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Florida-Miami: Darling memories

ICYMI: I wrote a feature yesterday on the stakes of Saturday’s (renewed) rivalry game. Be sure to check it out, especially with Ronald Powell’s kicker quote at the end of the piece...

“It’s a big game because we’re [Florida] in it.”

Saturday’s matchup could very well be the final regular-season meeting between the two powerhouse programs for a very long time.

Today, Florida coach Will Muschamp -- who grew up in Gainesville cheering for the Gators -- reminisced on old history.

“Well, it was the leadoff game every year in the '80s. I remember I was sitting in the North end zone when James Jones made the one-handed catch against Miami. I guess '86 or, no, '84 was Kerwin Bell's first game. I think we went through five quarterbacks in preseason, Jeremy [Foley] you probably remember. We went through a bunch of them there, and Kerwin had his first [chace] down in Tampa, I think is where we played that year. But that was a game that when it was in Miami, I remember watching or listening on the radio, and then obviously when it was here in Gainesville I was trying to get in the stadium somehow.”

So shoot y’all. What are your favorite memories in the series?


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Jarvis Williams' huge hit on Melvin Bratton in '86 game. Don't remember much else - you could leave at halftime back then, top off, then return to the stadium :)

I remember Miami winning 7 of the last 8 games against us.

I remember Brock Berlin mocking the gator fans with the gator chomp after the historic comeback he led to take the heart out of the gators. Pure classic.
He will be on Miami sidelines this Saturday for another beating the canes will deliver to UFirstdegreemurder.

That was Chris Leak's first game and a Ron Zook special!

James Jones Flying Horizontal for as amazing a catch as you'll ever see!!
(and throwing Tangerines at "Kickman Howard" (schnellenberger...)

Is it that UM fans know so little about football or they don't know how to count? UM did not win 7 of the last 8 against UF.

What is ICYMI?

In case you missed it.


As a freshman in the UM band at the Swamp. OJ Anderson catches a pass out of the backfield to put us ahead late in the 4th qtr. Penalty calls the play back and Lou Saban runs the EXACT SAME PLAY...Touchdown again! UF fans pelt us with plastic drink lids. Welcome to bigtime football.

FYI (for you canes bombing this site, that means 'for your information'), Florida Field wasn't the Swamp until the '90's.

I remember the UM VS Miami game in 1985, when Neal Anderson, John L. Williams, Kerwin Bell, Ricky Nattiel, Franky Neal, Alonzo Johnson, Clifford Charlton, David Williams, and Jarvis Williams, BEAT Miami in the Orange Bowl!

They beat a Miami team with Testaverdi, Brian Blades, Michael Irvin, Dan Stubbs, Kevin Fagan, Bennie Blades, Bubba McDowell and Jerome Brown. By far the most talented group to ever play in this series. I was there and the Gators prevailed IN Miami 35-23!

Aaron Hernandez catching a touchdown pass from Tebow in the first quarter, right over Chavez Grant. The Herald ran this pic on their front page, right under the headline, which read: DOMINATION !

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