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An appropriate choice

Errict Rhett's celebrity "Mr. Two Bits" performance was a sight to see. 

Florida's all-time leading rusher sparked a listless noon crowd with an emotionally stirring performance in UF's 2013 opener against Toledo. 

It's a tough act to follow, but fortunately for Danny Wuerffel -- this weekend's honorary "Mr. Two Bits." -- the former Heisman Trophy winner has always been at his best against Tennessee. 

Wuerffel, 4-0 against the Volunteers, will lead the cheers before Saturday's game. Wuerffel famously scored seven touchdowns against UT in 1995, earning a Sports Illustrated cover photo. 

(Courtesy of Sports Illustrated Vault 9.25.95)

Wuerffel was recently voted into the College Football Hall of Fame (official enshrinement of the 2013 class is in Atlanta next summer) and will be honored at halftime. 

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Well ain't that nice...

Bad ass. I went to UF during the Wuerffel days!

Wuerffel was tough as nails, one of the best college QBs to play the game. Fitting he will be honored during the Ut game, a team he dominated while at UF.

Great player at UF and even better person.

Wuerffel definitely won't be putting on a show like Rhett did. I'm sure it'll be a lot more conservative.

BTW, for anyone going to Hogtown for the UT tilt this weekend (or any game this season), check out the G-ville Sun article this A.M. about the po-po cracking down on tailgate alcohol. Kind of sad that it has come to this. It seems the almost-zero-tolerance was inspired by a post UF/UT game in 1999 when the police actually had to defend the peace for a few hours.

Not sure how we got through football season back in the '80's without burning the whole town to the ground each Saturday of home games.

Who's doing Mr. Two Bits this week, Richard Simmons?
Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | September 20, 2013 at 09:49 AM



nothing like a pic from 1995...the last time our beloved turds had a real QB. This really hurts Jesse!

Should of had hernandez via satellite.lol

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