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Gators Grades: Oops

MIAMI GARDENS -- Before I re-watch the tape (probably tomorrow or Monday) of No. 12 Florida’s upset loss to Miami, here are some rapid reaction grades.

ICYMI: As a bonus, here’s my piece on UF’s House of Horrors -- most call it the red zone. Also, my notebook discussing the Gators’ defensive performance, Matt Jones’ return, Solomon Patton and more.


The Gators dominated the stat sheet, but it didn’t matter. Florida self destructed in the red zone -- scoring just twice in seven chances inside Miami’s 28-yard line. The Gators’ ballyhooed ground-n-pound attack was invisible, as the Canes dominated the line of scrimmage. Florida averaged just 2.9 yards per carry 44 attempts. Jeff Driskel made plenty of plays Saturday -- for both teams.


Will Muschamp was quite critical of his defense’s performance in Miami’s first two drives, but Florida allowed just 59 yards after the first quarter. UF’s defensive line --UM quarterback Stephen Morris called it the best he’s ever played -- single handily kept the Gators in the game despite the offense coughing up the ball with regularity. Duke Johnson was quiet (2.8 y/c) following UM’s first drive, while Morris never found a rhythm after his long touchdown pass to Phillip Dorsett. Miami was just 1-of-11 on third down.    


Punt blocker extraordinaire Loucheiz Purifoy gift-wrapped the Gators an easy touchdown in the first quarter. Austin Hardin was perfect on his only attempt (33-yarder) -- the same distance Florida passed up on the failed fourth-and-one in the first half. Marcus Roberson was just OK returning punts, but Solomon Patton did chip in a 41-yard kick return. The failed two-point conversion was poorly blocked, but the bigger question is why it was called in the first place.  

Thoughts? Comments?

Have at it.

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"But Florida simply has too many talented players on defense. This game -- both the week's buildup and today's atmosphere -- feels awfully similar to the Florida-Tennessee game last season. UT had an explosive offense too, but the Vols weren't ready for primetime.

Deja vu?"


It was a sad day to be a guy named Driskel. Dude through away the game time and time again. Passes were all to high and always late. Patton turned a Terrible deep ball into a great catch. Just touch Driskel from behind and he fumbles every time. UF the only SEC team not to score 30 points today. Muschamp needs to redefine what it means to have explosive plays on offense. Didn't check it down to a RB once.

The Florida Gayturds, Never have so many been so proud of so little.
Enjoy future beatings by Georgia, SC, and the Noles!

Where is that Gator loser that always addresses us Canes as "clucks" and uses 10 different screen names? Come out of your doomsday bunker and say something U Gator "Cluck"

Nice assessment Jesse.

As much as I hate the "ground and pound" offense, the truth is, it would've worked had we not turned over the ball. That being said, my ire is directed at Muschamp (and Pease) for not developing the vertical passing game. That's what we should have been practicing on against Toledo. You'd think that after having such a poor offense last year (and the year before that, and the one before that as well) and getting embarrassed by Louisville, the coaches would develop it. What's the point of recruiting the # 1 ranked high school quarterback in the nation, if you're not going to have him throw down the field?

Driskel is a veteran, by college football standards. Yet he often looks like a nervous freshman in the game. He's had a bunch of starts, and yet I'm still waiting for him to have a "break out" game like Jameis Winston had (in his FIRST game). I like Driskel, but he just doesn't have the "it" factor. He's not a baller. Gator Nation has zero confidence in the guy (and that was BEFORE yesterday's debacle). Even his running skills are overrated. Our O-line got owned, but this guy does little to elude tacklers, and he never takes off like Tebow did. This would make the D-line have to temper the pass rush to contain Jeff. Driskel, thus far, is a HUGE disappointment. Still rooting for the kid though.

Hats off to our defense. Those guys have kept us in the game over the past four years.

Can't believe we lost by a mere six points. We gave that game away.

Don't celebrate too much Canes. Our offense stinks and we handed you five turnovers. Every team isn't going to give you that.


No we forced those turnovers but tell yourself whatever you need to sleep well in your trailer park you ungracious hillbilly

Be happy with the win cane fans, I know I would be, but to watch that game and think you're back because you won, is pretty stupid. The Gators crappy offense had their way with your defense gaining over 400 yards and were deep in the red zone all day long. Eliminate those 5 turnovers, and that game isn't even close. 212 yards out of that so called explosive offense, is a joke! Nice win, but not very impressive at all. Certainly not worthy of claiming the canes are back.

That game was not given, it was taken by the Canes. McCord and Perryman were beasts yesterday. Now, that Gator D is nasty and will keep you in every game. Driskell reminds me of Kyle Wright. He looks like a QB, throws like a QB and runs like a QB, but he's a duck.

Gators didnt give anything. CANES took those turnovers. Quit watching espn and watch the highlights and U will see. U GATOR FANS ARE STOOPID LOOSERS. Our 117th ranoed E won that game. Bet y'all dont come whining about 117th any more on our boards. We stripped that ball so many times vegas started turning off lights to try to save money.

Oops....ranked D

You cane fans must've not been watching the same game. Over 200 more yards of offense, over 17 mins more in time of possession. The Gators dominated that game. We're not stupid losers, we just know we should've won that game easily. By the way, I never said anything was given, I said eliminate the turnovers and that game isn't even close.

Excuses are for losers..Canes 21 - 16 over the Lizards.. And U don't wanna play us anymore.


No excuses, only the truth. The truth hurts. You guys were dominated the entire game. Nice win, but you guys are far from back. You'll see as the season goes on.

Waaaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Your right guys, a team better than yours may beat the Canes but that's ok...we will go the rest of the year (and perhaps forever since you are scared to play us) knowing we beat you.

Gator Alum, you're right on the money. I just watched the game replay on Sun Sports. When you're in the stadium, drinking and hollering, it's hard to grasp everything that's going on, especially when you're sitting in the nosebleeds, like I was.

The Gator D dominated, and UF's offense wasn't bad. It's true, statistically, the Gators owned the game, and the 5 turnovers killed us.

Miami's defense played great. Not taking anything away from them, and of course they took those turnovers. They hit, stripped, and intercepted. Much respect.

But even Stephen Morris referred to the Gator's defensive line as the greatest he's ever played against.

In retrospect, I was too harsh on Driskel. The second interception wasn't his fault. Trey Burton took too long turning around and the ball went right by him and into the defender's hands. Also, Driskel made some big time throws, decisions, and runs... some costly mistakes (obviously) as well. But he was under duress most of the game. Credit to the Cane's defense. Our offensive line didn't do a good enough job protecting Jeff.

I'm not giving up on Driskel. He has the potential to be great.

The season's far from over. Losses can be blessings in disguise. Georgia and South Carolina each have a loss, as well. We still control our destiny, and have a bye week to improve.

Good commentary from Gator Alum. Jesse - you're doing a fine job.

Cane trolls: what's the point of living in Miami if you're on your computer all day posting on Gator blogs??? Go get laid you losers. Shouldn't you be celebrating instead of obsessing over Gator Nation?


Chomp chomp, choke choke, waaaaaa waaaaaa

Turnovers and red zone efficiency are metrics that reliably dictate the outcome of football games. When Miami got into the red zone they scored two touchdowns. When the Gators got into the red zone, they scored once and squandered four others on turnovers. It doesn't matter whether the turnovers were forced or not; they happened. It's hard to point at the stats and say UF dominated, because the numbers would have been different if Miami had called a different game after going ahead. Apparently (and surprisingly), Miami thought they could stop the Gators, so they trusted their defense. It worked -- we all know that yards get harder to come by in the red zone and Miami won that battle. Miami went to what many thought at the time was an overly-conservative offense -- #8 left, #8 right and safe (incomplete) pass on 3rd and long.

It's a shame UM/UF won't be playing again in the future. It was one of the better rivalries in college ball for a while. As a Miami fan and not a Gator hater (family connections), I will say the Gator players play as much with their mouth as with their bodies -- it's like they moved the 80's Canes to Gainesville.

Suicyco and Gatoralum, stop with the weak review of the game stats, everyone knows the only stat that means anything is W and L. Miami's D took it to your offense and they folded in the red zone. Suicyco you said "I cant believe we lost my a mere 6 points", don't forget the Canes gave up a TD in garbage time with the prevent defense so the beating was much more thorough than the score dictates. Both of you need to show respect to the team that has dominated the gators the last 7 of 8 times we have played.

Actually, we gave you turds 2 touchdowns (1 on a blocked punt and the other in garbage time). Should of been a blow out....our offense tore it up in the first quarter and our offensive coordinator decided to change the game plan. Morris is not seeing the field well, the middle of the field was open all day long! Our offensive coordinator made your D look good.

Clueless cane fans!

A W is a W gator dumb. Good thing U play in the seceasy. With that offensive showing U wont make it past the sec championship game. Just hold on to Bamas coattails and it will be ok. Better start worrying about famous jameis. Two ACC loses and they may kick U out of the sec.lmao.

I always say what counts is to get the W and Um did get it. You took advantage of our mistakes and did what you had to do.
It is also true that we moved the ball at will and got into the red zone multiple times. And that is where Driskel lost the game for us with poor decision making, poor throws and turnovers.
We move on with SEC play.
Let's see how long it takes the Moron trolls to move on as well

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