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Saturday Selections: Florida-Toledo thread

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's gameday. 



I'm late on this week’s 6-pack of picks (sad, cause it’s only Week 1) but here they are:

* Toledo (+23.5) at Florida

* Alabama (-20) vs. Virginia Tech (ATL) 

* Georgia (-1.5) at Clemson

* LSU (-4.5) vs. TCU (JERRY WORLD)

* Oklahoma State (-12) vs. Mississippi State

* Florida State (-10) at Pittsburgh 

Gators kickoff in just under 30 minutes. I think they’ll win ugly (when don’t they lately) but with so many injuries and suspensions is should be a close game. ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit picked a Toledo upset. 


- Defensive tackle Jay-nard Bostwick is not suspended for today’s opener and will play, according to a UAA spokesperson.

- Tailback Matt Jones (illness) warmed up in full pads (as anticipated) but will not play. The sophomore appears certain to play at Miami next weekend.

- Gator Bowl representatives are in attendance. They must love free tickets.

- Suspended linebacker Antonio Morrison, cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy and defensive tackle Darious Cummings were spotted wearing street clothes on the sidelines.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody. 

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Daaaaang, they still using starters? Lmao

Timmy Tebow has been cut like a rip cord.....

Defense looked good but not close to last years and driskell fumbled multiple times, wait until he gets smacked by Miami's D next week. Good times.

The whole upper deck was empty in the end zones and part of the middle deck to, thought the gatahs sell out every game? Oh just more BS from the sec,sec, goooo fakers!

Obsessed cane loser

Part of the end zone upper deck was lightly populated at the start of the game but filled in as the game wore on.
A cane fan dissing attendance is just too funny.

Driskel fumbled twice when the rush got to him but it did not hurt the team much. Miami got a D? Really?

Overall a good solid game against a good opponent with a winning record. Can only get better when the rest of the starters return. Gators got some depth.

Shows how much Kirk Herbstreit's opinion is worth. I heard he likes Miami to win the ACC coastal too.

Cane fans talking about empty seats, and not understanding the fact that a certain amount of seats are allotted out for the opposing teams fans. Again showing how little they know. Then you got driskell running scared trying to compare D's? That's even funnier! Newsflash, the canes played a team coming off a 3 win season, with no offense what-so-ever, and they were in the game for the majority of the game. The Gators played a 9 win team coming off 3 consecutive bowl games, returning 9 starters on offense. There really is no comparison when it comes to comparing D's in each game. But then again, logic doesn't factor in when cane fans try to talk smack. I really look forward to shutting you guys up for at least a week when we show you what reality is. We'll enjoy that 1 week of silence before you guys start up the usual trash talk as if you're 10 straight defending national champions!

Let's count the excuses, fans arriving late, seats allotted out for the opposing team, rigggghhttt. I guess that happened several times last year to, riggghhtt!

After watching the gatah defense today, not to worried at all. Driskell fumbling every time he got hit against Toledo? Wait until Miami blankets him several times next week but then again the excuses will start or the gatah fans will disappear after the loss to the U.

Yea not to impressed with our offense ...driskel looks like a another 5 star that's not going to pan out

Half empty septic tank with only 50k clucks on a nice Friday night vs 80k plus on a brutally hot Sat afternoon.

Wait until Miami blankets him several times next week, yes "Einstein" UM is known for it's fierce pass rush and "tough" defense. Too funny and delusional.

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