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Gators TE's: Who will emerge?

A teaser to a piece I wrote on Florida's tight end battle. Click the link for the full feature...

GAINESVILLE -- The competition to replace Jordan Reed, Florida’s leading receiver in 2012 with 45 catches and three touchdowns, is progressing.


Although Gators coach Will Muschamp expressed his concerns with the inexperienced group at tight end during the spring, his tune has slightly changed early in fall camp.

“We’ve improved where we were,” he said. “That’s what you want to do is take a step forward. We’ve taken some positive steps.”

Reed, a third round draft pick of the Washington Redskins in April's NFL Draft, left a massive void as quarterback Jeff Driskel’s favorite target the past two seasons, and the candidates to replace Reed include two former ballyhooed, yet flawed recruits and a pair of converted defensive linemen. 

“Jordan was such a freak of nature and a great athlete,” redshirt freshman Colin Thompson said. “When it comes to pure athleticism, I don’t know if we have that in the room now, but when it comes to collective effort we can produce.” 

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The best way to replace Jordan Reed's production is to have the WR emerge and lead the team in receptions. Last year it was the TE and at the end of Meyer's tenure it was the RBs that led the team in receptions. It's about time one or more receivers step up.
Hopefully with the addition of Joker Phillips and another year under Pease they will have a breakout season.
Go Gators!

There U go hoping again. Pease is out of his league and joker is a joker. Pease was good when he coached against nobodies and now is in over his head. He has no talent to work with again this year and has even pulled defenders over trying to grasp any straw he can. Pease will be out this year and charlie wiess is still laughing at the lack of talent. He even said he has better offensive talent at kansas . You guys better hopemurphy starts at qb and some of those dbacks they moved from they moved to the offense can catch a pass because noone else can. Face the facts, denial is the first symptom of a sick offense. They were ranked 118 th out of 120 for your false gods sake. Good thing you guys dont have to play the rajin cajuns again, they could beat you with another shot, eh what say? Well at least the media is quit about arrests for now so you wont have to suspend arrested players. But you do have to worry about the wallstreet weekly uncovering paid lawers for the football team.

You start with bad syntax and terrible spelling, while at the same time posting garbage. Delusional, projecting and just plain lies and exaggerations. How can any one take a fool like this seriously? That's right, no one does!
Suffice it to say the Joker Phillips has more experience than Goldie locks and Pease is a much better coordinator than Coley.
Miami Morons living in Bizarro world where everything they say is in reality the opposite.

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