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Going streaking

Florida's 26-game winning streak over Kentucky is the longest active streak in the nation over an annual opponent.  

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 4.44.16 PM

Florida walloped the Wildcats 38-0 in Gainesville last season, which explains comments like these from two UF seniors.

OL Kyle Koehne

"You know it's just like every week we're going to prepare for the best and pretend like we're playing the best."


"Uh, we are playing the best. Sorry."

DL Dominique Easley

"How many times we beat them? It's just a game."

********** UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE **********

Perhaps the shoe is actually on the other foot. 

This from kentuckysportsradio.com

"Za’Darius [Smith] is geeking over his first SEC game. The caliber of a program like Florida might intimidate most, but this is Za’Darius, “It’s an OK team, I’m not just going to say (that) they’re all that. Hey, it’s the SEC.” When asked if they looked bigger/faster/stronger on tape than he expected, he said, “No they didn’t, they actually looked smaller than people we already played.”

If that doesn’t pump up the D, a 26 game losing streak might. Avery said the coaches and players have mentioned it, using the streak as a “chip on our shoulder”. Avery has faith in his guys, “I think it’s a very beatable game- I know it is. You have to go in with that attitude and come out with a win.” The night game atmosphere at Commonwealth will be more than enough to get the juices flowing.

After reading those last two paragraphs, check your pulse. Yeah, I’m ready for gameday too."

Discuss away. 

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How about you ask these two jackwagons, what its like to get your arss handed to you in Miami or what its like to play for a team that has lost the last 7 of 8 to Miami, or how is it learning from professors with camera pens, or how is it to attend a school with a diploma that is absolutely worthless, oh wait I know it must be UFelony, GOOOO Fakers.

How about we ask you what it's like to be an obsessed, no life loser. GOOOOOOO lonely sad delusional cane fan!

Send me some bail money ASAP....The NFL is taking ALL of my funds!

Aaron Hernandez Murder Case Update: Football Player's Associate Arraigned In Massachusetts On An Accessory Charge



Aaron Hernandez pal pleads not guilty to accessory charge in Odin Lloyd killing


UT OH...i'm going down alone on this one

His mother knows why: CHRIS RAINEY was born in jail in Lakeland on March 3, 1988, and had vowed never to go back again


Thanks for all the business you send me Chris


Charge: Charged with misdemeanor battery in Feb. 2010 after allegedly slapping a woman and scratching another at a Gainesville apartment party

His pimp hand is way strong!

Lol at the mighty competition in the sec...with floridas oline at least they have a shot in he11. One shot in he11 but its a shot.UMs 117th ranked D held them to 16 points. Thats 1 1/2 tds and a field goal,lmao. Well at least if murphy isn't protected as bad as driskel was , ufelons can buy some eligibility from the ncaa for tebow.djdnt kentucky just get blown out by western kentucky high?

Kentucky is a banjo school, not football!

I wish UM could get kentucky as a permanent yearly game.

That would strengthen our schedulebecause of the medias perception of the sec and give us a guaranteed win.

We could beat them with our backups and a shortened fourth quater

I wonder if they have a major in fried chicken?

Floriduh is playing Florida School for the Blind next week

I'm glad the UK players are talking smack, who is this Za’Darius [Smith] guy, what position does he play?
Keep talking maybe our guys will get mad and won't be complacent.
I want to see what our O looks like with Murph having a full week of preparation and taking all the reps with the first team.
We all know the D will bring it.
Go Gators!


Have you guys read this article in the Herald? Who knew Hurricanes played cupcakes? With all their criticism of Florida and every other college football team, I thought their out of conference schedule only consisted of real opponents.

UM will play anyone, anytime, anywhere!!! Are you listening Savannah State???? Are you listening FAMU and Bethune-Cookman??? The U does not fear you!!! They will play you anytime and anywhere!!! They'll even pay you $350,000 to do it!

Canes play in the worst conference in the land and play the cupcakes with the worst records as well OOC. The worst of both worlds. At least Toledo had a winning record and was their conference champ, not SSU, not even close.
I know this info is for the resident Miami Moron, but who cares about the canes anymore.
On the Lexington, beat UK and continue on the road to Atlanta.
Go Gators!


Ok. I'll let Eastern Kentucky know. Tennessee is basically Savannah State so that is a wash.

Don't let the facts hit you in the tooth, Gatr Trash.

7 of 8.

Jesse, I think this is a going to be a GREAT game on Saturday between the Gators and the Wildcats. Hey, last year, Kentucky gave South Carolina a scare, if I remember correctly.


Really talking up Kentucky, wow you gator fans sure have shallow hopes for our sec, sec, sec football team.

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