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Easley jams to "Rocky Top"

Dominique Easley is a colorful character.

Florida coaches Will Muschamp and D.J. Durkin refer to him as “unique.”

Monday’s media session was just another reason why.

Easley called Tennessee -- UF’s opponent on Saturday -- his third most hated rival behind Florida State and Georgia, but the session became humorous when Easley stated his hate love for UT’s fight song, “Rocky Top.”

He asked the assembled media: “Do you listen to it? How do you feel about it? There you go.”

But then Easley quickly reversed course and admitted he actually sings the song during games -- simply for his own amusement.

“Something gets so annoying, you gotta make the best out of it,” he said. “[The Volunteers players] hear me. I don’t know if they consider it a taunt, but I just do it for my own enjoyment.”

As for the lyrics?

“Only thing I know is ‘Rocky top. Oh, Rocky Top,’” he said.


Florida’s senior defensive tackle is an enlivening presence -- to his teammates, coaches and media members.

While some (stupidly) scoff at his antics -- he keeps a Chuckie doll in his locker, once rocked a tractor chain while running out of the tunnel before a game and dances as much as Miley Cyrus -- the standout defensive tackle lets his personality shine: on and off the field.

I, for one, appreciate it.

There’s a reason Easley is the heart, soul and leader of the team.

“There’s not a guy that players harder than him in the entire country,” Durkin said earlier this season. “Is he unique? Absolutely. We love that. We tell our guys, ‘Be who you are.’ We’re not trying to change anyone.”

Please don’t. 

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I heard the SEC West has asked the SEC LEast to leave the conference immediately. The LEast is killing the SEC's reputations, SOS and prestige.

You know who you are, LEast. Tennessee, VAndy, UK, UGA and, worst of all, UFailure.

Peeeeeeeee Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

ACC owns the SEC Least 3 -1 baby.

Too bad he is the only one to play wth that much heart or the score wouldn't be

Jjust saw an amusing title to an article...gators face tough sec schedule this week with Tennessee? Oregon didnt think they were even close to tough. They scored at will against that vaunted sec defense. Oh,sorry, i retract my last statment....ufelons offense sucks! Maybe a bottom feeder sec team could be tough. If they can halfway show up on defense and score ,say, 21 on ufelons they have a shot. If Tennessee beats ufelons that should put U in dead last in the sec easy.

Don't worry he will know ALL the words to Rocky Top around 6pm saturday.....

UT is gonna roll us! Damnit fire Muschamp now!

It has become acceptable and an unfounded cliché to just say: "a tough sec game."

Unfortunately, unless you are speaking of ATM, LSU, Bama or South CArolina, it just isn't true.

Tennessee? Kentucky? Vandy? Missy State? Puuuuhlease. UTrailer? Laughable.

Dominique Easley is the man!

Puhhhlease, U forgot more than a few sec underachievers.

U dug ur grave and it was 21x16...gallo,calvin ,72, canetrash,harriett,....U know which ones U are gatormike,gatordumb and jlo. keep it up and we can be here next season too. Remember, U Were owned. If U cant handle that , call axel foley and tell him Ufelons want to play Miami every year. Cant wait to halear his excuses.lmao. The funny part is , i quit reading your posts a long time ago and the cCanes that do read your posts shut U down time and again yet U keep coming back for more. All Ur blogging is not gonna help Ur offense lmao. Tennessee is gonna own U and they dont have a defense. All they have to do is get close to driskel and he drops the ball,lmao. But U have a stable of rbs, rieeeeeght! 2.8 ain't gonna cut it. Good thing the only two real teams U have to face is FSU and Lsu( kindof).
U dug the grave ,now lay in it. Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha

21-16 lmao that may never get old!

Oh yea almost forgot Ur typical ufelon English major "D".... even though he has been slipping out of character his last few posts. But the again consistency has never been a strong point at ufelony. U will never be undefeated! Nothing like an udefeated NC....

SUICYCO you know it, Easley is such a character and what a great player. This Saturday we embark on our quest to Atlanta and I like our chances a lot.
Go Gators!

Jlo and Suicyco are talking about buying tickets to see GA or USC play Bama in the SEC CG.

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