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An easy transition: Showers catching on quickly

For the No. 10 Gators, Valdez Showers is something different. 

During Saturday’s season opener, Showers -- Florida’s scat-back, speedy specialist -- quickly emerged as a surprising offensive weapon on a unit desperate for playmakers.

Just three weeks ago, the redshirt sophomore was buried on the depth chart at safety -- mostly battling for special teams snaps -- but after a sudden position change Showers has make a rapid rise as a potential linchpin in coordinator Brent Pease’s multi-package system.

In his first career game at ‘tailback’ against Toledo, Showers totaled six touches for 54 yards, including the game’s longest offensive play from scrimmage -- a 29-yard sprint on a gadget sweep.

"I feel good. I'm comfortable," Showers said after the victory over Toldeo. "Offense has always been easy to me."

(Valdez Showers)

Quarterback Jeff Driskel said Showers presents major matchup problems for defenses because they can’t identify his exact position.

“He’s definitely a threat out there. When he was on the field in the backfield, the [Toledo] defense was kinda calling him out and they didn’t really know how to handle him, whether to treat him as a running back or a receiver, so he’s a utility guy who can play all over the field,” Driskel said. “He’s only going to get better week-to-week because he hasn’t been on offense that much. He played a great game in his first game on offense, and I’m really glad he’s on our side of the ball.”

Florida coach Will Muschamp said he toyed with the idea of moving Showers, a former star high school tailback, to offense two years ago -- the week of the 2011 Auburn game -- but ultimately decided against it.

But when starting tailback Matt Jones went down with a serious viral infection during training camp, Muschamp revisited the old idea.  

“Watching his film from high school, I always had that resonate in my mind. He was a guy that was pretty special with the ball in his hands, could do a lot of things are very natural to him,” Muschamp said. “‘Whatever I can do to help the team’ is exactly what he asked me. I said, ‘Right now I think you can help us more at running back. There’s no question you would help us compete for the starting job at safety, but we are going to create a role for you on our offense. Give it a couple of days.’ After two days, he was very natural with it.”

Showers’ role (and packages) will expand throughout the season, as Pease plans on utilizing Showers’ quickness and length in a similar role to Omarius Hines last season.

"The coaching staff was really excited about getting him [on offense],” Driskel said. “Coaches usually don't boost people up. They were real excited about having him, and he made an impact early in camp. He made some big plays. He's fast, he's quick, he's has good hands. I'm happy he's on offense. He's going to be a good player for us."

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We sell-out. We are Gatr Nation.

"Still, it was amazing to see so many empty seats for a season opener."

"Whatever the reasons, that's two straight Gator games (the Sugar Bowl being the first) where the lack of a crowd was part of the story."

Ok, so maybe being the 5th largest school in the country with 60K undergrads and 500K grads infesting the state of Florida is not enough to allow perception match reality.

So the Canes don' sell out. So what. Never did, never will.

A school with 60K undergrad and all those alums? You are supposed to sell out. But you don't.

And with vermin grads like jlo, it is no wonder.

"Gators had a solid win over a good team."

Posted by: jlo, the blog fem.

Well, well, maggot. Seems as if Cane fans aren't the only ones less than impressed by the Gatr Trash's big win. Dropping 2 spots in the polls after a "solid win over a good team?" Hmmm, which of those two qualifiers are untrue? I mean, it wouldn't be like a Gatr Trash fan to embellish, would it.

Top teams do not drop two spots after a win. You remain, jlo, the blog moron. A fem one at that.

tick ... tick ... tick ...tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ...

u sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...


Absolutely Soldy. You tell 'em. The Gators are in for a big beating soon enough. Like a ticking bomb that is going to go off in their respective pock-marked hillbilly faces.

One team is ranked #12 the other is not ranked at all
One team has 2k seats short of a sellout, the other is routinely 30k short and has tarp permanently installed
Which fan should be trash talking the other?
Only in Miami, only a Miami Moron

It's all relative, isn't it jlo you maggot? Or does nuance escape your mangled UFailure edumucated brain.

With 500K alums within a 4 hour drive, you maggots are supposed to sell-out. That is the baseline. It is nothing special.

So, yeah, not selling-out is a big deal and puts the lie to your moronic Gatr Nation talk. Again, didn't see too much of that during the Zooker years and not so much Muscrap's first year.

Come to think of it, it was really limited to the first four Urban years. hmmmm, wonder why?

Canefan is all about "nuance", better known as B.S.
Try the truth and it will set you free

Gatr Trash is all about "facts" better known as "our version of the facts."

Out of 500 thousand 'necks, you couldn't find 2000 drunks to fill the rest of your stadium? How about the Homecoming beatdown by Missy State two years ago? Or the Sugar Bowl beatdown? You travel? You sell-out? Not always, maggot.

Of course, outside of 7 Saturdays in the fall, what else do you do in Trailerville? Count meth-cakes?

Hey, Gatr Trash and the rest of you losers.

Get. Off. Our. Jock.

Showers catching on in Gainesville????

What's next, vaccinations?

tick ... tick ... tick ...tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ...

u sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

What matters is that U are unranked and will remain unranked for the forseable future.
Your future is pain
and suffering
"But we beat FAU, doesn't that count for something"
dUmb clUcks

And the ACC was again proved to be top-heavy. Outside of Clemson and FSU the league took a pounding especially to the SEC.
Bama destroyed the fourth best ACC team VaTech
South Carolina demolished 3rd best ACC UNC.
Only Clemson delivered a close win against UGA
This week it will be mediocre UM who gets pounded by Florida. SEC has 6 teams in the top 12 to the ACC 2.
More evidence that the ACC sucks

It will get worse but you can still chant, SEC! SEC! SEC!

Hey, Gatr Trash and the rest of you losers.

Get. Off. Our. Jock.



Do you hear my heavy breathing against your sweaty hairy neck? Ever been in a men's locker room?

Great analysis by ACC sucks, and you gotta love that name. Actually what you say is obvious to all outside Coral Gables as evidenced by the rankings and the wins and losses.
And then there is the same Moron harping about attendance, too funny coming from a cane. No Life Stadium, aka Tarps R Us. Except of course for the Gator game. Gators don't need no stinking tarp.
Hey Miami Moron, when's your next Thursday nite home game on ESPN? That's right, Shalala asked ESPN not to schedule the sorry canes on Thurday nites, too embarrassed to have the nation witness a tarp covered, half empty wasteland. Golden asked the NCAA not to play LSU in 2014, too scared to play another SEC team.
Embarrassed and scared, those are your 21rst century Miami Hurricanes. Pathetic.

Headline asks:
Associated Press football rankings out today at noon. Will Miami Hurricanes be in top 25?

And the answer is:
Heck NO U bunch of clUcks
U only beat FAU
everyone beats FAU
same ole cane clUcks

Posted by: jls14234 | September 03, 2013 at 02:09 PM

Meanwhile here you are, talking about UM all day.

Loser, I'm talking bout my Gators and responding to the lunacy of the cane trolls like you. Do you know you are posting on a Gator blog or have you lost tract?

Meanwhile, back in the trailerpark, the AD for Syracuse calls the Gatr Trash for a home and home.

The buck-toothed varmint, Jeremy Foley, says no, recalling all too well the last time the Gatr Trash travelled out of state to play an OOC.

"or have you lost tract?"

Don't you mean, "have you lost track?" Jlo, seriously, every time you post you devalue the UFailure diploma. On behalf of all worthless UFelonyt diploma holders, please don't post anymore. You were clearly absent the days they taught grammar.

Hey loser cane fan that keeps babbling about attendance. It doesn't matter that UM is a small private school! There's about a million cane fans like you in dade, broward, and palm beach counties, that never stepped foot on the campus. So it being a small school means squat. 90% of the cane fan base are high school drop outs, and community college rejects, so the fact that there's so many of you bandwagon fans is what really makes it sad that there's not much support at the stadium come game day. You certainly come out in droves to gator clause though and talk trash, you guys are great at that!

"about a million cane fans like you in dade, broward, and palm beach counties, that never stepped foot on the campus."

And there you have it. The resident angry Gatr Einstein. Aside from poor grammar, you have stated the reason why attendance is poor, you worthless maggot. There are bandwagon fans and many did not attend. Not sure why that should prevent anyone from being a fan (it doesn't prevent the thousands of trailer maggots from Alachua County who never attended UFailure from being fans).

So you have answered your own question and disproven your premise that "it being a small school means squat." In fact, it means everything that they do not have 500K alums and 60K undergrads. If they did, the stadium would be sold-out or close to it.

So, Gator Alum, I hope you realize that name is not a bade of honor but one to be ashamed of. You are too stupid for words. This is easy.

No no no my name changing troll, it is you who are stupid beyond words and the one who should be ashamed.
First you rag on me with the spell check routine and now you present the typical circular and twisted cane logic about your lack of attendance deal.
GatorAlum gave you a clear response but you fail to recognize it not only because you are stupid but also because you are delusional.
But go ahead keep talking up attendance, it only makes you look dumber, if that is even possible for the dumb to be dumber.
Miami has bandwagon fans plain and simple, the worst in the country, and cane fans are the worst of the sorry lot, largely due to the fact very few of them attended UM. It's not hard to understand.
But to dumb it down for you some more:
The canes suck
Cane fans are bandwagon and most did not attend UM
Cane fans don't show to the games
The canes suck

Yeah typical cane twisted logic. Quite funny, but again shows that Don Soldy is the epitome of the cane fan base. Uneducated and delusional beyond belief. Let me dumb it down for you. A million fans within a 45 min drive to the stadium, yet no one shows up? Come in droves to gator clause and talk trash as if you are 10 time defending national champs, yet don't drive 5-45 mins to the game to support your team that you so vehemently support in a Gator forum? Pretty sad!! I spent over $300 on a ticket to the game because I don't get to see them in person very often anymore. It's called support and being a true fan. Twist it however you'd like though. Whatever makes you feel better about being a joke of a fan!

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