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Morrison issues curious apology

Antonio Morrison is sorry.

Sort of.

Florida’s suspended linebacker held an impromptu press conference Wednesday, issuing an apology for his multiple arrests during a five-week period this summer.

On Monday, coach Will Muschamp announced Morrison’s suspension had been reduced from two games to one, saying the sophomore “handled his punishment” and “his actions didn’t warrant a two-game suspension.”

Morrison will miss Saturday’s opener against Toledo but will return to the field in Miami on Sept. 7.

Today, Morrison voluntarily met with the media to publicly apologize for his actions.

Again, sort of.

Morrison: “I’m very sorry to all the Gator fans, my coaches, my teammates. That’s me. That’s not me being forced to say this. I wanted to come do this. I can’t run from it.”

(Courtesy @Bryan_Holt

He added, “I took responsibility for everything. … I learned a lot from the whole situation as a person. I learned to be a better person from it. I’m still the same person. Nothing changed. I just learned how to handle things.”

But when pressed for specific details on his arrests, punishments, potential lifestyle changes, conversations with Muschamp or thoughts on his suspension, Morrison coarsely refused comment.

“That is nothing I’m sharing.”

“That’s between me and him.”

“I ain’t going into detail what I did.”

“I ain’t setting no story straight.”

“I wouldn’t tell you either way.”

Morrison was first arrested June 16 on a simply battery charge for allegedly punching a bouncer at a Gainesville nightclub. He received deferred prosecution. Just over a month later (35 days), the linebacker was detained for harassing a police canine and resisting arrest without violence but charges were later dropped.

Morrison admitted it was tough being away from his teammates and is excited to see the field soon, but said he’s done talking about the suspension/arrests moving forward.

“I’m not [fixing to] run from y’all. Not games, weeks down, the Kentucky game and y’all still asking about this. I want this to be done with. I’m coming and telling y’all right now, any of y’all interview me after this, I don’t want to talk about it. I already discussed this with y’all. It’s football from here on out. We talking football.”

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