated in 2009: John Brantley’s 329 yards versus Furman in a wild 52-34 win.


The Gators must replace multiple key playmakers from last season’s fifth-ranked defense, but UF’s revamped defensive line has wrecked havoc early in training camp. Led by tackle Dominique Easley and pass rushers Ronald Powell and Dante Fowler Jr., Florida’s front-four has wowed teammates with their collective talent and depth.

“They’ve got a lot of freaks,” receiver Trey Burton said. “The amount of good guys we have, every position has good players, but the amount they have there is incredible.”

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Thanks Jesse! You are doing an outstanding job with updates. Did you see the article on NFL.com on Purifoy and Roberson? Our defense is going to be stout again.

Go Gators!

The only question mark on this D will be the safety position and even there we have several good players fighting, albeit un experienced. The trio of Fowler, RoPo and Easly should wreak havoc.
The corners are some of the best in the nation too.
Go Gators!!

I think we will be relying on rotations more than any one particular standout -- which is a good thing, especially on the D-line. Too bad for Rolin. Not to pile on, but he blew his knee out in H.S. I know it is tough to predict injuries, but it is safe to say that a guy that is injury plagued/prone in H.S. will probably be injury prone in college. Not sure if that was a red flag for him during the recruiting process.

We'll see.

Your corners are some of the best in nation? Based on what? High school?

You have inexperience at DB? But you all are "good" correct?

Cause your the Gators...correct?

You all are going to experience the same thing all other teams experience when replacing starters....its called a


Our O-line against your D-Line is a wash....

Your DBS are going to be vomiting by the second quarter having to cover the following:




You may have 1 receiver that's "good"....we have 5...

O-line - UM
D-Line - UF

= Wash

Receivers - UM
Linebackers - Even
Running Backs - UM
Defensive Backs -UM
QB - Miami
Special Teams - UM

Where do you win THIS??


Your QB is not a proven passer....do you think your gonna run all day on us?

This is not 2012 I can assure you....

The odds are against you....

Just face it already.

A defense ranked 116th with upperclassman and experience would have me believe more of the "same ol same ol" this year.

A defense ranked 116th because of many freshman and inexperience has me believing other wise.

You all keep thinking that because we were bad last year we will be bad this year....NOT GONNA HAPPEN.


OLine is a wash
DL Gators
LB Gators
DB Gators
QB wash
WR canes
RB wash or edge Gators
SPECIAL Teams wash
Coaching Gators
Crowd wash

Gators win

Based on what canes 35, the fact that both corners are returning starters. We lost our safeties, and yes we'll be slightly inexperienced there, but not at corner. Clearly you know nothing about the Gators otherwise you'd know how deep the D was last year, and how many players actually played significant minutes gaining lots of experience. There's no question at all that the D will once again be the strength of the team. The only question mark gator fans have is whether the offense can improve significantly. We're coming off an 11 win season with many experienced players returning, you guys are coming off a 7 win season, and you are as confident as an Alabama fan whose team is coming off back-to-back titles. It really is hilarious!

Hey coach , put me back at corner . I'm only 5-9 185 lb, I'm going to get killed out there at safety!! Miami has 3 tight ends that weigh 260.....please sit me, I'm going to get killed out there coach!

Jls....your in dreamland if you think you have the better QB....haha....good one....

I think the entire nation knows Duke is better then anyone you got....we have some decent depth as well....

Your D Line vs our O=Line is even....

Morrison is not playing...will have the better LB'S...

Your stoned if you think your DB'S are better then ours....Hargreaves is only a freshman kid....slow down....

Coaching...I think we have the edge as well....

Louisville went up and down the field on you....we will do the same....

Ur #1 Corner would be the Gators #6 Corner.

You have the edge in coaching?? Wow, now I really know you're living in a dream world! I love how you cane fans always use Louisville as a barometer. Anyone who watched that game could clearly tell the Gators were not mentally into it from the get go. They clearly felt like they should've been playing for a title, and weren't focused. You can rest assured that that won't happen when facing the sorry canes. So keep living in your preseason dreamworld, and once again reality will set in when the season starts. I can't wait! You must know more than every other sportswriter and coach in college football, because I don't see the canes anywhere in the coaches poll. But then again, cane fans know a hell of a lot more than the coaches, so I guess we should just go with what you say about how great they are. LOL!

Hey Orange, cane fans don't let facts get in the way of their delusions. They just try to spew things out as if they're facts, to somehow try to convince themselves that they actually have a better team than the Gators. It's the classic preseason champ syndrome that they suffer from every year.

On game week, I'll do a positional breakdown between UM and UF, but come on it's ludicrous to suggest the Canes have better cornerbacks than the Gators. Check any mock draft, NFL prospect list, etc. and Roberson and Purifoy are likely first round draft picks in 2014.

Phil Savage‏@SeniorBowlPhil5 Aug

Most #NCAA schools have 1, maybe 2 corners that can actually "play". Point is #Gators have at least 4 this yr. Pressure + coverage = top D.

Phil Savage‏@SeniorBowlPhil5 Aug

#Gators may have best looking set of corners in nation: 14 Watkins, 15 Loucheiz Purifoy, 5 Marcus Roberson and 16 Vernon Hargraves. #players


But what does a former NFL GM and now Director of the Senior Bowl know right?

And the reason why Tracey Howard went to duh u is because of the Fifth Corner 5-STAR Brian Poole, who was Rated HIGHER than Howard out of High School in 2012 is now the main Nickle and Dime slot coverman.

#24 Brian Poole was a highly rated five star and recruited defensive back out of Southeast High School in Bradenton, Florida. He chose Florida over offers from Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame and South Carolina.

As a freshman, Poole played in 12-of-13 games, mainly as a special teams player.

Player Evaluation


Poole is a very physical, athletic defensive back. He excels playing underneath and will likely play nickel for the Gators this season. Poole is at his best when playing at the line of scrimmage, he is strong against the run and can cover slot receivers as well.

Poole is a good tackler and delivers a solid hit when he meets the ball carrier. He plays with a high motor and pursues plays very well.

What to Expect

Poole is projected to start at nickel back for the Gators, which means you’ll see a lot of him this season. Will Muschamp estimated that the Gators play in nickel or dime packages 80% of the time their defense is on the field. That is just the nature of playing against teams that spread the field and use a lot of pass-heavy sets.

Poole will likely continue to be a special teams stand out while also starting at nickel.


U canes dopes have no clue. Like stated above, ur best corner would be Florida's 6th. best if that. U have just ONE player on ur entire Defense that would see the field for Florida. LB Perryman, that's IT... The O-Line is equal. U brag on ur Wide-outs but not ONE made ANY Pre-Season All-ACC team. Duke is a good player but would be nothing more than a complimentary in the SEC where Backs are tandem workhorses. Gators have three at 6-2/235 Jones - 6/220 Brown and 6/215 Taylor. U have ZERO depth behind Duke Johnson. Get back to me around mid-season when he's all beat to hell with ankle, hip and shoulder injuries sitting on the sidelines. I'll give u Morris, but just for now. Driskel is asked to manage the game. Not win it by tossing the ball all around the yard against terrible ACC 'efenses. It's an SEC thang. U would have no idea about having to play a game against a top rated D. The best D u faced all year was Notre Dame, and we all saw just how good they turned out to be.

But u keep beating ur bird chests and shouting from the mountain tops how this is ur year for the 8th. season in a row u incredibly dumb cluck...

Typical cane cluck, all bark and no bite.

and u better damn well pray that Morris doesn't go down hard and under the knife.... ='s OVA fo u



JLS please don't embarrass yourself my claiming Driskel is even in the same ball park as Miami's QB. Really your statements are ridiculous and lend to having no credibility.

Fellas, why are you surprised that these Miami Morons are claiming to have better corners than the Gators?
And better coaches? Next thing you know they'll claim to have a nicer on campus stadium or sold ot games. These poor saps are delusional and won't let facts get in the way of their delusion. Spring and Summer champs and world beaters turn into chumps every Fall.

As far as QB, do you Morons have no reading comprehension as well. I called the QBs a wash. For those of you in the Gables that means aout equal. I know Morris has better numbers, that is expect for completion %, where Morris is 58.2 to Drikel's 63.7.
Did you know Morris finished first in the skills competition at the Manning passing academy?
Who was right behind him? Driskel.
Your offense is geared for Morris to have big numbers and throw it all over the field. You get shootouts, high scoring games against pansies and get sht down against good teams. Then you end up 7 - 6.
Driskel is asked to manage the game and rely on the run and let the D do it's thing. So he is 11 - 2.
I'll take Driskel, our RBs and our D over Morris, lone man Duke, and your efense any day and twice on Sundays.

Driskel has 4 WINS verses Top-25 Teams in 1 year as a starter. 4-2

Morris has 0 WINS verses Top-25 Teams in 2 years as a starter. 0-8

Q.B.'s are rated for 1 thing... WINS. u were saying ?

Driskel- 11-2... 2 losses to Top-10 teams.

Morris- 6-6 and 7-5... and 6 losses to teams with a losing record.

next ?

Great...the "experts" are saying you have two great corners.....your starting free safety is not better then Deon Bush....the kid it like 5'7....175....our DB unit AS A WHOLE is more rounded then your two "corners"....not really sure you understand the deal and what's going to happen to you all on Sept 7th.

The Mighty Gators....when? How? Based on what? Didn't Louisville just score again?

Canes 35 just another blind and delusional cane fool. Wehave a heck of a lot more than "two corners" and again as a whole our DBs are such superior to whatever you have. Not one of your guys is better than any of ours on defense, not a single one. Even most of our backups are better than your defensive starters.
Keep being fixated on Louisville dummy.
It's like, look Duke put up another 500 yards and 40 points on that efense. Look doormat Virginia again put up another 500 yards and 40 points and won, Virginia? Didn't they win just 2 games all season? Look that so called super offense got shut down by KSU.
Look that "great" offense got shut down again by ND!
Look BC, NC State and Bethune all put up 500 yards each and scored norht of 40 points.
Look the "super" offense got shut down again by UNC. UNC? Didn't UNC have about a .500 season?
Look the "potent" offense got shut down and embarrassed by FSU. Poor Dukie was lost and not a factor in that game, totally shut down. Didn't Matt Jones run all over that same FSU defense? Didn't FSU had the #1 defense coming into the Gator game?

But keep talking about UL and your "powerful" offense fool.

Jls14234, you are completely embarrassing gator fans with your sophomoric arguments and misspelling on every post. Please get spell check and stop sounding like a teenage kid in your arguments, no name calling, just facts. Thank you.

Facts are on our side cane fool. It is you and your ilk who have less than sophomoric arguments and sound worse than a teenage kid. Stop projecting.

Jls14234, please grow up, you are really make a fool out of yourself and you are embarrassing gator fans.

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