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September 07, 2013

Will Muschamp presser snippet

MIAMI GARDENS -- Here's a sullen coach Will Muschamp after Florida's 21-16 defeat to Miami on Saturday afternoon in Sun Life Stadium. 

No rants. Just disappointment from Coach Boom. 


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Saturday Selections: Florida-Miami thread

Live from Sun Life Stadium...

The Gators and Canes kickoff in about two hours. Noon time start be damned. The parking lot is rocking. The atmosphere is crazy. Drinks are steadily flowing, and UM students are slowly trickling in. It feels like a primetime game, but will it actually be one?

Here's a quick video of UM's "Cane Walk" entering the stadium:


ESPN analyst Todd McShay picked the Gators, as most others have too, but the Mothership's Senior Simpletons (Lou Holtz & Mark May) picked the Canes. 


Last week was good start: 5-1 -- the lone miss a close UGA loss.

This week's six-pack:

* Michigan (-3.5) vs. Notre Dame

* Texas A&M (-38.5) vs. Sam Houston State 

* LSU (-34) vs. UAB 

* Oklahoma (-20.5) vs. West Virgina 

* Georgia (-3) vs. South Carolina 

And finally, Florida (-3) at Miami. I think the Gators will win... going away late. This game means more for Miami. Don't believe me, check out how many recruits are here.


But Florida simply has too many talented players on defense. This game -- both the week's buildup and today's atmosphere -- feels awfully similar to the Florida-Tennessee game last season. UT had an explosive offense too, but the Vols weren't ready for primetime. 

Deja vu? 

Enjoy the game, everybody.

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