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Back with a vengeance

Gators strong-side linebacker (or BUCK, defensive end, Joker, etc.) Ronald Powell has wreaked havoc early in 2013 after missing all of last season with multiple ACL injuries. 

While Florida's overall sack numbers remain low, the Gators' -- ranked No. 1 in the SEC in passing, rushing, total and scoring defense -- pressure on the quarterback has steadily improved from a year ago.

Powell's return is a major reason why. 

The redshirt junior tops No. 20 Florida in sacks (2.0), tackles for loss (4.0) and quarterback hurries (5). 

On Tuesday, Powell dished on a number of topics including his pass-rushing partner (Dante Fowler Jr.), Dominique Easley's pre-snap barrel roll, defensive line coach Brad Lawing's teachings and more. 


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This guy's a loser too.

Just like the fanbase.

Your name is exactly why cane fans are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. You guys talked trash for the last 10 years like you were 10 straight national title winners, instead of a perennial 7 win team. You still talk trash like you're defending champs, yet your team doesn't have a chance at anything of significance this year. The first time you face a decent team that doesn't make stupid mistakes, you'll quickly realize what kind've team you actually have. Keep running your mouth though obsessed boy, that's about all you're good for.

Your absolutely right about one thing gatorlum...beating ufelons is of no significance anymore...

If getting lucky and beating a team ranked #12 is significant, than that's pretty sad. I guess when you only have 2 ranked teams on your schedule, the bar isn't set very high.

Gatordumb beating the 6th rank team in the sec is no big deal because the gators are irrelevant. The fact the ACC and other conferences are owning the sec this year really makes the sec less interesting.

Sid is a Moron by definition and a pathetic loser by birth.

Ronald Powell is a beast, and he's a future NFL 1st round draft pick. Sidcane isn't even worthy of washing Powell's jockstrap, though he'd gladly do it, cuz he's freaky like that!

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