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Driskel sidelined for season

GAINESVILLE -- The Tyler Murphy era is officially underway.

Gators starting quarterback Jeff Driskel will miss the rest of the 2013 season after breaking his right fibula early in the first quarter in Florida’s 31-17 win over Tennessee on Saturday.

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Driskel was injured while throwing a pick-six -- UT’s only touchdown in the first half -- after UT defensive end Marlon Walls fell on the junior’s leg.

Coach Will Muschamp immediately knew Driskel was hurt badly.

“When he looked at the sideline and waved I knew it was not good,” Muschamp said.

Driskel will have surgery Sunday.

“I’m disappointed for Jeff because he’s worked extremely hard for this season,” Muschamp said. “One man’s misfortunes are another man’s opportunity and Tyler Murphy certainly took advantage of his opportunity.”

Murphy impressed, completing 8-of-14 passes for 134 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed for 84 yards and a score -- all career firsts.

“He did a fantastic job coming into these circumstances and performing well,” Muschamp said. “I thought he managed the game extremely well and made plays.”

Murphy will start next weekend against Kentucky.

But for Florida’s incumbent starter, Saturday was a brutal blow. Driskel, much maligned after a tough outing in the loss to Miami on Sept. 7, was slowed by a slight knee strain in practice, yet started his 15th career game Saturday.

“It’s going to hurt us,” Muschamp said. “He won a lot of ballgames for us.” 

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I for one think if Murphy can continue playing the way he did and work on the passing game, this could be a blessing in disguise. Driskell would rather throw the ball directly to the other team instead of just trowing it away, and fumbled the second a defender grazed his body. Hopefully Murphy can continue to improve and protect the ball and let the defense do what they do.

Lmao, now the uf professors are getti.g in on the arrest count at u felony. He said he video taped under girls clothes to prove one wasn't wearing underwear. He should have said "do you know who i am" ? Where does it end?

Gatordumb , its not the qb, its the oline.

Tennessee could have won but they gave ufelons 6 gift turnovers. They wrapped that game in paper and put a bow on it. You guys should go to ocala in the morning and thank them for their kindness.lol

Well , U only have a couple of tough games left. Better hope noone on that oline goes down.

The Knoxville media agrees with you 21-16, the Turds were gifted the game.

Yeah, unfortunately we're not playing 60pt underdogs to make us look A LOT better than we are! Who's on the schedule next week, Cooper City High School? And you talk about our schedule being weak. What a joke! I can't wait to watch FSU expose you and bring you back to reality!

Gatordumb, keep telling yourself that Driskel going down is a good thing, you played one of the many crap teams in the SEC Least yesterday, when you play a SEC West team this option offense will get killed. So I guess when ufelony plays GA Southern this season that is a top notch team, RIGGGGHHTT. I think you should be worried about FSU coming into the septic tank and pounding you guys by 30 points or more, now that will be fun to watch.

Jlo, still excited for the gatah to go to Atlanta to play in the sec CG? Like I said, the gatah fans and football team can buy tickets to go to the game LMFAO.
I guess you wont post much now that your team might win 4 games this year, bawahhhaaa

Hey thirsty or 21 whichever lonely loser this is. I said COULD be a good thing. Anybody other than a player who gives the ball to the other team freely, is an upgrade. Not sure if you watched the game, but Murphy looked a lot better than Driskell, especially running the ball which can offset a line that struggles with pass blocking. If he becomes a better passer with more reps with the first team in practice, he could be a pretty damn good QB. With this D, we just need a QB to manage the game and not turn it over. Just stating facts, something cane fans don't know much about. Here's one more fact. The Gators have 4 top 12 teams on the schedule, the canes have 1. You have 9 cupcakes on your schedule hyypocrites!

Gator dumb...all of the top 25 are undefeated except for 3 sec teams....do they reall belong there? Didnt bama have to play starters all game againstColorado state ? They were in that game for 3/4s. Same for uge...north texas had them where they wanted them for 3/4s . Again, georgia had to play starters to the end.sec is overrated and bowling green knows it.

GatorAlum stop arguing and responding to Sidcane the subhuman Moron.

I agree with you, while no one wants to see a player get hurt, this change at QB is what we need.

Murphy played way better than Driskel did and now that he will get all the reps in practice he can only get better. He showed a lot more mobility, ran the ball a lot better and even had a long pass down field to Dunbar. He avoided the rush for the most part, when sacked he did not fumble and threw no picks.
We have all seen what follows when Driskel starts a game by throwing a pick six, not good.
Give Driskel his medical red shirt, give him time to study the game review his many mistakes and hopefully improve and come in and have a real competition in training camp next year.
No more entitlements, same goes for Matt Jones. Brown is running the ball much better, have him start the game. Maybe Jones is not fully recovered so bring him off the bench and ease him in. In hindsight that is what we should have done in the UM game.
I am concerned about the injury to Purifoy and the O line men, not with Driskel. Again I do not wish ill will to any player, but I think Murphy gives us the best chance of winning. Driskel has gotten worse since the second half of last season and has shown no improvement this year.

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