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He's back...

GAINESVILLE -- Antonio Morrison will play against Miami on Sept. 7, coach Will Muschamp announced Monday.

Florida’s starting middle linebacker will miss Saturday’s opener versus Toledo, but the sophomore’s suspension has been reduced from two games to one.

“I just don’t feel like his actions warranted a two-game suspension,” Muschamp said.

Morrison was arrested twice in a five-week period this summer, including a July 21 detainment for allegedly harassing a police animal. The charges were later dropped.

“He’s very remorseful about the whole situation, and we’ve moved forward,” Muschamp said. “Guys make mistakes and have poor judgment at times. I’m just disappointed with how the entire night was handled.”

Junior linebacker Ronald Powell said Morrison has taken his punishment in stride and is ready to return and help the team win.

“It’s going to be good to see a teammate who loves the sport as much as he does, and loves his teammates as much as he does be back out there,” Powell said. “I know he’s excited for that. He’s waited and this is not something he’s taking lightly.”

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This D will not miss a beat from last season.
All UM trolls get your cheap shots in. Duke, Morris and Golden are pooping in their pants about now. Powell and Fowler will chase down Morris, Easly and Company will corral Duke, and if either one escapes Morrison will lay the wood.





Thank God he is playing.....don't want any excuses from you.....

Just another thug that will get pounded by the Miami offense on 09/07. Muschump really thought " oh crap, Miami is going to run and pass all over this defense, I better let him play and maybe I can get the UFirstdegree murderer Hernandez to threaten Goldens family" BAHWAHHHH

Coaches who issue 2 game suspensions and then shorten them lose the respect of the team in the long run. Morrison may not be a thug, but he's a real dope. You get arrested for punching a bouncer and then get arrested a month later acting like a drunken fool. Muschamp doesn't have the guts to stick with is word.

Rboud, save the sermon for your own crappy alma mater. What the hell is UM these days... a university or a freaking monastery / country club? All I know is Stephen Morris will be lucky if he survives this game.

Lucky? Really? Didnt bowling greens qb survive? Rajun cajuns qb?our oline is gonna be a brick wall compared to those schools. They were getting to driskel through your weak oline also.

Suiyco, You're a typical Gator. You fire back with venom because you know what I said is true. Go ahead and defend Muschamp if you don't agree.

Posted by: rboud
And you are a typical Miami Moron, what you said is NOT true. Muschamp has the full respect of his players and peers. The punishment was too severe due to the fact that the second arrest was total B.S.
Morrison stuck around and took his punishment like a man, not like others who decided to transfer out instead of putting up with the punishment. The rest of the players know the punishment was more than enough and admire the coach who had the guts to do the right thing in spite of the ignorant and un informed detractors, such as yourself.

Posted by: morrison got gain time just like prisons and jails implemen

Stupid name changing troll who every spring has the best O line, the best QB and the best team. Only to get destroyed when that over rated and over hyped team of his faces a top 20 opponent. You cannot speak until your sorry team beats a top 20 opponent. You only have 2 chances this year and you will fail both. Just like last year, and the past 10 years in a row.

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