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A Tale of Two Polls: UF moves up, UF drops down

The Gators dropped two spots to No. 12 in the latest AP Top 25 poll, released Tuesday. 

While UF convincingly beat a decent Toledo bunch, LSU (No. 9) and FSU (No. 10) shined in primetime and leapfrogged Florida in the rankings.

Florida did jump one spot in the USA TODAY Coaches poll and now sits at No. 9.

Meanwhile, the Florida-Miami game is officially a top 25 contest, as the Hurricanes entered the coaches' rankings tied (with TCU) for No. 24.   

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BTW, we ARE ranked by the coaches, so just like in everything in your pathetic name-changing life, you were wrong.

WE ARE #24
WE ARE #24
WE ARE #24

feel better now dUmmy?

"Miami produced 503 yards of total offense, the Hurricanes’ third consecutive game with 500-plus yards of total offense dating back to the 2012 season."

Could it be because the Hurricanes played 3 consecutive doormat pansies?
Let's find out.
USF, Duke and FAU
Yep that is why

At this stage of the season it doesn't make s difference if you are ranked #10 or #12, that will take care of itself if you keep winning.
The teams that are unranked or at the bottom of the top 25 are the ones who have a mighty struggle moving to the top even if they win, they just have too many teams ahead of them.
Right now we are sitting pretty, just win baby win.
Go Gators!

Yo Cane trash

Yo U chUmps r ready for Ur beatdown?
Yo U gonna get it ready or not

Yo SunnydoUche
Not bad for a clUck
in fact much better than Ur delusional minions
Good to see a somewhat level headed cane clown
Yo this IS the biggest game of Golden Retrievers life
Of course it's not for Muschamp and the Gators
they have much better games ahead and they have played much bigger ones the past two seasons

So if desperation is an advantage then U have it
but desperation aint winning U no games clUck
Talent and coaching wins U games and the Gators have more and better of those

Then there is the delUsional #1 doUche maggot No Mo Titles
"Complete domination comparing offenses, and pretty much a push comparing defenses. Not based on hype, or last year's stats, but on the here and now. Gator's big claim to fame is their PUNTER, and our guy is not too shabby himself. The FAU punter did better than Christy last week."

Yo what a load of ibis manure is that
Funny thing is this clUck is serious
he really believes this crap
The punter is the claim to fame
Not the brusing running game that will wear Ur efense down in the heat
Not the top 5 defense that will shut Ur over rated O down
No, it's the punter, and the Owl punter is better
Good job maggot U r the typical delUsional cane dUmmy
U give real fans like SunnydoUche a bad rap

Yo Golden Retriever this is the biggest game of Ur life
What ya gonna do?
"Our punter is very good"
"Mark Donofrio is doing an outstanding job, that is why we made no changes on D from last year"
"We are UStrong we lift a lot of weights around here"


ssshhhh ... ssshhhh .... sshhh ... shh ............. ss

Hello? I'd like to order my c&ck-meat sandwhich with extr man-mayo.

My name? Well, you know my name. I am Club Ramrod furniture.

Probably right outside the swamp smokin on crack prayin willie da pimp muskrat suspends them for the next game.....UM LOOMS IDIOTS!

AGAINST TOLEDO your most explosive play was 29 yards.....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Gators QB Jeff Driskel talks fumbles

Quarterback Jeff Driskel’s development is a continuous process

Man I can't make this iish up!

JLO and gatoradumb, I guess Toledo was as well respected a team as you tried to sell everyone on here. Falling two spots after such a great win, then JLO comes on saying rankings don't matter but he has been the cheerleader for weeks about the gators are ranked 10th yeah. Go Fakers.

Also don't recall the Gatr Trash making any apologies when in 2011 they beat down a bad FAU squad and coming off a 4-8 season.

So which name are you using now, you start with "chomp" on one post and continue the next post using "Soldy", you are a sick little troll I suggest you seek professional help.

You have no reading comprehension, rankings do matter. I said it doesn't matter if you are ranked #10 or #12.
To dumb it down for you 2 spots apart is no big deal. It's like you Morons arguing that your defense was ranked #116 and not #117. It doesn't matter when it's so close.

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