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ICYMI: Lots to play for

First things first, later today I'll have a full breakdown (rewind) of Florida's loss to Miami after reviewing the TV tape. 

The blog will be a tad lighter on content this week as the UAA invoked a media lockout as there is no scheduled availability during UF's bye week. But there will still be daily updates and a couple fun pieces. 

ICYMI: My piece on Florida moving forward. Check it out. Here's a teaser. 

GAINESVILLE – Then No. 12 Florida’s harrowing 21-16 defeat to then unranked in-state rival Miami on Saturday was a much-needed statement win for the Hurricanes, but it also didn’t ruin UF’s season.

The Gators’ championship aspirations weren’t sunk with a single turnover-riddled stinker.

“We still have a lot of games to play this year,” quarterback Jeff Driskel said. We’re not out of anything yet.”

No they’re not.

The loss to Miami – which jumped to No. 15 in the Associated Press poll -- despite all its glaring warts, means nothing in the Southeastern Conference standings.

The path to Atlanta is still in front of the Gators, who dropped six spots to No. 18 in the poll.

Saturday’s defeat was Florida’s first in the month of September since a 2008 loss to Ole Miss -- the day of Tim Tebow’s famous ‘Promise’ speech -- and while there weren’t any pronounced declarations deep in the bowls of Sun Life Stadium, several Florida players exuded faith that things (see: offensive ball security) will improve over time. ...


Florida announced quarterback Jeff Driskel suffered a slight knee sprain in the second quarter of Saturday's game. The junior is on crutches this week as a precaution, but "will be ready for the Tennessee game next week."

Which leads me to... The Southeastern Conference officially announced the Florida-UT (Sept. 21) kickoff time Monday morning. 

The Gators and the Vols will square off at 3:30 p.m. (CBS) in The Swamp with Uncle Verne rockin' the mic. 


Some of you may have seen or heard about this, but look where Miami hilariously placed Florida's band in Saturday's game:


That's Coors Light cold. 

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We have no chance with this offense. This year is worse than last year. We flat out got beat up this past saturday. Miamis 117th D made our oline look bad. That was the117th ranked defense. They stripped balls,jumped routes and got to driskel way too many times. We need to follow Texas' lead and fire pease . Normally i wouldnt say this ,but muschamp needs to go too. He has been evaluating these offensive recruits since he's been here and none are panning out. We should have not let Brisset go. At least we would have a more mobile backup to make up for our offensive line. D did alright but how did they let miami ,with lesser talent score 21 points on us? Their D was on the field 2/3 of the game and we only put 16 on the board. Who goes for 2 in the first quater? Mushhamp and pease must go. There are a hundred coaches that will take this job. Texas has the balls! We don't?
Still waiti.g on my apology j and gatordum. You guys are bandwagon fans and it shows when you dont come back and admit when you are wrong.


Should have ,could have, would have, but U didn't! U couldn't!

swamp troll give it up you are not funny and are not fooling anyone. You started with the fire Pease, then cut Driskel and now you are ragging on Muschamp and the defense, you are just another delusional Miami Moron.

Jesse I agree this game means nothing in the SEC race and since it's early in the season, if the Gators can fix the offensive woes we will not be penalized too harshly for this loss.
I'm losing some faith in Driskel though, he needs to play much better.
How about an injury update seem a lot of O linemen were nicked up.

There's no media availability this week. Might get official word on other injuries Wed (SEC Teleconference) but might not.




21-16 eh what say, duh. My clock says 0:00 eh

Just like the sec , U lose and dont talk about it and it goes away eh what says U d?

Apologize jls14234!

A poop team that thoroughly dominated in every statistical category. Don't fool yourselves cane fans, you won the game but teams aren't going to turn the ball over 5 times every game against you. I know you're extremely excited about winning the game, but don't blind yourselves to the fact that your team wasn't that great. The 2 ints were thrown right between the defenders numbers. My grandmother could've made those 2 picks. Over 400 yards to one of the worst offenses in the nation last year and 212 yards out of that supposed high octane offense? I mean come on, you honestly can't be that excited about your teams performance. Congrats on the win, but be a little realistic.

Offensive woes j? Jesus f christ! Woes? Really?

We won yrds to points category....1 point for every 10 yrds we moved the ball we also won the turnover category . We took those ints no matter what your grandma can do. Next it will be driskel dropped the ball on that strip sack. Or your rb tried a lateral as he was going down.

No one said this Miami team is going to contend for the national championship. However, given the way some of the Gatr fans posted, they made it seem like the Canes were fielding a high school team against the Baltimore Ravens.

Miami's 117th defense played SEC style defense. They are longer the 117th ranked defense and have clearly improved. If all else stays the same, that is worth another 2 - 3 wins.

The same cannot be said for the Gatr offense. It is still horrible. Gatr fan made it seem like Matt Jones was going to win the Heisman Saturday and the defensive backs should all be in the NFL now.

Reality checks work both ways.

Miami's 117th defense played SEC style defense.

No. You still gave up 400 plus yards.
The gators were in the red zone time and again
5 turnovers won the game plain and simple
2 INTs in the red zone prevented UF scores
Unforced INTs, all on Driskel
1 fumble in the red zone allowed one UM score

WOW j....U make it look like ufelons lost hat game and Miamis D didn't win it. Watch the replay in slo mo and get back to me with that apology!

Yeah....just rechecked the w/l column...in jlos world everyone gets a trophy.lmao looser!

My favorite so far is ufelons gave us those turnovers. If thats the case your diplomas are worth less now . Driskel on crutches mon morn is a close second. Why wasnt he on crutches sat night or sunday?

What says U d eh duh?

And the ufelons nightmare begins.lmaorotftntc...

Gatordumb, are U saying U got beat by a "poop team". WOW! Denial is the first symptom. But then again a poop team from bowling green took yall to the ropes. And a poop rajin cajun team almost beat u until they gave u a blocked punt? Gator fans are dumb! U got beat by a superior team and they covered vegas by 8. Lmao

Soldy, I can't believe you are actually arguing the fact that the canes didn't play that great at all. I know it's hard for you Gator blog trolling cane fans to actually admit anything, which is why I listen to several of my friends who are true diehard cane fans who have season tickets and go to every game. The respectable cane fans who actually know a little something about football, and aren't out to just talk trash all the time. They actually agree with me. Luckily you have a joke of a schedule to look forward to with 1 ranked team left to keep from getting exposed. Good luck the rest of the season!

We already played one ranked team and they were the ones exposed lmao at gator dumb

Hey, GatorAlum and jls, here's an idea: stop acknowledging all of these Miami Morons.

Let's ignore these losers. It's only like 2 or 3 guys who beat off all day in mom's basement, and take breaks to troll this blog. Eff those guys.

You two know what's up. Why waste time replying to these clowns. They know squat, and they are freaking obsessed with Gator Nation. They beat us, and they're still trolling our blogs. Unbelievable.

We know Miami sucks ass, and we should have won that game, but we turned the ball over five times. End of story.

The fact that they're so overjoyed is proof that they think the world of us.

Ignore these dorks... NO EXCEPTIONS!


I'm rated AG baby that's ALL GOOD!

It still 21 -16 suckyio...lmao the better team won! Denial is the first symptom

suicyco sounds a lot like Jlo, could it be they are the same person talking to themselves? No gator trash would never do that, riggghttttt! The only thing being beaten was your sorry excuse for a team and the fact that the ACC is owning that SEC arss this season. Cant wait until FSU pounds the turds this year and FYI we will pound FSU to so get used to your rightful 3rd spot in the state but be careful USF and UCF might catch you at this point.

Your right SUICYCO, not sure why I keep responding. The last post was the best one of all. The confidence of these cane fans after that game is classic.

I never follow this Blog however it's amusing. As Johnny Football did...I'll point the scoreboard and I'll remind U of our last 8 meetings 1 - 7, Correct?

Your offense sucks gatorlum! They made our d look great in red zone. And one time at the opposite end zone.lol. dukes offense scored 3xs the points yall did against this 117 th ranked defense. And we hit yall with 3 tds.

Why was driskel seen mon on crutches and not sat and sun?

You'll be exposed soon enough!

Maybe you all can ask Tim Tebow to come back and be a stripper in that craphole town of Gainesville to boost the economy up there.

I bet all the men would get raging hard ones over him again.



"Unforced errors" on Driskel??!!!

Was that their game plan? To get into third and long in the red zone? To have Driskel passing in long down situations?

Blaming Driskel is a cop out, UF's fans and OC knew Driskel isn't that good, their plan was to run on Miami and Miami stopped them.

When will Ufelons realize turnovers are apart of the game created by the other team. Driskell blows, we were one player better than you. We spent years beating FSU on missed field goals, we were one player better than them. Bottom line we created those turnovers. Your passing offense is atrocious.

The turnovers were forced turnovers! The Canes intercepted 2 passes and caused 3 fumbles. Canes 3 TD's. Gators 1...

suicyco sounds a lot like Jlo, could it be they are the same person talking to themselves?

Here we go again. Guess I am very popular with the Miami Morons and they accuse me of doing what they do everyday, post under multiple names. Watch out Moron, I'm everywhere and I'm everyone, gonna get you soon.

Good thing we have a bye this week gives us time to heal up, especially @ the O line and time for Driskel to review his mistakes and improve.
UT will be coming off tough game against Oregon while we should be rested and ready to go.
Go Gators!

J, shouldnt the oline reviewing their mistakes?

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