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Notebook: The Purifoy Package

Versatile cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy’s potential offensive role has diminished thanks to the emergence of freshmen receivers Demarcus Robinson and Ahmad Fulwood, but offensive coordinator Brent Pease was adamant Florida would still install a weekly package for the dynamic junior.

According to Pease, Purifoy should receive around four offensive touches a game.

“There’s a lot of places you can put him to run the ball,” Pease said. “He’s got the potential that defenses got to be accountable to him.”

During the spring, Purifoy admitted he’s a cornerback at heart, but Pease said the junior is a natural at receiver.

“He’s just a kid that loves football,” Pease said. “To be playing defense and then all of a sudden switch over to do a play on offense and all of a sudden hit a post route. I mean, he makes it look so natural sometimes. He’s good at it.”


Florida was a dominant fourth quarter team in 2012, topping the SEC with a 128-33 margin (+95).

But what about all the slow starts?

Coach Will Muschamp said, “Well we'd like to play well in all four [quarters], if we can. Again, I think that we've started talking to our guys more about starting fast, especially on the offensive side of the ball, creating some positive opportunities for our football team. … It's a team thing, and certainly we've emphasized it maybe moreso than we have in the past. And I know it's a huge point of emphasis offensively.”


Starting fullback Hunter Joyer returned to practice Monday after missing the final two weeks of training camp with a strained hamstring.

Backup defensive tackle Damien Jacobs (patella) tweeted he was back at practice, but the redshirt senior’s official status has yet to be updated. 

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“Well we'd like to play well in all four [quarters], if we can. Again, I think that we've started talking to our guys more about starting fast, especially on the offensive side of the ball, creating some positive opportunities for our football team. …

Ole Willie da pimp done struck again! I hope startin fast doesn't mean lettin Driskell throw down the field.
Recipe for disasta!

Pease is an idiot. We have to bring a defender to catch a pass? I think driskel is the problem. If he could be a little more accurate anyone can catch a ball. Heard from a friend on campus that said the d is taki.g it easy on the o to build confidence . When you are scripting practices, you dont get better. They better tighten up, season is here. Pease must go but now its to late to fire him this season. We need mike leach in here. That boy can coach. Anyone but pease.

I thought Mr. Two Bits was none other than willie da pimp muskrat...just goes to show ya anyone can BS the media in gonorrhea country!

Aaron Hernandez was reportedly a heavy user of angel dust. Also Urban Meyer may want to read the next Rolling Stone...

From Rolling Stone:

In college [Hernandez's] coach [then-University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer] may have helped cover up failed drug tests, along with two violent incidents -- an assault and a drive-by shootout outside a local bar...

OuCh iMZ in Da cLinKEr fA sHo NoW

3 days

I got a bad rap because of hernandez!

The Meyer years were one big farce. Even your QB was a fake QB.

3 days

Its not a swamp, its an old sinkhole. Look it up.

All the cane trolls came out early for this one. Still obsessing about Tebow, Meyer and Hernandez. None of which have anything to do with today's team.
What's real is the beatdown you will soon get in Gainesville south aka No Life Stadium.

Gainesville south my a55.

Jls, Urban and tebow won two NCs that help to sell the recruits we have now. Hernandez is a negative for recruiting. When you say things like that people have more ammo to rag us for being dumb trailertrash. Oh and fire pease.

Ok, SF, I'm writing that all down...

Posted by: swamp fever

Enough with the "we" jerky boy, you ain't no Gator. But you are dumb and trash too.
Miami is Gainesville south as you will soon see your pathetic No Life Stadium sold out and colored in Orange and Blue to welcome the Mighty Gators.
Get ready for your upcoming beatdown fools.

Purifoy is such an exciting player let's see what he can do on the offensive side of the ball. Not many teams have such a high caliber player that can play both ways at a high level.

Your " cell block D" is gonna need purifoy all game long.

I'll bet. Hundred dollar bill I have been to more gator games than you "jerky boy"!

Anyone who is asking for Pease to be fired right now is not only a jerky boy but a total imbecile.
And making a bet on an internet blog is really stupid as well. Just more evidence of what we all know to be true, you ain't no Gator and you got no brains cane troll.

jlo even argues with gatah fans, nice! Not smart enough to figure out who's a gatah and who's not.
Beat down will be in Miami but your sorry gatahs will be licking their wounds always the way back to gville on the bus.

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