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This and That: “We’ve got a long way to go”

The Gators opened training camp Friday afternoon, scraping their traditional split-squad-sessions early in camp due to so many injuries. UF coach Will Muschamp met with the media following practice. As usual, player [X] “did some nice things.”

The real highlights…

Muschamp vaguely commented on sophomore running back Matt Jones’ illness, calling Jones’ serious viral infection “uncharted waters.” Muschamp refused to elaborate -- even when pressed -- on the sophomore’s exact diagnosis but did admit Jones has already lost weight.

“We’re in a little bit of uncharted waters here exactly about him coming back and when that’s going to happen and how good of health he’s going to be in,” Muschamp said. “I don’t know any of that right now. It’s very uncertain. It’s very frustrating, for him first of all, and for us a little bit.”


Freshman receiver Demarcus Robinson is likely to play just one spot, Muschamp confirmed Friday.

Robinson is expected to immediately boost Florida’s anemic receiving corps, with Muschamp saying the early enrollee should have a key role in the attack in 2013.

“I think he’s a guy that athletically certainly can help us. But again, how quickly can he continue to progress mentally with the game. Can he play multiple positions? Do you need to leave him in one spot, which is probably what we’ll end up doing,” he said. “So far we’ve been very pleased.”

Muschamp also commented on senior wideout Andre Debose, saying, “He’s in the mix [for a starting job] … We need him to play well.”


“We've run into some numbers [issues]. You have different teaching progression with young players as opposed to old players, that's why you like to have two different practices to divide the roster up. But unfortunately we couldn't do that, we had to do what's best for our football team and that was to get out there together tonight. Saw some positive things there one day in and we've got a long way to go. Looking forward to getting back in the film room tonight, starting tomorrow morning.”

-- Muschamp on Friday’s practice

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As Cane fan...I don't like to see anyone's players seriously injured. I hope Matt Jones recovers quickly and is able to play for you all. It will be a good test for our offense.

I mean defense....

The Gator D will be a good test of your offense too. If I remember correctly you are bringing back the same offense that last year was shut down every time they played a top defense. ND, FSU ad KSU shut you down.
Your defense can't get any worse than last year. Can It?

The UF-UM game is getting more and more interesting by the day.

The Cane game will be the game all gator fans look back on as the breakout performance of Kelvin Taylor!

Based on last year uf should crush the U. Alas a new year and the Canes will be feasting on gator nuggets. Canes 31. Gators 17.

Posted by: Sl
New year it is, however there is no evidence to support your claim.

Jesse it's only "more interesting" if we keep getting injuries and if we have to play with less than a full deck. If all our injured guys will be ready for that game then we should beat them without much of a problem. If we show up with a back up QB, RB, OL and MLB then they have the advantage.

JISM1, tisk, tisk, already making excuses. I guess I hit that on the head a week ago when I predicted UFelony fans making excuses after the game but hey look here you are making excuses before the game. BAWAHHHHHAAAA

This kid has a viral infection and is losing weight? Something like that is to be taken very seriously. I hate to see any kid go through that so let's hope he recovers.

FNL netted 2 recruits, up to 12 way to go gatahs

JLS: That's exactly my point. The uncertainty surrounding so many players has made the UM-UF more interesting.

Why do all the football players get all the murder headlines?

University of Florida , producing murderers in all fields.

Even if we are too dumb to get in

"oliver", no need for that. They are discussing their team, making predictions, and even bringing up points that Jesse later uses in articles (massive weight loss). jls' only mention of the Canes was about our bad Defense, not anything worthy of your shot. Even GatorAlum was decent in his comment. So, PLEASE, let's enjoy this last game without the cheap shots unless they start it in each thread. Where else can fans of opposing teams discuss the game? Don't ruin it for real football fans, "oliver".

As for Jesse and jsm, are you saying the game will not be as interesting with a full strength Gator team?

Miami's offense against the Gator defense (their strengths) will be great to see. Miami's defense against the Gator offense (their weaknesses) will be great to see. And both teams rebuilding their special teams will have that pretty even.

Yes, the Gators were the better team LAST year, but they lost more than the Canes to graduation, so the game is already a close one. Add the rare home field for Miami in this series (Gators last played the Canes as the road team in 2003, and lost), the rare early road game for the Gators (they last played on the road in either of their first two games only four times in the past ten years, including that 2003 loss to the Canes), and the pent up rivalry emotions of the fans (similar to the Canes and Fighting Irish last year, Cnaes Noles and Gators Noles is refreshed annually, but Gators avoid the annual game so now their fans and ours are left waiting for the rare bowl confrontation) makes this game already very interesting. In my opinion, the injuries reduce that interest rather than enhance it.

In spite of the injuries, the real matchup everyone wants to see is the UM offense against the Gator D. I think both sides will be full speed in that respect.

Jesse, when are the open practices?

G Logic,
The game will be interesting either way due to the large number of Gator faithful in Miami, which by the way you will notice in the stands, so much for home field advantage. With a full strength Gator team the advantage is for the Gators. But any team that plays without it's starting QB AND it's starting RB will be at a disadvantage.

"due to the large number of Gator faithful in Miami, which by the way you will notice in the stands, so much for home field advantage."

Bravo. Your school has 60K undergrads (as opposed to Miami's 11K) and an alumni head-count in the tri-county area of close to half a million. Do you really think that it is a badge of accomplishment because 30 or 40K of those alums will be at the game? You have an elevated opinion of yourself if you believe that.

You troll out the same tired excuses but won't dare mention that UF is having a tough time selling out its own stadium this year.

An now you are making excuses a full month ahead of the game. Didn't hear you offering those excuses for Miami when they had all of the suspensions and injuries to QB, DT and RB the past few years.

According SI, who did a piece on attendance SEC wide, UF's attendance was at 97.5% last year.

Trouble selling out? By our standards, yes, but I don't believe they plan to break out the tarps anytime soon.

I second that emotion, the Gators have trouble selling out when they have 2 or 3k seats left unsold. That happens to be 50% of the average attendance at No Life Stadium on any given Saturday.
No excuses here, just facts. When was the UM QB injured? Morris played every game last year. Same with Duke and James. Get your facts straight before you post garbage here.
Hopefully Driskel and Jones will be ready for the cane game. Hope Halapio is ready too. We will already be without our starting MLB. Again no excuses, it is what it is.
Is it a great accomplishment to have your fans show up at a game? No. It is just what loyal fans do. Except of course in Miami.

jls, you are exaggerating the percentage of Gators that show up for these games. Here is the highlights from last time the Gators faced Miami in Miami. Sure looks like the crowd was cheering alot louder for Miami, not for the Gators. Not saying there were NO cheers for the Gators, but Tds my Miami got louder cheers.


Morris was injured in the 4th Q of the Carolina game and was gimpy for the whole FSU game. Didn't hear any excuses from Miami fans. It is part of the game.

UFailure fan starts the excuse train a month before the actual game.

As for attendance, yeah, we get it, you pack 90K into your stadium. Not a badge of honor with a university that has close to 75K students and 750K grads living within a 3 hour drive. You are supposed to fill it. What exactly is your point?

It's all relative however I do recall several empty section during the John Brantley years. Also don't recall too much buzz about Gatr Nation during the Zooker era. Selective memory I guess, jlo. You are most likely a recent grad and drive a 300 series BMW with a Gatr plate. How original.

Gator Logic: The battle between UM's powerful offense vs. UF's very talented, but green defense will be interesting anyway. But before all of Florida's recent offensive setbacks (however major or minor) I thought the game would be competitive but ultimately UF would prevail running away in the fourth Q -- main reason - UF's rushing attack.

Now, with all the injuries and unknowns I think the game has become much more interesting overall. Maybe I'm wrong. That's just my take here early in training camp.

Also, for whoever asked:

UF will hold four open practices starting Aug. 15.

Here's the schedule...

Thurs - Aug. 15 - 2:45 p.m. - Donald R. Dizney Stadium (Lacrosse Field)
Sat - Aug. 17 - 9 a.m.-11 a.m - BHG
Mon - Aug. 19 - 7:45 a.m. - Sanders Football practice facility
Tues - Aug. 20 - 9:35 a.m. - BHG

"It's all relative however I do recall several empty section during the John Brantley years."

Relative as in 3k unsold seats in Gainesville means there is trouble selling out the game
3k sold seats in Miami means we are half way there to our usual attendance
The "John Brantley years". That is funny, poor Brantley played for one and a half years only, no Gator would ever refer to "the John Brantley years"

Florida fans may prefer to remember otherwise, but the "John Brantley years" did exist and they were bad (15-11 record).

Jesse and G Logic, UM has a "powerful offense" in practice and against weak sisters. Against every single top 25 team Um played last year the offense wasn't powerful at all. Even against mediocre UNC the offense was shut down.

JLS: You're absolutely right.

But while I remain very, very skeptical of UM's supposed improved defense and I do believe its offense will be more consistent in 2013 with a full season of Duke, a progressing Morris and a deep line.

That doesnt mean it equals a win over UF. Simply a more competitive game, IMO.

Jesse I agree with your assessment!!.

One thing to look at however, is the ratings of the Gators preseason equaling expectations.

The 'Canes pre season have everything to gain and very little to lose. Low or no national ranking going in.

Win in the ACC and move on even with a loss or two. In the SEC it is entirely another story.

My take therefore is that the 'U' has a lot more on the upside than the 'Gators, but it will set the template for the season as the winner should be able to move on up as the season gets more intense.

The game will be competitive, and the 'U' will win 27-10.
This should be a breakout year for the 'Canes
Go 'Canes

Excuses, excuses, excuses, 09/07, the canes will whip that arse.

Not so fast my delusional friends. the breakout year for the canes has been announced every spring for the past 10 years as is yet to materialize. Excuses, excuses and more excuses is what you fellas have, nothing else. What will be your excuse this time?
UGoCane you are too conservative, the ACC can be won by a team with 4 or more losses. You and your fellow Coastal teams with multiple losses can luck out and beat a one loss Clemson or FSU in the ship game.
In the SEC just one loss can prevent you from even playing in the ship game. Realize that this comes down to SOS and in a playoff system it will hurt you and your weak ACC mates. Your lack of SOS that is.
Finally, starting the season unranked like you do makes it extremely difficult to finish in the top 10. No matter what ND did last year, that was the exception not the rule.
Sept 7 2013 will be Gator time in the 305, all my rowdy friends will be there that night.

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