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Who's going to step up?

For those who don't frequent the Herald's sister Florida page, I wrote a feature on UF's current placekicking dilemma. 

Here's a brief teaser. Click the link to read the full piece. 

GAINESVILLE -- The Florida Gators are fighting a rash of injuries early in training camp, but it’s two perfectly healthy players who have coach Will Muschamp really concerned.

The position battle to replace All-American kicker Caleb Sturgis — the Dolphins’ fifth-round selection in April’s NFL Draft — has proved futile to date, as neither senior walk-on Brad Phillips nor redshirt freshman Austin Hardin has taken hold of the starting job.

“I mean you lose the best kicker I’ve ever been around, so there’s no question it’s a huge concern,” Muschamp said.

“We have to get better.”

So far, Florida’s inexperienced duo has not...

As always, the floor is yours.

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Its great to be Overated!! Its great to be Overated!!

2 r's in his chant word?!

Gators caint spell loser on um boards and yall try to correct someone else ??

Does UM have a board? Who knew? Who cares!

"caint spell"
Lots of that going around.

You figure since we got 2 guys going head to head one of them should emerge and take the job. Guess the bar is set too high, you can't expect to have a Caleb Sturgis every year.

ahhh, yeah, jlo. Set so high. I mean, you would think UFailure pumps out NFL caliber kickers every year. I mean, team really should be in the NFL with the way the bar is set so high.

Pardon me while I puke all over your orange and blue glasses.

Nice 300 BMW you have there. Does your sister have a matching one?

Sid why do you post under so many different aliases?
I'm more the pick up truck type. 4 wheel drive, big tires and a gun rack, Gator vanity plate. When you see me coming down the highway better hide that little ibis rag doll.
Just kidding, but I know you girls like all these stereotypes. Did that get you all excited little loser?

That wasnt me j......lol....someone picked up on the jlo bit...gotta admit , its cute

jlo is a little sissy boy. He drives around in his white BMW 3 series yelling "SEC! SEC! SEC!"

What a pissant.

Just read that Riggs is locking up the safety position. I don't like that one. He's small and can cover but we need a guy who can blitz/crowd the LOS like a LB. I'd rather see a guy around 6' and 205+ lining up here. We'll see if some else steps up.

GatorMike: Yea, I wrote a little blurb on the safety situation for the paper today but I'll have more on the blog tomorrow.

Basically the decision is three-fold:

1. Riggs has most experience at the position of any player on the roster.
2. Florida will play lots of 5/6-DB sets with Brian Poole (5'10, 208) (most likely) as the nickel guy in Matt Elam's role as rover, short-side blitzer.
3. Freshmen Marcell Harris (6'2, 220) and Keanu Neal (6'1, 205) are being given every opportunity to compete for a starting job. It's the main reason Jaylen Watkins -- a natural to slide over to safety -- isnt getting any reps at the position right now in camp.

Hope that explains a couple variables.

I didn't realize those two freshman had that size. Hopefully they've got good instincts since that's what usually dictates success at that position. Even with Elam's size and physical nature, he never seemed to be out of position in any situation.

As always - thanks for the updates Jesse!

Bunch of Gator trash in a Miami newspaper. What is wrong with this newspaper? No wonder they are going broke.

No no no dumb Larry, what is wrong with you? Why are you on a Gator blog complaining about Gator news? Do you have any brains dummy Larry?

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