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Sound off: Muschamp and players question new targeting rule

Steve Shaw, the Southeastern Conference's head of officials, met with Florida players and coaches on Monday to discuss the NCAA's new targeting rule. 

This season, any player can be immediately ejected if a referee determines the opposing player's head/helmet was targeted. 


Me too and so is UF coach Will Muschamp. 

Muschamp noted he spoke with his team on the first day of camp and "walked them through the true definition of targeting and the true definition of a defenseless player" but admitted frustrations in the vagueness of the rules.

While acknowledging "player safety is first," Muschamp balked at the rather liberal ambiguity of the rules.

"To me, if a guy is maliciously trying to take a shot, then yeah, he needs to be ejected from the game, I've got no problem with that. But some of these plays are bang-bang," Muschamp said. "Those are the situations to me that are a little bit grey. And that's where it gets tough."

UF cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy laughed at the rule and said, "I ain't the biggest fan of it. I told them that already. But we've got to take it and run with it."

According to players, Muschamp has apparently been "ejecting" players from practice for violent hits (MLB Michael Taylor and freshman S Marcell Harris were specifically singled out).

"We went over [the rules] a lot of times," safety Valdez Showers said. "We even started practicing that way. If you do something wrong, you get pulled out. They're really taking those rules serious."

The Gators led the SEC in penalties in 2012, many of the "selfish variety" (personal fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.)

Florida players insist they'll maintain their ultra-physical style but could it come with a cost?

What do ya'll think of the rules? How worried are you that Florida might lead the league in number of players tossed?


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I think it's ludicrous to have the refs make a instant decision to eject a player during the heat of the game.
This could lead to very bad calls. Why not follow the NFL model where these hits are reviewed after the fact, on tape, and then make the decision. What is wrong with the NCAA? No common sense?

I agree with jls, where TV review is possible. Unlike the NFL though, not all college games have a review on the field capability.

It's the same reason the NBA can review out of bounds and flagrant plays in basketball but the NCAA cannot uniformly do it.

JLS: Muschamp made that very point during SEC Media Days in July.

Andre Dubose is out for the season with a knee injury!

Yep, definitely going to hurt the return game, and it sounds like he was finally having a great camp, so that definitely sucks!

So does that mean you guys have to wait until after the game to punch me in the head?

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