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ICYMI: Jones fit to put team on his back

Fully recovered from a serious viral infection that slowed his game, Florida sophomore tailback Matt Jones said he's ready for the breakout year he expected before the season began. 


Check out the piece. 

Also, a note on menacing defensive tackle Dominique Easley's strive for perfection. 

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UT 27 Florida 14

Nice article Jesse. I hope this dude has a huge season. Can't wait for Saturday's game.


This is the game for Jones to shine in. The whole offense needs to make a statement and crush UT, we know the D will bring it.
Go Gators!!

Check out this article on the UF-UT rivalry and how it's no longer the same:


He's not going anywhere unless the road graders up front are blowing open holes. We can pretty much write-off Halapio for the year - the guy will be 50 to 80% at best the rest of the year. Hopefully the younger part of the rotation matures and Humphries stays healthy. No one will respect our passing game hence the box will be full every game from here on out.

Gator Mike, Driskell had almost 300 yards passing last game. The passing game is coming around, it's the turnovers that need correcting. Fix that and the Gators are a pretty decent team. I agree with you that the O-line's pretty shaky, especially since driskell seems to force passes under duress or fumble the minute a defender blows on him. Unfortunately there's not a lot of depth, so when a couple of players go down in the game, it really shows.

@GatorAlum: Academically, you are spot on, however the reality of 'correcting turnovers' in this offense is to throw the ball less or do more of that sideline to sideline stuff, which is pretty much a pitch-out or extended hand-off in my opinion. In either case that won't translate into 300 yards in the air. As fans we'll have to live with the painful calculus that says 100-200 yds passing = 0 to 1 turnover while 200-300 yds passing = 2 to 3 turnovers.

Not being pessimistic, just grounding myself in realistic expectations. On the bright side we can win with opportunistic special teams, great defense and conservative O.

Just my opinion, but what do I know....

GatorMike I hope you are wrong about Halapio and that if he is not 100% right now, we allow him more time to heal in order to have him available for the second half of the season. I feel most of the turnovers were unforced errors by Driskel coupled with his penchant to fumble if "the defender blows on him", like GatorAlum said. It is about time he grows up and minimize those bone headed mistakes, if he can't then we may as well look for a different QB this season.

JLO your gators have no backup QB, no depth, just overrated 4 & 5 * recruits who are not being coached up. Live with your projections as they are now coming true for your team loser.

I had an appending that took less time that this to heal and I waited 7 days before i went to the emergency room. Doctor told me I was a 1 in a million to survive it as long as I did. . I was back to work in 4 weeks.maybe it was a steroid issue they are co ering up? Kid does have a pretty full beard for someone his age.

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