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So about that offense...

No. 10 Florida landed exactly one offensive player on the Coaches' 2013 preseason All-SEC squad, released by the league Thursday. 

Kudos to left guard Jon Halapio -- out all of training camp with a torn pectoral -- for standing alone. 

Halapio, a senior, was named a second-team offensive lineman.

The Gators did place four others across the three defensive teams, including defensive tackle Dominique Easley and cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy to the first-team. Cornerback Marcus Roberson (second-team) and LB/DE Ronald Powell (third-team) earned honors too. 

Gators punter Kyle Christy was named a first-team specialist. 

Sophomore pass rusher Dante Fowler Jr. was nowhere to be found. I'm not sure why not either. 

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I should note: Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players.

Jesus H. Christ here u go again trying to convince urself that if not for 3 plays, the Notre Dame game wouldn't have been a blow out ... Really ? Really ? had ur silly dream weaving scenario played out, u still woulda gotten smoked and doubled up to the tune of 34-17... (still worse than 33-23 huh ?)

it was FORTY-ONE - three u in complete in denial dummasse. U got ur teeth kicked in and N.D. called of the dogs in the 4th. Q.


ok now, using ur moronic formula, let's take the Sugar Bowl that all u dumb cane clucks are still spouting off about how the GATORS got BLOWN-OUT by Louisville "33-23" shall we...

"Last time I checked there were TWO things that occurred in that game that would have turned it into an OVERTIME Game:

1.) A batted pass goes for a pick 6 on Florida's first possesion of the game... Free-7 for Louisville.

2.) at the end of the game, Florida goes for it on 4th. n goal from inside the 5 yard line and doesn't score.

Soooo, "if" Florida was even half interested and there was no pick 6 and the game played out exactly the way it did until the final min., Florida would have kicked the 22 yard Field Goal with a minute left and the game would have gone into overtime.

U see not just how stupid u are, but how utterly retarded u sound ? Ur greatest Victory last year was Louisville's Win in New Orleans because they were able to do what u haven't been able to do for urselfs in over 4 years... Beat a Ranked team...


Now holmie, tells us all about the Kansas St. game and how many "what if" plays happened that would have kept u from getting "blown out" 52-13.

HOLA ARTY !!! 9 DAYS !!!

yo holmie n cane clucks, here are 5 ready made excUses for Sept. 8th. u dopes.

1) That WAS a GATOR Fumble ! / That WASN'T a cane Fumble ...

2) That WAS GATOR Pass Interference ! / That WASN'T cane P.I...

3) The GATORS WERE Holding ! / The canes WEREN'T Holding ...

4) That WASN'T a Late Hit on DRISKEL ! / That WAS a Late Hit on morris...

5) u fill in ur ifs, buts, maybes, mighta, coulda, woulda, shoulda, if onlys with dropped balls, the officials were against us, it was hot, it rained, we had key injuries to starters and were were YOUNG as u see fit...

excUse u ... It's a cane thang going on for a decade now ...

Soldy you sly dog. Givin it to a cane cluck yet again. I'm STILL laughing about "a video from some ham and egger in a plane hanger." Dude, that was rich.

Honestly Soldy I'm getting tired of drilling these buffoons. Five years from now after yet more blowout losses, a new coaching staff, sanctions, and maybe ONE win over a ranked team, they'll STILL be hollering," A STORM IS BREWING!" In the five solid years that I've been laughing at these fools they have yet to achieve a classic signature win. They really don't even know what one is actually. They're just unimaginably PHUKKING STOOPID. Kinda feels like picking on slow kids after awhile.

If Matt Jones is at full strength the 9/7 BEATDOWN won't even be a contest. I don't see the candy canes and their smurf giving UF too many problems anyway. Morrison lays an egg when he faces a real defense.

Jesse, Fowler played as a reserve last season and outside those teams he played against, he is still an unknown. If he has the year we all think he will, then he will be on every all american list at the end of the season.
It's about time we start getting some balance and have some playmakers show up o n the other side of the ball.
Matt Jones looks like a sure bet, now we need a WR to step up and produce as well.
As always, Go Gators!

Last year was last year. This year on 9/7 Canes dominate. No proof other than wait and see. Of course when this happens gator fans will fill pages of excuses. UF is top 10, Canes not rated so it is expected that UF wil dominate. Go Canes!

Al, and a te,and an Oline. Oh, and a qb.

Why am I not on the list? Sheesh.....

And me too Riley....

Yo Cane trash

Yo what up clUcks

Check it out chUmps U sUcked in the last of the Coker years
U sUcked all thru the Shannon years
and U still sUck in the Golden Retriever Era
So what r U girls arguing about?

Yo sunnydouche
Gators probably bought a few season tix just to go to The Game, been done before
Orange and Blue is the color U will see on Sept 7th
Gators bringing life and excitement to No Life Stadium.

Yo cool feline
U got it right
U got No D to stop the Gator
U got no D to stop no one
what else is new

Yo douches the Golden Retriever Challenge is on
chUmp has to win at least 10 games to prove his worth
Don't think he can do it
I see 4 losses this year
I see more excUses coming


Well at least you got the trash part right. Doesnt help your offense though.muschamp needs to grease some palms to get these kids motivated. 400$ sounds about right!

We need to fire pease now. He will be our downfall this year. He doesnt know how to develope talent. He cant even recruit talent. All these stars and we have nothing on the offensive side of the ball. I thought wIess was bad til i saw this cluck. This is gonna be a long a55 season.

I'm too small to be on that list.......if it was a midget team, I would be first team for sure!

8 troll posts in a row after Al's. Funny how most of them employ "gator" in their names in some form, how "clever" as if we couldn't tell they are trolls.
Gator envy runs rampant.

You really know your own stuff... Continue the good operate!”

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