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ICYMI: Gators have impressive pair of freshmen DBs

A feature (linked on the Florida sister page) I wrote on freshmen defensive backs Vernon Hargreaves III and Keanu Neal (pictured below).  

(Courtesy of Timothy Casey | UF Communications)

Check it out. 

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************** Hurricane Football Programming Change **************

ESPN is reporting that World Wide Leader of Sports will not be brodcasting any University of Miami Football games this season. Instead duh u's games will be shown exclusively on The History Channel due to the fact that all Cane fans can talk about is the ancient past...

I am really looking forward to this season. I know there are still some unanswered questions, however I believe this is going to be the year where everything comes together. Usually, in successful programs year three is the turning point. I am with you all the way Coach Golden.

Posted by: Coral Gables '81 | August 19, 2013 at 09:05 AM


same thing new year every year since 2004 ...

Good story Jesse, seems like we are set at corner for years to come. Muschamp has done a heck of a job recruiting.

What a disgrace!
"Hey ESPN, no Thurs nite games pretty please, don't wanna the whole world to know only 3k clucks show to our games"
"Can't have all that tarp shown on TV, no sir ee"
"What would the recruits think? That if they come here they will play in an empty stadium?"
"Can't have that. How about some artificial crowd noise please".
"Let's contact a good engineering school to see if they can make us some type of hologram thingy so the seats would appear as occupied"

Agree we are "loaded" at DB and that Coach Mus has done a fantastic job on the recruiting trail.

Also concur that these posts that seem "out of the blue" with nothing to do with the current discussion are copy and paste from the Cane Blog. Why are they doing this?
Who cares. Keep up the good work Jesse, don't let a few UM crazies slow you down.
As always Go Gators!

If you build it NO ONE will come..........
But you can't build it..........
Cause you know NO ONE will show anyway.......
Cause Shalala dont care anyway..........
All you need is a 10k "cozy" stadium to appear 80% filled...........
It sUcks to be U..............

WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The chant heard around Miami every fall

Just how big is Stephan Morris' Head ?

If it get any bigger, they'll have to cut two holes in a 20 gallon Gatorade drink cooler and strap that to his Melon noggin in the Canadian Football League next year...

At least Miami will have another sold out game besides the Gator game. When they go to Tally to play FSU they will play in a sold out stadium.

The kids who chose UM are going to say that the coaches are great, they feel at home and it's a family.
The kids who chose UF are going to say the coaches are great, they make me feel at home, it's a family.
Same with the ones who chose FSU, etc, etc.
But the kids who look at you and say no thanks and later talk about facilities and lack of fan support are giving you important clues of what's wrong with your program.
Supposedly the facilities issue has been taken care of.
But there is nothing you can do about the lack of fan support, not even winning will cure that. And ther is nothing ytou can do about the fact that you don't have an on campus stadium.
Attendance and having an on campus stadium are correlated .
Having a fan base made up mostly of alumni has a lot to do with attendance as well.
You don't have either. No stadium. Most of your fans have never been to UM. That is why you are who you are.
Empty seat U. Orange seat U. Tarp U. No ESPN Thursday night games U. It's so embarrassing.

Good story Jesse, seems like we are set at corner for years to come. Muschamp has done a heck of a job recruiting.

Posted by: jls14234 | August 19, 2013 at 11:31 AM

The voice of a real fan in the midst of a gator troll spamming two sites. I call him a gator troll not to insult Gator Fans, just that his attack mode is pro-gator and anti-Cane.

Jesse, if you cannot IP ban that guy, can you at least post where he is posting from, to let us know if he is local to Miami or an outsider stirring up trouble.

I would love to he him and his ilk disappear from these pages. I would much rather read jls and the other Real Gator Fans pumping up his team, even when I disagree with him.

No qb U
No wr U
No rb U
no Oline U
No te U
No kicker U
No backup qb U
No backup rb U
No backup wr U
NO Oline backups U
No backup te U
No backup kicker U

The Reality Bites post is a copy and paste from Barry Jackson's column, the others are from Eye on the U.
Now who is pasting them here to spam us is the question, I don't think the original authors are the guilty party, it is coming from one of the many cane trolls that post here routinely.

Miami Athletic Director Blake James said Friday in an appearance on WQAM the school will add 1,300 extra seats to the stadium for its Sept. 7 home date with Florida.

That’s the same number of extra seats added to Sun Life for last January’s BCS Championship between Alabama and Notre Dame

Thank the Florida Gators for that, nothing to do with UM.
Leave it to the Mighty Gators to turn No Life Stadium into an event similar in attendance to a national championship game.
Um just happens to be the Gator opponent that day.
Truth hurts, for you. But it's still the truth.

Now these guys really remind me of Leslie Frazier and Shaun Gayle from "back in the day." I should know. My daddy told me about them and I have watched some grainy film of them.

Total. Douchebag.

"Posted by: Realty bites | August 19, 2013 at 03:00 PM"

Wow. So you mean to tell me a school with 60K undergrad and 350K alums living within a 3 hour drive of Miami will find it in themselves to go to a game? Wow. That is an amazing feat. Kudos to all those UFirstdegreemurder fans. What an accomplishment that out of a pool of over 400K, some 35K will make it to the game.

Bravo. Way to go, fake Gatr Trash Nation.

Geee, willikers. I was going to change the oil on my home, water my tire-flower pots and go hunt some opossum, but there is a big game that I will go to instead.

No on in Miami has ever seen a roach barbecue like me and my inbred family will put on.

Thanks for the updates Jesse. I read we could find out more info on Matt Jones soon - have you heard anything?

Posted by: Hillbilly Gator maggot
After you finished writing that - did you think it was funny? You do realize a large percentage of UF students are from Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county? I doubt you attended college.

It's a trek to get to No Life from the campus of sorry UM. From most spots around Dade county as well, unless you live on that cow pasture just south of the county line. Maybe you can get cows to go to the games.
The "royal palace" is not good enough for hosting a Super Bowl, average and dated as far as NFL venues go, and cold, unfriendly and cavernous with no atmosphere as far as college venues go. So you got the worst of both worlds.
Ben Hill trumps No Life any Saturday afternoon and twice on Thursday nights with no embarrassing tarp to hide from a national audience.
Too bad Skeeters closed down, best place for breakfast in town.


BWWAHAHAAHA. And they make up a large portion of the cheeseball loser Heat fans who left the playoff game, who don't sell out Dolphin games and who generally make Florida a whitetrash state. UFirstdegreemurder abandoned its educational mission decades ago.

I will guarantee you that it will be 70/30 Miami fans than you turds.....you guys couldn't even sell your ticket allotments for the sugar bowl!!!

I think Louisville just scored again!!!

Can't believe the turds are ranked #10....I'm glad they are, it's only going to help Miami when they crush the turds!!!

The turds defense can't play against a balanced offense (pass & run)....Louisville exposed them big time last year. Miami's QB & RB are twice as good as Louisville's....good luck Sept. 7, can't wait!!!!!!!

Posted by: Orange and Blue

Don't try to reason with a Miami Moron, it's an exercise in futility. It is more accurate to say that the best and brightest high school students from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach go to the University of Florida. Silver Knight award winners, class valedictorians, and such choose to go to UF every year from the Tri County area.

A large percentage of Dolphin season ticket holders are Miami Gators who support all the local pro teams, but the lack of attendance at Fins games comes from the same fair weather mentality of the average low information Miami/Cane fan that has no allegiance to any team unless it is winning.

. Miami's QB & RB are twice as good as Louisville's..

Ahh what comes out of the simple minds of delusional imbeciles

Two gators were walking down the road and a drunk driver hit both of them. One went through the windshield and the other was nocked into a ditch. The driver was panicked when the Alachua sherriff pulled onto the scene. He told bernie , dont worry, we got this one for breaking and entering and the other for leaving the scene of an accident. Dont worry gator fans, UF has hored Huntley johnson to defend them.

"Best and brightest high school students from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach go to the University of Florida. Silver Knight award winners, class valedictorians, and such choose to go to UF every year from the Tri County area."

That's why UM is ranked higher academically with higher average SAT scores?

Really. As in it's all true. For real. No lie.
Depends what publication you choose to look at when it comes to University rankings. You can keep US News rankings, but who is a member of the Association of American Universities, who is ranked higher by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-2013 powered by Thomson Reuters?
UM is a good school don't get me wrong, but UF remains the Flagship University in the State.

Uf has more murder / suicides and arrests than all state colleves combined. Flag ship my asz.

Flagship? Well, we are talking about a state that ranks 48 out of 50 in public education financing. So I guess it is the tallest midget analogy.

UFelony takes 17K undergrads per year. Of course there are going to be some good students. The bulk? Just po' white Florida trash.

6,400 Freshman enrolled this term. Avg GPA 4.3; Avg SAT 1967; Avg ACT 30

Forbes Magazine: UF ranked 74;UM ranked 124


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