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Friday Fodder: A schedule inquiry

The Gator Nation collectively shrieked in horror when Florida’s 2014 schedule was released Wednesday.


While Georgia and South Carolina again avoided The Legion of Saban Alabama, Florida drew the short straw for the third time in five years.

But that’s next season.

The 2013 slate hasn't even started yet. So instead of pondering any SEC office conspiracy theories or the eternal hollow droning of fairness, a more pertinent question is which 2013 schedule -- between rivals UGA and UF -- is more preferable in the final year of the BCS system?

Both schedules are extremely difficult but different. In a vacuum, Florida’s schedule is a tad harder, but then again, is it?

Florida and Georgia play four of the top 12 teams in the country. The Bulldogs host LSU and USC, while UF must travel to Death Valley and Williams-Brice Stadium.  Both teams play a pair of ACC foes.

The two schedules are listed below. The pertinent question is timing vs. location. Georgia opens against a top 10 team and plays three of its four hardest games in the first month -- but two are at home.

Meanwhile, Florida has a relatively mild opening eight weeks -- the Miami game the lone exception -- before its schedule gets brutal over the final two months of the season -- the FSU game stands as the only marquee contest in The Swamp. 




Aug. 31


@ No. 8 Clemson

Sept. 7

@ Miami

No. 6 South Carolina

Sept. 14



Sept. 21


North Texas

Sept. 28

@ Kentucky

No. 12 LSU

Oct. 5



Oct. 12

@ No. 12 LSU


Oct. 19

@ Missouri

@ Vanderbilt

Oct. 26



Nov. 2

No. 5 Georgia (Jax)

No. 10 Florida (Jax)

Nov. 9


Appalachian State

Nov. 16

@ No. 6 South Carolina

@ Auburn

Nov. 23

Georgia Southern


Nov. 30

No. 11 Florida State

@ Georgia Tech

So whatcha' say?

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I would not rate the LSU game (in 7th week) as mild.

Florida's schedule is a bit tougher, but they are close.

I'd say FSU and Miami are a little tougher combo than Clemson and Ga. Tech, Ga. Southern and App. State are about equal, Toledo is probably better than North Texas, Auburn and Arkansas are about equal

overall, slightly tougher schedule for the Gators

We need to fire pease now. I dont even know if we can outscore toledo much less good offenses. Our D will be based on last years stats and that wont cut it. This is a different D than last year. Noone is gonna step up on offense due to poor coaching. Pease must go.

I agree the offense under Pease needs to show alot of improvement this year. Right now, he reminds me of when Zaunbrecher came from Marshall as a supposed offensive guru and failed miserably.

But, I think Pease deserves this year to show what his offense can do and if it's the same as last year, then a change during the off-season is in order.

The Gators have a slightly tougher road with away games @ LSU and USC, but it's pretty close.

rc, give Pease some slack, last year we were a running team by design. This season he must open up the passing game and start using the WRs more. We need a WR to lead the team in receptions, enough of having to rely on the TE or the RBs in the passing game.
Don't get fooled by swamp troll he is an imposter, should be obvious with the crap he posts. Talk about poor coaching, the canes are the poster child of that for a long time going now.

Run Pease out of town? Really? Good thing we didn't run Dan Mullen out of town his first year in 2005 when he implemented the (modified) spread with Chris 'Cement Feet' Leak.

Yo cane trash

Yo clucks glad to see U chUmps r getting along better
Calvin and Sunnydouche made up
Ron Zook still a doUche
Harriet T has such long posts
MountaindUmmy is, well, still a dUmmy

Yo FAU week clowns
Can U feel the excitement!
Can't blame U, who cares
No one does as U will see in terms of attendance

All eyes in Clown Gables on the Sept 7th Gator game
Can Golden Retriever fetch U that elusive win vs a top 20 team?
Not gonna happen
But what else is new
No worries clUcks, after Ur beat down U will have 3 softies in a row with Savannah High School right after the Gator beat down U can easily rebound and start feeling better
Then U will face the next test Oct 17th @ UNC
Step up to the Challenge
Can Golden Retriever finally have a good season
Can he go a whole year without losing to some ACC pansie?
Wake anyone? Looking ahead to Ur big brother?
Could be Wake this year

Nothing but LOOSERS!

We did run mullen out of town....if we would have given him a raise to keep him here til meyer was gone we would have atop notch head coach instaed of a second rate D coordinator as a head coach.

Jls, its lsu and sc. Usc in in california.

Jesse - I saw the announcement that Halapio will be out until Tennessee game. I would be shocked if he returns by mid-season. A torn pec? That doesn't heal over night, or in a few weeks for that matter.

What does this do to our depth on O-line

If that is so then let's not talk to him, he is very trashy. And he disrespects The Great Golden, referring to Him as a lowly canine. The nerve!
Our much improved D will surely have no trouble with that terrible gator offense.
We have much better players at every position.
And much better coaches too.
The records tell the story, just look them up.

Posted by: delUsionalcane | August 23, 2013 at 01:16 PM

In reality, posted by a bitter, angry, jealous trailertrash gatr maggot. Or is that redundant?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ wins award for best poster name of the week

swamp troll, every Gator is thankful that Muschamp is our coach, stop projecting.
Mullen is a very good coach too but only a cane idiot would claim that he would have stayed as OC instead of moving on as a HC if he would have been givena raise.
You can't fool anyone here, cane troll.
USC = University of South Carolina as far as the SEC goes. No matter what you or a fictional judge say.

Not every gator. I dont know where you are but up here around gainesville people are still mad mullen wasnt kept on.especially after the wiess fiasco. Blind faith will get us nowhere. We need to get rid of pease whether you agree or not

Oh ,and usc is still in california. No wonder people stereotype us.

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