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Murphy's walkabout

Tyler Murphy displayed total composure in his first career start against Kentucky.

All he needed was a quick nature walk and some classic tunes to purge his pregame butterflies.

Murphy, a redshirt junior, said offensive coordinator Brent Pease took Florida's quarterbacks "on a little nature walk" during the downtime before UF's 7:00 p.m. kickoff versus the Wildcats. 

Pease texted the quarterbacks Saturday morning: “Nature walk, 1:30 p.m. Don’t be late.”

“We didn’t sing any songs, but it was fun," Murphy said. "Coach Pease growing up, being from the Montana area, where he went to school, he knows a lot about nature. It’s kind of cool just to learn about different trees and bushes and stuff like that. It was fun.”

Tailback Matt Jones heard the stroll was "a pretty boring trip," but Murphy -- at least publicly -- disagreed.

"It was interesting," Murphy said -- although the quarterback couldn't recall any specifics learned on the walk.

“What did I learn? Uh, that’s awful. I mean I learned a bunch of different stuff, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. You know, I learned a few things about oak trees, saw grass, and just stuff like that.”

Oak trees and saw grass. Gameday, baby. 

Murphy said the trip did calm his jitters, as did listening to Jay-Z, Wale, jazz and a little gospel.

“I just put it on shuffle and just let it go,” he said.

Murphy -- through his coolness, confidence and production -- has quickly endeared himself to Florida fans. He finished the Kentucky game 15-of-18 for 156 yards and two scores (one rushing) and one interception.   

Murphy also talked about his first career start, dreams of being Steven A. Smith, pressing in practice last week, his perfect 13-of-13 start and a touchdown-saving tackle.


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Kid's got Liberty Bells in his jock.

Anyone hear his pregame interview on 850 am WRUF prior to kickoff Saturday ?

If you did or will, you'll realize that there is nothing to worry about with this kid character wise.

He waited his chance and is doing exactly what he needs to do.

Missed the interview, good to know there is nothing to worry "character wise". As far as being our starting QB I'm not only not worried but I am very confident in his ability and decision making.
Wish he would have played in the Miami game.
On to Atlanta, Go Gators!

Tyler Murphy is da TRUTH!!!


What happens when he plays a real team, not two sec crème puffs.

Gatahtime: It's a fair question. I'm skeptical too, but we'll see.

Murphy was legitimately bad in spring and fall practice (open to media). Maybe he's a gamer. What's absolute is that he prepares very well and his teammates love him.

The rest? We'll find out soon enough.

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