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Morrison issues curious apology

Antonio Morrison is sorry.

Sort of.

Florida’s suspended linebacker held an impromptu press conference Wednesday, issuing an apology for his multiple arrests during a five-week period this summer.

On Monday, coach Will Muschamp announced Morrison’s suspension had been reduced from two games to one, saying the sophomore “handled his punishment” and “his actions didn’t warrant a two-game suspension.”

Morrison will miss Saturday’s opener against Toledo but will return to the field in Miami on Sept. 7.

Today, Morrison voluntarily met with the media to publicly apologize for his actions.

Again, sort of.

Morrison: “I’m very sorry to all the Gator fans, my coaches, my teammates. That’s me. That’s not me being forced to say this. I wanted to come do this. I can’t run from it.”

(Courtesy @Bryan_Holt

He added, “I took responsibility for everything. … I learned a lot from the whole situation as a person. I learned to be a better person from it. I’m still the same person. Nothing changed. I just learned how to handle things.”

But when pressed for specific details on his arrests, punishments, potential lifestyle changes, conversations with Muschamp or thoughts on his suspension, Morrison coarsely refused comment.

“That is nothing I’m sharing.”

“That’s between me and him.”

“I ain’t going into detail what I did.”

“I ain’t setting no story straight.”

“I wouldn’t tell you either way.”

Morrison was first arrested June 16 on a simply battery charge for allegedly punching a bouncer at a Gainesville nightclub. He received deferred prosecution. Just over a month later (35 days), the linebacker was detained for harassing a police canine and resisting arrest without violence but charges were later dropped.

Morrison admitted it was tough being away from his teammates and is excited to see the field soon, but said he’s done talking about the suspension/arrests moving forward.

“I’m not [fixing to] run from y’all. Not games, weeks down, the Kentucky game and y’all still asking about this. I want this to be done with. I’m coming and telling y’all right now, any of y’all interview me after this, I don’t want to talk about it. I already discussed this with y’all. It’s football from here on out. We talking football.”

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This guy Morrison is dumber than a stack of Timmy autographed bibles.

Would love to see any paper he writes in his Introduction to the English Language seminar.

I want him to play on Sep. 7. This out of control moron is worth a few personal foul call. I say play him. Please, janitor Muscrap.

Morrison has the puiniest little arms and scrawniest neck....the U's o-line is gonna batter him bad

umm, y'all, a'int, I a'int settin no story straight....ole boy is a straight DUMMY

Man they must be playing with 15 defensive players

Shame on you UM fans for attacking a player like this. It's one thing when you attack fans of other teams but to degrade the physical appearance, the manner of speech and the intelligence of a kid is beyond petty. It is classless and totally uncalled for. You are an embarrassment to the institution you claim to root for and have no place on this blog,

Hahahahahaha. That kid ain't learned a thing. He says he hasnt changed. He is still himself. Doesnt want to talk about it. What about when he is on the dust and kills someone? Definitely wont be talking then . Teach them they can get away with anything and they will continue.muschamp is a chump.

u shall see

2- more Bowl bans ... 50 schollies over 5 years... 10 years Probation.

buh bye ALL recruits and a anything resembling a Football team til 2020.

Did a 3rd. grade Art student give Stephen Morris that hideous crooked u/17 thing tattoo on his puny right bicep ?

Should have had it stamped to his melon forehead, there's more room.

So Jesse, if you had happened to miss that impromtu press conference, you would not be allowed to ask him ANY questions about the suspension, even though you didn't ask any and he didn't give sincere answers to his original questions?

Strikes me as a bit lucky you were there for those answers you got then...

305GAYTOR I think the sun is cooking ur brain

The Staff

305 Gator, you really think Gator trolls have not been doing that about Canes players for YEARS? Tough to claim the high horse when it has already sunk in the sewer thanks to your Gator peers.

I won't drop some of those quotes on this board unless you really think I am lying and need to see evidence of them blaming a murder victim like Sean Taylor and Bryan Pata for their own deaths, or taking a twitter message and turning it into a running joke for six months claiming that it is the way that player speaks.

In this case, 1. they did not comment on his physical appearance, 2. Jesse quoted him as speaking that way, and 3. he was arrested twice in just a little over a month, to the point that even Muschamp questioned his decision making. Are Jesse and Muschamp now UM fans too?

Curious apology indeed. More curious is the response of the resident Miami Morons, just more name calling and delusional claims.
305 save your breath you can't reason with idiots. Classless, petty, and shameful, you describe them to a T, I may add stupid as well.

Antonio Morrison looks normal like me....

Officer Doofy (scary movie)

JLS14234 it's clear to me u live in Gonorrhea country as well....ALACHUA COUNTY

What are you asking me, Gator Logic?

u'll be sorry at 3pm Sept. 7th.

Gators - 44

Canes --- 9

Posted by: | August 28, 2013 at 06:32 PM

44- points ... 30- first downs ... 580 total yards...

44- points ... 30- first downs ... 580 total yards...

Morris and Dookie both carted off b4 halftime...

D-Corch pitches self off Press Box for best cane hit of the day ...

Morrison arrested friday night parting in a real town,still gets to play.

Sec refs try hard but cant help gator offense either

Gators plane goes down and saves the ncaa a lot of trouble.

not to mention the FBI, DEA, and the Fla States Attorneys office @ 7:31PM

Once again the great UFelony education shines through as evidenced by this felon. Come 09/07 when Miami punishes the gators and muschump has a stroke on the sideline after spitting on everyone, the gator fans will be wishing they were not so ignorant and obsessive of the Canes.

and when i knock ur block off don't breathe, sweat, or bleed on me matt jones...u disease infested mofo!

Ft. Lauderdale's Matt den Dekker called up to the Bigs... THE MIGHTY GATORS have more MLB players, NBA players and after final cuts next week, MORE NFL players than u !!!

ur mini run in all sports are done ... IT'S OVA fo u

Witness the rebirth of Twisted logic:

1. they did not comment on his physical appearance,

Morrison has the puiniest little arms and scrawniest neck...

2. Jesse quoted him as speaking that way,

This guy Morrison is dumber than a stack of Timmy autographed bibles.

Would love to see any paper he writes in his Introduction to the English Language seminar

305 was right on, you on the other hand flat out wrong. And to excuse this abuse by claiming "you guys did it first so it's fine for us to do the same" is weak at best.

Awwww, poor Antonio. I am sure he is all broken up over some anonymous post on a blog he doesn't read and is harmless compared to the vitriol he will get from the rabid ignorant redneck fans in the SEC or, worse, his own fans should the Gatr Trash stumble.

Save me the feigned indignation you maggot. Maybe you should direct your pity to the guy he punched out.

Typical sports-obsessed UFloridUH alum. No worried, the Curse of Odin Lloyd will destroy your crap program. Not even an ocean of your coach Muscrap's spittle can extinguish the burning trash heap that is trailerville.

Posted by: Curse of Odin Lloyd

Great post, you are a glaring reflection of the typical cane fan. Congrats you make Um and your fellow fans proud.

All Cane trolls will disappear come Sept. 7th - home game for the Gators in Miami.

See all my orange and blue there!

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