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Friday Fodder: Who can (should) shoulder the load?

I’ll make this brief: Quarterback Tyler Murphy -- no matter if people believe he’s better than Jeff Driskel or not -- still needs lots of help.

In 2013, Florida’s tailbacks (mainly junior Mack Brown) have been solid, but hardly spectacular.

Checkout those yards per carry averages. Florida’s (weekly) makeshift offensive line has certainly derailed some of the production, but UF’s tailbacks have had issues with vision early in the season.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.01.13 PM
(Courtsey cfbstats.com)

Just one week ago, Matt Jones promised “to put the team on his back,” and that’s not happening.

No. 20 Florida is moving forward with the “hot hand” approach -- a completely different strategy than the Gators’ preseason expectations.

Florida presumed Jones would simply carry the 1,000-yard torch from Mike Gillislee. Alas, probably not. 

Coordinator Brent Pease continues to heap praise on freshman Kelvin Taylor, but Taylor’s received just a single carry in the past two games.

With Jones’ ball security problems, it’s not totally surprising Florida’s staff has been hesitant to play Taylor extensively considering his well-documented fumbling issues during training camp.

But what do y’all think of UF’s new by-committee approach? 

Is there a legitmate workhorse in the group?

Kentucky struggles stopping the run -- 185.7 y/g, good for 13th in the conference -- so Saturday offers an opportunity for a breakout game.

Discuss away.

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A roster of nobodies cheered on by nobodies with nothing to do 359 days of the year.

High comedy

5< 3 <2....getcha championships up, call me back if/when you do. I'll be waiting turds.

btw...all those fa and happy players onn that list are pathetic, I'd rather have tenn's rookie qb as a playmaker. T-U-R-D-S!!!

I say we start Brown and bring Jones off the bench until he shows he is 100% back and takes better care of the ball. I still believe Jones is the workhorse, he showed it last year but so far this season he hasn't been the same. Blame it on the illness or whatever else, he has to prove himself again.
We should give Taylor more touches too, if he doesn't play he can't show what he has.
Once the O line gels and we keep the same guys together for the rest of the season the running game will automatically get better.
Go Gators!!

I'm guessing Taylor isn't playing because he has not fully learned the offense yet and is having troubling blocking in the backfield. He is far more talented than Brown and Jones in my opinion. They need to work him in more and Kentucky is the perfect opportunity. Just bring him in on running downs and have him run some simple plays.

Jesse, it's simple: it's time for Matt Jones and Mack Brown to put up or shut up. Neither of those cats have shown me jack! Neither! Matt Jones had one nice run last year against FSU. That doesn't impress me. The O-line had opened up a hole big enough for a mack truck to run through.

Both of these guys need to put on their big boy pants and show us what they are about, because right now, in my eyes, BOTH of those dudes SUCK, straight up.

So there you go: Matt Jones and Mack Brown need to step up and shoulder the load and show what they are about. Right now, neither of those guys is getting drafted.


I'll lead us...hey where's my pistol?!?

Good thing they only have couple tough games left. Running will get better if the oline steps up, but i ain't seein' it.

"Good thing they only have couple tough games left"

A delusional projection from a fake Gator and closet cane.

"Running will get better if the oline steps up"

No sheet Sherlock

" but i ain't seein' it. "

The UK game will be the first one where all the starters will play together, assuming Tyler Moore is back. Just in time to get ready for the meat of the schedule.
Nice try faker, you aint fooling no one here.

Uh j ....driskel is out....all starters and a backup 2 star.

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