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Gators debut at No. 10

GAINESVILLE -- For now, Florida is the consensus No. 10 team in country.

The preseason Associated Press poll was released Saturday, and like the USA Today Coaches poll released Aug. 1, the Gators checked in at No. 10.  

This is Florida’s highest AP preseason ranking since 2010, when it opened the year at No. 3.

Alabama received 58 of 60 first-place votes, with Ohio State (one vote), Oregon, Stanford and Georgia (one vote) completing the top five.

Florida’s 2013 schedule includes four teams ranked in the preseason poll -- No. 5 Georgia, No. 6 South Carolina, No. 11 Florida State and No. 12 LSU.  

The poll:

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Oregon

4. Stanford

5. Georgia

6. South Carolina

7. Texas A&M

8. Clemson

9. Louisville

10. Florida

11. Florida State

12. LSU

13. Oklahoma St. 

14. Notre Dame

15. Texas

16. Oklahoma

17. Michigan

18. Nebraska

19. Boise St. 

20. TCU

21. UCLA

22. Northwestern

23. Wisconsin

24. Southern Cal

25. Oregon St. 


* Miami tallied the fourth-most (85) "receiving votes" behind Michigan St. (95), Baylor (92) and Virgina Tech (86).

* The SEC has six of the top 12 teams in the preseason poll, the most in college football history.  

* Five voters ranked UF as high as No. 7, while one voter placed the Gators as low as No. 23. 

* National media votes: Andy Stapes (SI) - No. 9, Charles Davis (FOX) - No. 13, Chris Fowler (ESPN) - No. 14. 

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Don't remind cane fans they're not ranked, because in their minds they're the #1 team in the country and they know more than the experts do!

U have 25 commits riiieet ? Now tell us ALL about the 11 others commits that NOT ONE Top-20 Team offered . The reason why U have no talented depth, like ALL Top-Programs, is because U have to scrap the bottom of the barrel every year to fill out ur entire classes and have been doing so the last 8 years except for 2008. Show me ONE Top-15 Programs that has a commit that wasn't at least offered by a Top-25 program. Just one. Where as U have nearly half Ur class that falls into that very catagory U dUmb clUck. And what happenes when, 5-6 of the 14 above that U mentioned (btw-only 10 of them are any good) decommit in Dec.-Jan. and bolt elsewhere to TOP-Programs as happens EVERY year with Ur still seeking bottom program. And after that, who do U sign ? Yup, more unranked and 2 star scrUbs because ALL of the 100 rest of the top-300 recruits aren't even considering U... But U'll have, "Good character kids that work hard in the classroom and on the field that have potential." THAT CAN'T PLAY FER SHEEET !!! That's why Goldy, the excuse maker, loaded up so early with a dozen unranked and 2-stars BY JULY that still only have offers from the bottom 50 D-1 Schools, 1-AA and D-2... Do U even know why he offered so many duds and has 25 commits compared to the top-programs that have 15-18 and will then close with 8-10 REAL BALLAHS in Jan.-Feb while U will get nada ?

U don't get it and U never will, but when Ur there with the other 20k fans at Ur home games or at home infront of Ur Obama paid flat screen and continue to ask, "Why are our backups that have to play for injured or tired players SO FREAKING BAD and SLOW and CAN'T TACKLE !!!" That will be why U immense TOOL... HALF Ur team just aren't even AVERAGE D-1 College Football Players... That has been the REAL U THANG in the Gables the last DECADE and anyone that knows Football gets it. Ur only as good as Ur PLAYERS and then the Coaches that instruct them... U are officially TEMPLE overall Talent with Penn State mentality... Good Luck with that.

Careful whay U say! Alot of those guys were offered by the gators. Some our best players weren't .

Come to think of it 3/4 of the gators suck also. If your first team offense is that bad, then that means at LEAST half your team sucks. Then you have questions on D. And special teams lmao.

Sounds like the gaytor offense is going to worse than last year.

Sure is a lot of Miami envy on here!

Same copy and paste Morons on every story.
Ranked #10 is about right, good chance to move up if the team performs.
Any idea when we can expect to have Matt Jones back?

JLO how far will the gatah fall when Miami whacks them on 09/07, I say about 21

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