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They Said It: Florida's behemoth JUCO-tackle

Trenton Brown is buried a bit on Florida's depth chart, but he’s impossible to miss.

(Courtesy of Florida/247Sports)

At 6-foot-8, 363 pounds, the junior college transfer from Georgia Military College is the tallest player to suit up for the Gators since walk-on offensive lineman Kyle Newell (6’8”, 300) in 2008, only Brown outweighs Newell by a good 60+ pounds.

The JUCO-transfer struggled mightily in his first open practice on Thursday, but for much of training camp we've heard nothing but positive reviews of Brown's play. 

Earlier this week, Brown’s teammates had plenty to say about Florida’s mammoth offensive tackle. 

Check it out...

C Jon Harrison

-- “Golly, I feel like a child next to him. Really I do. He’s a big boy, big joker.”

-- “First time I saw him, I’m like that’s a big man, he can be monster as long as he puts his mind to it.”

DE Dante Fowler Jr.

-- “It is scary. I never want Trenton to fall on me. If he does, I’m pretty sure my body will be imprinted in the grass. I don’t want that to happen.”

-- “He has a nasty streak, but you don’t want that nasty streak to come out I’ll tell you that.”

-- “Trenton Brown is the biggest person I ever saw in my life. …When you see that big body around you, you don’t know what to do. Next thing you know you run into him, and that’s not a good thing to do.”

LT D.J. Humphries

-- He's like a comedian. We love him. Coach says he doesn't talk a lot, but he always talks around us. It's not much you can coach about 6'9". He's just massive.”

-- “I dont know if you guys ever watch the show "Phineas and Ferb?" The brother Phineas never says anything, but when he does it's usually like detailed and hilarious. When Trent says something it's always like, 'OHHH.' He's always just chill and you usually just get a 'yes' or 'no' out of him for the most part, but when he says something you're like, 'Wow.' He just said that.”

-- "My plates are usually bigger because we're on a different path right now." – (said laughing)

RG Tyler Moore

-- It took us all back. We all felt like we were in third grade again, looking up at a high schooler.”

-- “I’m not used to looking up at guys. I’m used to looking at guys or looking down. I haven’t looked up at somebody in a while.”

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True you can't coach size and therefore this kid has lots of potential. But it seems he needs to improve his conditioning and technique. That may be why he is "buried" in the depth chart. Good thing for depth.
A always Go Gators!!

Good off-season story but the chance of him playing and having an impact this year is nil. Also Jesse, can we all get a realistic assessment of Halapio? With that injury I'm guessing he's out until mid-season at least. A torn pec isn't like a twisted ankle, elbow, etc. Trainers can't simply wrap it with tape and hope for the best. That being said, what does this do for our depth situation at OL?

Amazing the level of delusion by the average cane clown. UF and FSU "lose again", when did they lose the first time? Not against the sorry canes for at least 5 years now.
The "only hope" UF has against the canes is the NCAA?
How smart and well thought out that is. Wonder why all the experts have the canes unranked and both UF and FSU are ranked. But what do the experts know, the average cane clown knows a lot more.
Poor Mr Dye, he of "the NCAA scary man has coerced me, help police, help!" He should have an answer, let him play, it was not the players fault. It was an institution wide slimmy effort, both coaches and administrators are at fault. Hence the lack of institutional control. Let Dye play and hammer the institutional cheaters and criminals.
Dumb and delusional, a cane thang..........

ACC Sucks,

We'll See On 9/7.Your Overrated Team won't KnoW What Hit Them. Kind Of Like The Sugar Bowl When Louisville KickeD Your Little Behind

That's because there is no response you brain dead cane moron
You got SMOKED this cycle by the "state school." Dalvin Cook PERSONALLY recruited Wilson and Lane to Florida. But he's gonna flip right cane
Moron? Half of your class is GARBAGE. Enjoy not being ranked AGAIN and Florida is a bigger more physical team regardless of Sarasotas laughable strength speeches under his Ron Zook name. Bottom Line??? []_[] ARE IRRELEVANT.

Obese UMike couldn't even tell you where UM campus is. Although he did sell his fake Internet vacuum company for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Present FACTS and you get the typical 3:16p.m. response. That's called getting owned.

Dalvin Cook posts pics in Gator swag DAILY. But he's gonna flip right "maggot pig?" Tell us a out how he's going to flip.

The Florida staff is MILES ahead of your
Little broke football program. Stay irrelevant fools.

OF COURSE []_[] don't "need them" cane fool. So what if all your recruiting chronics have been hollering their names for MONTHS! You're "stacked" at DB and won't need any of those or WR's for YEARS.

What have you done in the last decade? Championships??? Conference titles? Heismans? Signature wins??? January Bowl Games? Double digit wins? Final season ranking??

Thought so! Now STFU and get back to your menial data entry job you degreeless fool

Teams that are ranked in the preseason have a much greater chance of having good seasons than those who are not. If Dah U takes the year off or not it doesn't matter since they won't amount to much if they do play. They won't be ranked high, if at all, they won't be in contention for a NC or even the sorry ACC ship, they will be totally irrelevant. Just like in the past 10 years.
And the idiot who claims UM doesn't need any of the Gator's recruits is just an idiot. You need as many good players as you can get, you don't, that is why you have no depth and kep having to throw the freshmen into the fire. Thus you will remain mediocre for many more years to come. Fools.

Wait til they go against sentrel. 6-8 345 lbs of muscle.

Miami's D-Line is going to swarm that sorry O Line the gators have and that limping QB will be running for his life and getting pounded by Miami's linebackers. This is going to be good, by the way the gators D will meet the biggest, fastest and most opposing O-Line in college football this year, 09/07 you will be punished.

Hilarious these Miami Morons. They have the best O line in the nation, during practice that is. Never mind the facts. Like FSU had no problem with that "great" O line. Neither did ND, KSU, UNC or Virginia. What a great O line that is !

Then the next idiot claims UM has a great D line and LBs corps. I'm sure they are very good, as in ranked # 116 out of 121 teams. Record setting.

Sept 7th and its aftermath are going to be fun.

JLO, you keep pointing to last years statistics, so you should keep in mind your 106th ranked offense, loser but according to you Brantley was a Heisman candidate and the gatahs were going to win an NC with him at QB, riggghttt

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