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Florida: A Game-by-Game Breakdown

*** Note *** This article ran in the Herald's 2013 College Football Preview


Aug. 31: Toledo, Noon (SEC Network)

Florida will cruise to its 24th straight season-opening victory. UF 30-9.

Sep. 7: @ Miami, Noon (ESPN)

In 2012, Florida ranked No. 78 nationally in scoring offense, while UM ranked No. 83 in scoring defense. Something’s got to give. UF 24-17.

Sep. 21: Tennessee, TBA (TBA)

The Gators have won six in a row over the Volunteers. The streak continues. UF 24-10.

Sep. 28: @ Kentucky, TBA (TBA)

New Wildcats coach Mark Stoops might have his team pointed in the right direction, but his promising recruiting class won’t be on campus yet. UF 35-0.

Oct. 5: Arkansas, TBA (TBA)

Even the Gators can score against a feeble Hogs defense. UF 33-13.

Oct. 12: @ LSU, TBA (TBA)

Florida isn’t holding LSU under 200 yards of total offense in Death Valley. LSU 23-16.

Oct. 19: @ Missouri, TBA (TBA)

Tigers quarterback James Franklin tossed four interceptions in a close loss (14-7) last season. Repeat performance? UF 20-7.

Nov. 2: Georgia (Jacksonville), 3:30 p.m. (CBS)

Will Muschamp has never won a game in the series -- sporting red and black or orange and blue. UGA 21-20.

Nov. 9: Vanderbilt, TBA (TBA)

This isn’t your daddy’s ‘Dores, but alas, the Gators still have better players. UF 26-17.

Nov. 16: @ South Carolina, TBA (TBA)

All-American defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is still not impressed with Florida’s offense. USC 22-16.

Nov. 23: Georgia Southern, TBA (TBA)

A brief reprieve before another tough rivalry game. UF 38-0.

Nov. 30: Florida State, TBA (TBA)

The Seminoles won’t win in Gainesville twice in a row. UF 28-20. 

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Thanks for the updates Jesse - looking forward to the season getting started!!!

Go Gators!

Though it was a domination last night, SC looked vulnerable at times to me. Reserving judgment on UGA to see how they do against Clemson on Sat. I think we will be too much for the 'Noles. UM is going to be interesting. Everyone is at 100% the 2nd game, hence they will be as good they will be all season. (I think the grind of the season will take a toll on them.) Seeing their high-octane O against our D will be a lot of fun.

Gator Mike - I agree with you about UGA. I too am looking forward to their O vs our D but they didn't fair so well against good defenses last season. Let's see if Coley makes a difference.

Go Gators!

what a waste of time this posting was....

Blue and Orange AND YELLOW

Thanks, cowards in ALAHUA! (or Dade County, Chris Rainey's NFL..., Swampfevers GPS, etc.)

Just a few jokey jokes Jesse...no need to get like that

Let there be GAMES!

Typical cane fan online and not at the game.

First line from espn announcer," these cane don't have bc aspirations"

bc aspirations? What a dumb little hillbilly.

Six Gators suspended; source says two failed drug tests


So a violation of team rules turns into failed drug tests?? Hilarious! I think it's great 6 players are suspended! Time to start bringing some discipline to the program. It's okay, it'll just make those players that much more hungry for the not too impressive canes. A halfway decent team would've worked you guys tonight! Looks like the same ole same ole canes to me!

Time to start bringing some discipline to the program.

Get serious...you know it will take 2 decades to clean that toilet bowl called the swamp up

My take from the game last night is Miami can stop the run

Miami can stop the run when it plays a team that can't run, can't pass and has no defense.

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