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ICYMI: Gators expect fast pace against Rockets

GAINESVILLE -- Will Muschamp expects Florida’s defense to play 80-85 snaps against Toledo’s up-tempo attack in Saturday’s season opener.

Muschamp said UF would rotate regularly along the defensive line to counter the game’s pace and noon-kickoff heat.

Toledo, ranked No. 32 nationally in total offense in 2012, returns a receiver (Bernard Reedy) and tailback (David Fluellen) who recorded more than 1,000 yards.

Defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin said the Rockets’ no-huddle offense presents challenges, but since Florida’s defense doesn’t huddle either, Toledo’s tempo is not a major advantage.


Tailback Matt Jones (illness) practiced in pads for the first time since spring camp Tuesday. Muschamp said, “We tried to bang him around a little bit, and I think he’s a little sore this morning.”

Jones is expected to return against Miami on Sept. 7, and Muschamp said the sophomore would go through pregame warmups versus Toledo but not play. 

Freshman cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III (sprained shoulder) and senior nose tackle Damien Jacobs (patella) returned to practice this week.

Meanwhile, freshman linebacker Matt Rolin and senior receiver Andre Debose had successful ACL surgeries.


Jacobs missed most of training camp battling a patella injury, but Durkin said the senior backup is ready to play Saturday and called him “a tough, tough guy.”

“It’s really one of those things where if you didn't know you probably wouldn't know he had an injury,” Durkin said. “That's what great players do and tough guys do, not only play through an injury but play through it to the point where you can't tell the difference.”


Defensive backs Loucheiz Purifoy, Marcus Roberson and Jaylen Watkins -- three highly regarded NFL prospects -- are listed as co-starters on Florida’s depth chart, as Durkin said the trio will frequently play together this season.  

“It doesn’t make sense to have just two of them playing and one watching,” he said. “Whether that be rotating at corner or sometimes Jaylen playing at safety, whatever it is, we have a couple of different combinations and we use different packages on defense to get them all on the field.”

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What a luxury to have not one, not two but 3 of the top corners in the nation playing for you. It will be fun to watch all 3 playing together.
As always, Go Gators!

We shall see how that works out on 9/7....we shall see

yep al e gator david amerson thought the same thing yet he got torched by a plethora of UM receivers, and he was a bonified top 7 pick BEFORE he met the WRECKING CREW U.

wait so unc beat the U and uf beat south carloina badly so that means the u will lose badly to both. Needs to get rid I peace though

sWAmPfEVeR mUSt bE coDeD lANgUaGe FoR GOnorrHea COuNtRy

No BuT MiAmI DaDe HaS tHe MoSt CaSeS oF AiDs iN tHe NaTiOn.

YoU hAvE nOThing tO wORRy aBOut uNleSs yOu USe nEEdleS or uR pARtner aINt lOyal

Ahh David Amerson and the NC State Wolfpack did lose that game to UM. Gave it away to be more precise since they outplayed the canes and put up bigger numbers, except the number that counts that is.
Amerson did not have 2 more similar corners playing next to him. Didn't have a top 5 overall defense either. But it was a great shootout, like most UM games last year.
We shall indeed see how that works out on September 7th. Wrecking crew U that is amusing for a 7 - 6 squad with no signature wins.
Right now So Carolina is wrecking UNC. Who is surprised? SEC dominance.
As always, Go Gators!

david amerson played for ncsu u retarded hillbilly

I guess matt jones caught his mystery illness in dade county?? where u with him when he caught it? Or did u give it 2 him?

we are educating dumb hicks from alachua county daily!

Al E douche, Miami was 7-5 first of all and of course gatah fans cheer sec because they are not part of any dominance.

that does not compute running scared, cause imma dumb hillbilly

recently featured the patiently unemployed Rainey, asking why a player with proven NFL skills has received zero interest from the rest of the NFL, after being released by his former team following his arrest over domestic battery charges......

You can take the TURD out gainesville, but you can't the gainesville out of the TURD

"david amerson played for ncsu u retarded hillbilly"

That is exactly what Al said, he even spelled it out for you, who's the retard now? Did you drop the pretense of being a Gator fan or was that a slip up you cane Moron.

"of course gatah fans cheer sec because they are not part of any dominance"

They are only one of 6 SEC teams ranked in the top 12
They are responsible for 2 of the past 7 national championships
They only lost one league game last year
But cane clown thinks he knows more, delusional Miami Moron doesn't know what dominance means. Finally cane idiots don't understand rooting for their conference teams because who the heck would root for the ACC, ACC, ACC. You would have to be some big time Moron to do that.

What do you think of this Gator Logic?

Jlo , miamians do know what dominance means. It means going undefeated. We have done it before,and its only a matter of time before we do it again. But i wouldnt expect a gator to understand that. Its ok, its not your fault the gators cant run the table.

Wow, let's break down this maggot jlo's post:

1. "They are responsible for 2 of the past 7 national championships."

How neatly that fits into your agenda. I guess you could flip it and say Gators have won as many titles in 7 years as Miami. Or, that the Gators, for all the hype, have one only one more title than the Canes in the past 12 years. See how that works, you lil' b@tch jlo?

2. "don't understand rooting for their conference teams because who the heck would root for the ACC, ACC, ACC."

If that were true, ACC fans would cheer "ACC" during hoops season. But they don't. They would also cheer "ACC" when Clemson beat LSU and/or Auburn last year. But not being a bunch of inbred 'necks, we don't. Hell, no other conference does that. Only the poorly educated 'necks of the SEC. Wonder why that is?

3. " delusional Miami Moron doesn't know what dominance means."

This last nugget really shines as the epitome of selective memory. Do you not know how Miami dominated in the late 90's early 2000's? I'm talking against everyone but especially winning 4 of the last 5 against the Gatr trash. Is that dominance? I would say the Canes have dominated the Gatr Trash in recent memory.

Course, to fit your dimwitted agenda, you have to start from 2008 and go forwards and say that the gatr Trash is 1-0 against Miami.

Way to go, jlO. That FloridDUH education is a beauty.

Stop living in the past, jlO maggot. The Gatr NC's are a distant memory.

Get off of Bama's jock. Save that for your mother.

Jlos mother is on my jock too. Lol. That girl gets around.

I'm getting tired of responding to the same name changing Moron but just to point out his idiocy here it goes.
On the one hand you base your weak response on the time frame and go as far as saying we live in the past. Projecting here? But on the other hand all your claims of cane "glory" and "dominance" reside in the very very distant past.
This is the kind of circular argument and twisted logic used by those who don't have a leg to stand on.

Yes the canes were dominant in the 1980s and 1990s. Wang Chung was popular too, so were pet rocks and cabbage patch dolls. Most folks today don't recognize any of those four things.

In the BCS era the canes are no where to be found while the Gators are big time contributors and participants in the BCS system.
After Sept 7th we will have won the 2 games played in this century. Hold on to your memories of the Beasty Boys era and Boy George too, it's all you have.

More moronic lies from the jlo maggot:

1. "your claims of cane "glory" and "dominance" reside in the very very distant past." Aha. You live in the distant past but Canes live in the very very distant past. Einstein and all former supreme court justices would be so proud of your reasoning.

2. "In the BCS era the canes are no where to be found while the Gators are big time contributors and participants in the BCS system." This reeks of being a recent Gatr Trash grad almost as bad as the ol "he reminds me of Fridge Perry from back in the day."
Really? The BCS has been around since the late 90's and the Canes are one of the only teams to play in all 4 BCS bowl games with their last one being a victory over FSU in 2005. But, really ,whose counting when your diploma is as useless as yours and offers majors in social media.

The last time the Gatr Trash won the NC, Buster Rhymes was big too. Don't hear too much from him nowadays other than from the stereo in your lil' b@tchy BMW 3 series you maggot.

Jlo, still thinks he is at the fraternity hanging with his bros rocking the Teblow jersey and Gatr hat backwards.

What. A. Douchebag.

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