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'Canes want to resume rivalry



Your move, Mr. Foley. 

(NOTE: Brilliant PR move by Blake. It's free, empty posturing and a smart public move. Florida won't continue the rivalry for financial reasons but this makes it seem -- especially after Saturday's upset loss -- like the Gators are scared to play the Hurricanes.)

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u lose 5 out of the last 6 games id throw in the towel too...

Why not play every two years on a home and away basis. Definite sellouts here and up in Hogtown?

I for one would love to play them. I'd love to play them again this week to show them what a fluke that game was. Unfortunately it's not going to happen. Say what you want cane fans, but when the gators already play 4 to 5 ranked teams a year, their SOS is already top 5 year in and year out. Now there may be an extra SEC game thrown on the schedule. There is no need to add the canes. Unfortunately the canes play a joke of a schedule year in and year out playing 1-2 ranked teams, and need the gators to strengthen their schedule. It's exactly why a 1 loss SEC team will make it to the BCS championship over any other conference's 1 loss team. Just because Clemson beats Georgia by a few points and the canes get lucky and beat the gators does not mean the ACC has the SEC's number. Nice try though. We'll see how things end up by years end. You guys just live and die by the Gators. GET OVER IT and worry about your own joke of a schedule the rest of the year, because after watching that last game, the canes have a lot to work on!

Gator alum

You're like most Gators that make every excuse possible.the Canes led wire to wire and beat your gators and it the Gators that don't want omplay us. The Canes don't need the Gators, they want o play them as it is good for college football. Keep thinking you're a better team.

Cant handle being beat by Miami over and over again.

Little sissy girls in that hicktown of a craphole city.

What does a UM student and a UF student both have in common?



Lmao. I told yall a possible extra game with vandy every year would be their excuse. The fans pulled that card first and i thought it would be foley. Oh well , take it to the state and force a home and home. If uf tries to duck and we can get it signed off by law then uf will be the laughing stock of the entire country.

Two games forced by law that uf tried to dodge would be great! Would be the norm for uf. Maybe huntley could represent them. He has no connections in miami. He would be exposed just like the gators for being a hack lawyer when he doesnt have a judge in his pocket, and by a miami judge to boot.lmao.

Financial reasons?! Foley's shucking and jiving...and avoiding the Canes out of fear of losing another 7 out of 8 games! Foley knows every time the Gators lose to the Canes...the Canes pick-up all their South Florida recruits, UF would normally get.

We can do a home and home.with any sec team. Challenge them all. See which one bites. Vandy and mississippi are likley the only two with the balls.

jlO says: I want my lil 3 series beemer painted orange and blue like my panties.

The Canes don't need the Gators, they want o play them as it is good for college football.

The Gators gave the canes their only sell out of the season
The Gator fans were over charged for terrible seats. $85 bucks for $3 seats
The canes made more in that one game than they will in the rest of their home games
The canes need the Gators, bad.
We don't need no stinking ACC has beens who got lucky
Have fun with Savannah High, that is your type of team.

"The Gator fans were over charged for terrible seats. $85 bucks for $3 seats"

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

I'm crying on the leather seats of my lil 3 series beemer. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

The has-beens beat Gatr trash.
The has-beens have beaten Gatr trash 7 of the last 8.
Doesn't look like you can afford to play many more has-beens like that, jlo queen.
More bitterness from the blogs favorite fem, jlo.
Have fun with Georgia Southern. That is your type of team like Furman, UL LAFF and Bowling Green.

I bet u turds don't wanna see me picking games anymore huh?

Apparently the U gave me the day off on saturday....who knew

Uh , jlo, didnt the gators open with Savannah a couple of years ago? Looks like gators type of team also. Do some research before U type .

jlo is an ignorant fem. He has blue and orange panties.

FAU comes calling in 2015. Jlo, what are your thoughts on that?

I bet that FAU will then be a juggernaut in his eyes.

If I were a Gatr maggot, I would be a little nervous. SI's report on Oky State is the tip of the iceberg.

SEC cleaner than Big 12? BWWAAAAHAHA.

The hammer cometh, UFraud. Only a matter of time. Tick....tick.....tick......tick.......

Posted by: GatorAlum | September 10, 2013 at 06:28 AM

I guess your other 5 losses against us were a fluke also.....you guys are just idiots!!!

WWWaaaaaaaah.....are band was put in the upper deck..WWWaaaaaahhh. Who gives 2 shyts about a schools band.



There were puddles in the parking lot.


Some mean Cane fan yelled at me.


Pathetic, truly pathetic.

Jlo, I am beginning to think you are a woman so I apologize for the negative implication of driving a 3 series beemer. It fits you perfectly.

I didn't say anything about the other losses, just this one. I'm just curious, did any of you cane trolls listen to your beloved cane legend Bernie Kosar talking about the game on Paul and Ron this morning? He basically said the exact same thing that I did, but you guys know more than he does right? "The gators outplayed the canes, the canes just made less mistakes and that was the deciding factor in the game." He even went as far as saying he felt bad for Driskell. It's ok though, keep fooling yourselves into thinking you're a great team because you won that game. It makes us feel that much better that you feel that highly of our team. I mean it's clearly obvious you guys are completely obsessed with the Gators. You just can't get over the fact that your schedule is a joke, and we aren't on it anymore. It's quite pathetic actually!

I think the series should be renewed annually. The game sold at in Miami, and it broke records in Gainesville back in 2008. The fans want to see the rivalry. I say we begin every year with UF vs UM, and we end every year with UF vs FSU. That would make everybody happy. I'm a Gator, and despite the crushing loss, I loved Saturday's game. The atmosphere, the hostility, the smack talking, the passion on the field... that's what makes college football great. Let's renew the darn rivalry. Who the hell wants to see UM vs. Savannah State or UF vs Toledo? Not only are those games boring and meaningless, they offer a chance for players to get injured or embarassed by garbage opponents. I realize there's a financial aspect to all of this, and as the SEC grows, it makes it more difficult to schedule, but where there's a will there's a way, and there is A LOT of money to be made in this rivalry by both schools, especially if both teams finish in the top ten.

Miami's AD should schedule some home & home series with Tennessee. They have Oregon on their schedule this year and have scheduled home & homes with Miami in the past. In other words, they are not chickens like the gators. Scheduling this series will expose the gators' "the sec is so hard" excuse as a fraud and simultaneously give UT exposure to S. Fla. recruits that the gators would ordinarily get. I think UT would go for it.

Let's be honest, this Miami-UF thing hasn't been much of a "rivalry." Miami has one 7 of the last 8, and 8 of the last 10, against UF. East Carolina has had more success than UF against UM. UF is a door mat for Miami. Miami doesn't need the chicken gators -- they aren't even a "blip" on Miami's radar. Time to move on and schedule regular games with a school that has the potential to become a "rival" for UM, like UT -- they split the last series with UM.

Jesse, you make it sound like the gators aren't scared to play Miami because the SEC is so tough but what has been the excuse since 1987? The point is UFelony wants know part of their big brother in the state that's why the chant is GOOOO FAKERS

gatordumb you and your quote alma matter are the pathetic ones, it your diploma mill that dropped Miami back in 1987, guess the sec was so tough then? Your pathetic team that has lost 7 of the last 8 games to the U, Your football team with more felons than scholarships, and best of all muschump will dump your team this off season to take the job at Texas, bahwahhhhaaa

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