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Mr. Two Bits 2.0

For 59 years, George Edmondson, aka Mr. Two Bits, was Florida’s “unofficial” cheerleader.

Edmondson, who started the Two Bits tradition in 1949, retired in 2008, but coach Will Muschamp is now resurrecting the tradition with a new flavor.

(George Edmondson | Courtesy tampabay.com)

Florida will honor Edmondson’s legacy at every home game this season with a different “Gators celebrity” leading the cheer.

Errict Rhett, an All-American tailback under former UF coach Steve Spurrier (1990-93), will act as Mr. Two Bits on Saturday in the opener against Toledo.

“[Rhett] is certainly a passionate guy with a lot of energy,” Muschamp said. “You talk to him on the phone, he's almost going to come through the phone on you there. He's excited about it.

“It won't always be a football player, but it'll be obviously a Gator celebrity that means a lot to the University of Florida.”

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OlE BOy aInt MAkiN DA rOSter in nEw eNGlAnD

Even though you were probably still in diapers in 1990-93, one would hope a former Alligator sports editor would know Errict Rhett's name correctly.

Autocorrect. But an oversight nonetheless. Thanks for the heads up.

He murdered that name...sheesh

Didn't really mean that shot at your age, Jesse. Jut that the pic of Mr. Two-Bits reminded me of how long ago I was a Gator (class of '85). And Mr Two-Bits had already been doing his thing for 30 years; way cooler guy than Dolfan Denny (another reference that dates me).

1949, wow that is so cool. Great job by coach Mus to honor the man and bring back the tradition.
Go Gators!

good ole redneck whippin it up in the middle of the Septic Tank, bahwaahhhaa

No worries, Charlie.

yo yo yo

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