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Easley sidelined for the season

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I'll have a fully updated story on Easley's unfortunate injury in the paper, but for now the floor is yours...


No. 20 Florida continues to be snakebitten by injuries and the latest could be the most devastating of all.

Defensive tackle Dominique Easley "tweaked" his right knee in Tuesday's practice and will miss today's workout. The senior will be reevaluated Thursday. 


"He just tweaked it a little bit," coach Will Muschamp said. "We think it will be fine, but we need more information."

According to Muschamp, Easley was hurt in a non-contact drill chasing a screen pass. 

Easley, a preseason All-SEC selection, has spearheaded Florida's top ranked defense -- No. 1 in the SEC in scoring, total, pass and run defense.

In 2011, Easley -- then a sophomore -- tore his ACL in his left knee in Florida's 21-7 loss to Florida State.

********** UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE **********

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Doesnt sound like a promising tweet.lol. kentucky may get to three wins for once. U lost your best player on O and D. Daaaaang!

Hope this is a minor thing and that he will be OK.

Dude was a beast against UM.

Sad sub human troll, Driskel was hardly the best player on O and we have so many great players on D, it is hard to say who is the best. Nonetheless, RoPo is one of the best.

My bad I thought it was Powell who got injured, either way the feeling is the same. Hope Easley recovers soon.

Why would he tweet "god has something else planned" if it was a tweek?

Rut Roh, maggots.

Well, at least you will have a built-in excuse.

Excuses are what losers have.

7 of 8.

Thought it was powell? The title ruled that out and it was the first two words.WOW!

I hope he fully recovers. Easley is an absolute stud on defense. Even if it's only minor, he should seriously consider sitting out until he is 100% because he should be a Top 10 pick if healthy. At least this year, he has been better than Clowney in my opinion. Even though they play different positions, Easley is quick enough to play on the end if asked.

UM will play anyone, anytime, anywhere!!! Are you listening Savannah State???? Are you listening FAMU and Bethune-Cookman??? The U does not fear you!!! They will play you anytime and anywhere!!! They'll even pay you $350,000 to do it!
Posted by: SUICYCO | September 25, 2013 at 11:34 AM


But we won't...we just keep dodging and dodging the Canes...WE SCARED!

I'm smelling fear from the turd faithful....cowards

That tweet definitely speaks volumes. Pretty safe to say he's done for the year! Sucks!

Sucks to be a gator, all that trash talking and wishing the worst on Miami has come back to bite you in the arss. They are dropping like flies but hey just throw in another 2 star recruit to back him up.
You cant write a better ending to the gator season, bawahhhhhhhaaaaaa

Dang that sucks. He is the best defender. That ok. U gots depths,bwahahahaha....ahaaaaa. lmao.

Showing your true scumbag colors! There's nothing more lowlife than laughing about an injury. You can't spell SCUM without UM!

This is 1000 X worse than losing Driskel. My prayers go out to Dominique Easley. He is probably the best Defensive Tackle in the nation. I hope he gets drafted highly despite the two knee injuries in his career. To me, his future is more important than our season.

And aside from being an amazing player, he is the heart and soul of our defense. Do you guys see this cat dancing during the game? And his little roll move on the d-line is a trip. Did somebody do brujeria on us this year? Muschamp might need to visit a babalao.


P.S. I like this Sunny Dee guy. He's a Cane, but he's a cool guy who posts insightful comments (such as the one the other day regarding Driskel not getting better because of a lack of competition, etc., comparing Driskel to Jacory Harris...). Good stuff Sunny Dee.

Agree the loss of Easley is much worse than the loss of Driskel as far as team performance goes. Don't recall any other time when so many front line guys were knocked out.
If Murph can awaken the O and put up some points without gifting the opposing team we will be able to compensate for a drop in defensive performance.
I welcomed Sunny Dee to our discussion a few posts ago and the resident scum troll got all mad and went into another tirade. Seems the sub human Moron can't stand a real cane fan who is not a jerk.
Hope Easley can recover and make it into the NFL.
Beat UK, on to Atlanta. Go Gators!

If U call me a scumbag....then what do U call those gatorfansthat come to the Cane blogs and harp on players that were murderef.? My personal favorite was an article when a UM player had a newborn daughters pic posted in an article and a gator fancommented" looks like a new crackho in liberty city". And you call us scum? I guess white trash doesn't know any better! Dont worry, easiley will be dealing drugs in time and gators will forget about him by game 5. Speaming of scumbags....how many arrests are ufelons up too now? Just a round number and U dont have to count the multiple arrests by individual players or hernandezs murder probe while he was there. LOL , white trash calling people scumbags.....

I appreciate the kind comments. I am a fan of football in general and try to be objective when analyzing teams and players. I have Gator friends and family so I keep up with the team, even though I do not actively root for them. However, I think real football fans who live in Florida recognize that its best when the Big 3 are all doing well.

21-16 - Those Gators fans who came onto the Miami blogs were wrong, but you are no better. I'm not sure how this all started but why not be the bigger man and let it go? The Canes got the last laugh three weeks ago so that should be enough.

"easiley will be dealing drugs in time and gators will forget about him by game 5."
What kind of stereotypical, racist, load of crap is that?
21 - 16 is sidcane, a lonely loser and sub human POS.
Not only is he no better than those he claim inspired him, he is much worse, no Gator has posted as often in the cane blog as this Moron has done here. This imbecile is here every day, on every single story with multiple posts, no Gator has stooped this low and behaved this way at the cane blog.
Sunny you are wasting your time since this Moron cannot "be the bigger man" because he is not a man and he won't "let it go" because he is a loser without a life and has nothing else to do.
Best thing is to ignore his sorry arse.

Gatortrash is what U all are! Lol. Cant believe y'allconsider talking about someones kid that was murdered is not as bad as talking about a kids bum knee...you guys are what is wrong with society. Better reset you moral compasses.

Uh....jlo....check jim gallo....he post on Cane blogs more than i ever could here. I know facts dont matter but its the truth. Blah,blah,blah...dont argue with me because its so easy to pick apart your arguments. Just read my posts and move along....nothing to see here.lol.

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