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Practice Report: HEATIN' UP

Florida held its third and final open practice of training camp Monday, a 16-session affair in the blistering sun at high noon. The end zones and entrance to the field were painted with "12:21," the start time to the opener (Aug. 31) against Toledo.


The slow-paced practice wasn't particulary earth shattering, as Loucheiz Purifoy (CB), Dominquie Easley (DT) and Dante Fowler Jr. (DE) shined again. Shocker.

Wideouts Quinton Dunbar, a junior, and Demarcus Robinson, a freshman, looked good, and they continue to separate themselves from the rest of Florida's shoddy group.   

Instead of an overall observations piece, we'll do this more like a mailbag. Have a question about Monday's practice (or any of the open practices)?


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From your observations:

Fire one: who will be the Gators top 3 starting receivers?

Two: will RB Jones be the starter for the Hurricanes game and why is Taylor dropping in the depth chart?

Three: how is Driskel's accuracy, and will the passing game demand any attention from defenses, allowing the running game to be effective?

I assume we will be playing a 3 - 4 on D. Are the 4 starting LBs Fowler, Powell, Taylor and Ball?
Who will play alongside Easly on the D line?

If I can dare ask from the opposing sideline:

What will be Florida's biggest weakness on defense? I see alot of turnover from last year, but Florida has capable replacements. Sure, they are listless playing against the less than stellar UF offense, but which of those areas are truly weak and which are just coasting until the real games?

What will be Florida's biggest strength on offense? I see alot of new faces replacing alot of skill positions other than QB. Sure, they are looking bad playing against the very good UF defense, but which of those areas are truly weak and which are just coasting until the real games?

Of course, you can choose not to answer those because they come from a Canes fan, but it isn't like Al Golden will be asking my advice or not figure those items out from film. I just want to get a quick viewpoint from the folks on the inside.

The sorry canes became UL fans after the Sugar. They live their lives vicariously, cherishing when other teams do what they have been unable to do for a decade.
With nothing to be proud about their sorry team they are fixated on UL performance in the Sugar.

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1. Florida's top 3 WRs are Dunbar, Robinson and Trey Burton (slot). After that guys like Solomon Patton (who's had a nice camp but has just 8 career receptions), freshman Ahmad Fulwood (6'5", 191) and Latroy Pittman, a sophomore, are in the mix. Again, Dunbar and Robinson have really distanced themselves.

2. Right now, I tend to think Jones will be back for the Miami game. If he is, Florida will probably rotate he, Mack Brown and yes, Kelvin Taylor, for carries. Taylor simply hasnt had a great camp (see: my brief editorial) but it's a farce to think he's not better than Showers or Herndon. By week 4 (Tennessee game), I see Taylor up near the top of the depth chart behind Jones.

3. Driskel's accuracy is fine. That's not one of his main attributes. He does seem to have better touch on the ball on crossing routes, but aside from long connections with Robinson, the deep ball hasnt been there consistently -- a combination of factors between Driskel, the o-line and WRs not creating separation. I think Driskel is going to be fine this season. Florida has tons of questions, and to me, his progression is way down on the list of concerns. He won't be an All-SEC QB, but he'll be a good one. The biggest question is will he have any help?

JLS: Florida utilizes a "multiple" defensive scheme -- a combination of 3-4, 4-3 principles. With Ronald Powell back, the Gators may play a more traditional 3-4, but I doubt it. Muschamp loves his 4-2-5 regular look, and UF will play 6 DBs (bc of sheer volume of talent) on the field a bunch too.

Florida's "1-regular defense" looks like this: Jon Bullard (DE), Dominique Easley (DT), Leon Orr (NT), Dante Fowler Jr. (BUCK/DE), Neiron Ball (WLB), Michael Taylor (or Antonio Morrison when he returns) (MLB), Ronald Powell (SLB), Marcus Robinson (CB), Marcus Maye (S), Cody Riggs (S), Loucheiz Purifoy (CB).

In the 4-2-5 or DIME defense, Orr and Ball (or Taylor) leave the field, and guys like Brian Poole (CB/NICKEL), VHIII (CB/NICKEL), Jaylen Watkins (CB/S) and Jabari Gorman (S) slid in.

Totally fair questions, Gator Logic.

1. Florida's biggest "weakness" on defense is its linebacker depth. Yes, Florida will have some early season breakdowns in the secondary due to inexperience at safety, but I think those issues will quickly be corrected because the talent is obviously there.

(Quick aside: I do think UM will have opportunities to take advantage of this if the 'Canes line can pass block)

But Florida's linebackers all seem a year away. The three freshman are promising -- AA, McMillian, Davis -- but they're not ready to be every-down contributors. Morrison is very solid, but how much help will he have? Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins were two great coverage linebackers, versatility Taylor, Ball and others have yet to illustrate.

One defensive element certain to improve this season is UF's pass rush. Fowler is a budding star, as is Jon Bullard. Powell's return is a bonus, while Easley's move back to tackle makes the whole line better.

2. Offensively, UF will continue to be a physical ground-n-pound attack. Jones, if healthy, is an all-conference talent after guys like Gurley, Yeldon, Marshall and Hill. Florida's offensive line should be better sans Xavier Nixon and Jimmy Wilson, although not having Halapio all spring or training camp is disconcerting.

Again, I think Driskel will be better this season. Not awesome, but better. It remains to be seen just how much help he'll have though.

Of course, you can choose not to answer those because they come from a Canes fan, but it isn't like Al "Golden will be asking my advice or not figure those items out from film. I just want to get a quick viewpoint from the folks on the inside."
Posted by: Gator Logic

Logic, you are funny. Jesse is a class act and thus he gave you an answer. Rest assured no one thought Golden would be asking your advise, or reading these comments either. Whether he, or Donofrio to be more accurate, can figure out anything on film or otherwise is very much debatable.
Did you notice I stopped calling you "twisted logic"?
It's because your posts have been fewer in number and less convoluted recently.
Now we have a copy and paste spammer to deal with. Since Jesse came on board this is the best blog on the Herald and jealous trolls will try to ruin it if they could.

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I thought I'd check out this blog to get some insight on the Gators. I see Canes trolls have decided to invade this blog. Mr. Simonton seems to be doing a great job with his blog and it is nice that he responds to posts. It's a shame he has to put up with this garbage.

This is the best cane team in at least 10 years. The tandem of Morris and Duke has to be the best in the NCAA. The Wr are 6 deep. We will score at will. Who needs a good defense.
Al Golden has to be the best coach in America. And what a nice tie!

Posted by: delUsionalcane

What a great name, it is very fitting.

Posted by: Sunny Dee

Jesse makes this the best blog on the Herald, it is very interactive as you have noticed that he responds to the readers. He even responds to cane trolls, and is nice to them as well.
I welcome you and any intelligent cane fan who is ready to have a civil discussion.

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Posted by: gators are scrambling

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You have a habit of accusing others of the very things you do.
Go figure.

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