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ICYMI: Notebook: Christy on notice

GAINESVILLE -- Kyle Christy was a finalist for the Ray Guy Award as the nation’s top punter just one year ago.

Now he’s in a battle for his job.

Florida’s junior is averaging just 39.5 yards per attempt this season -- good for No. 12 in the Southeastern Conference. Christy also fumbled a snap in the win over Tennessee.

(Courtesy Gatorzone.com)

Last season, Christy averaged nearly 46 yards per kick as the nation’s No. 5 punter.

“I’m going to open it up with Kyle. Johnny Townsend’s been a guy that’s probably as consistent a punter we’ve had in camp,” coach Will Muschamp said. “We’ll pull the redshirt off Johnny if we need to. We need to get more production at the position.”

Townsend was a late edition to Florida’s 2013 recruiting class, flipping his commitment from Ohio State on National Signing Day.

Muschamp placed the ball strictly in Christy’s court, saying, “We didn’t forget how to coach Kyle from last year.”


Saturday’s game against Kentucky will be a homecoming of sorts for two Florida coaches.

Wide receivers coach Joker Phillips was a four-year letterman at Kentucky and was later the team’s head coach from 2010-12.

“Anytime you spend a lot of time at a place, you have some great memories. I know as a former player and coach there, no question it’s going to be emotional [for him],” coach Will Muschamp said.

Meanwhile, Gators offensive coordinator Brent Pease coached at UK in 2001-02, as its coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

“I’ve got a lot of friends there,” Pease said. “It’s a great place.”


Wideouts Demarcus Robinson and Latroy Pittman will return to action this weekend against the Wildcats.

Pittman, a sophomore, was suspended for Florida’s first three games.

Robinson, a promising true freshman, was suspended for the Tennessee game for violating team rules.

“I just told him every freshman goes through it,” Pease said. “They’ve got to find that pattern of consistency about fitting in. … He understood. Didn’t complain. He’s moved on, so we’ll see how he approaches practice this week.” 


Nose tackle Leon Orr (shoulder), right tackle Tyler Moore (ankle) and cornerbacks Loucheiz Purifoy (thigh) and Marcus Roberson (knee) returned to practice Wednesday and are expected to play against Kentucky.

Hybrid tailback Valdez Showers (ankle) remains doubtful. 

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oh my neck, oh my back...oh my neck and my back!

Sheesh you turds are PITIFUL!

You calling anybody pitiful, is about as hilarious as it gets!

lmao @ not our rival



7 of the last 8 sounds about riiiiittttteeee

Hush nerds.
delUsionalcane - there's nothing more delusional than you believing you're talking about college football and not a fake internet rivalry.
You should have no reason to care about UM football.
But you clearly have nothing better to do with your time than talk to other internet nerds about your fake internet rivalry.
Posted by: Not our rival | September 25, 2013 at 05:19 PM


BWAHAHAHAHAHA...I'm guessing you think Kentucky is your rival?!? You probably think so, both teams ARE on the same level.


#20 and FADING FASSSSTTTTT...the turds season is on life support! LSU and JAW JUH will pull tha plug!


GatorAlum, resist the urge to respond, it is obvious to all that this Miami Moron is as pitiful as it gets.
Put Christy on notice, that's great, he's been playing like crap. We all know he has the talent he needs better effort. I'm tired of stupid mistakes. Christy playing like crap, and Jones fumbling 2 games in a row, they must get going. If not, bench them and play Townsend and Brown.
It's bad enough we have so many injuries, whoever is starting better put forth his best effort and cut out stupid mistakes.

FSU is strong...MIAMI is strong...and then there's this other thing going on in Gainesville, Florida pulling DOWN the big three debate.


Kentucky is good at fried chicken.

Man I sure hope we can at least beat Kentucky this weekend, if we lose that game I will never root for the Gators again.

Jesse, any word on Brian Poole being suspended for the UK First Half for UT hit and will Loucheiz Purifoy even dress with the thigh contusion ? I take it Marcus Roberson will be ready. Secondary depth will be key the rest of the year.

CC: Yes. I addressed Poole's suspension in a notebook earlier in the week (check Monday).

As for Purifoy, he's expected to be fine and should start.

ty Sir

They better put the offensive line on notice. If they cant keep murphy on his feet or he will be giving gifts to kentucky all game. They cant afford another gift L . People o. Espn are already ragging the offense and say they shouldnt even be in the top 25. That would leave them tied for unranked with 98 other teams.

If we lose to Kentucky I will cry for 40 days and 40 nights...let us pray.

Yes we do!

If the sec is so tough, why are they 4-6 in ooc bcs games? Thats a 40% win percentage . That means their ooc bcs opponets are 60% against the sec. That cant be right? All these necks say any sec team can run the table in any other conference . Then how can that be?

Kentucky- W
Arkansas- W
Missouri- W
Georgia- L
Vanderbilt- W
Ga Southern- W
Florida State- L

**That makes U 7-5 turds....

which is still far more impressive than Miami's ACC 7-5 last year.

Moving forward the Gators are in a far better place even with all the injuries, that ALL teams will eventually suffer. Have been, will continue to be so. U have things lined up for a good year with Seniors #17 n #52 and O-line leading your team with an embarrassing OCC schedule, no Clemson and a game that U know, but won't ever admit here that u got completely out played but managed to "win" the game. Enjoy ur time and have ur fun, we all know it's been 8 years since u have been able to do so, this one anomaly season. But, "eventually" u will cancel out the BIG GATOR WIN with a letdown to 2 teams that u should beat.

Rock on Cane fan. It's about time, but it'll be a short stay.

U hapless turd tards have no chance...bow out now! The ONLY reason u beat Tenn is because of a freshman qb. Just face it, Ufelony turns the ball over way too much. It's only a matter of time before that rickety defense gives in to the pressure.


And don't let ur Defense blind U after FAU, giving up to 400+ to Floridah's "awful" charity O and Savannah St. and now S.Fl...

Like I said, enjoy it starved Cane fan. It's about time. Welcome to our World of over 25 + years of relevancy even if only for a year u blind groundhog acorn finding fool.

21-16 (5-0) huh ? that was it with 5 gimmes ?

Ufelony was the biggest gimme to date.

wish we could play the turds 12 times...we would be 12-0 easily

Like I said, enjoy it starved Cane fan. It's about time. Welcome to our World of over 25 + years of relevancy even if only for a year u blind groundhog acorn finding fool.


Yet you still only have 3 titles...and only played for 3...meanwhile the U has 5 and has played for more than that. We have lost more titles chances than Ufelony and FSU has played for together.

Good to see Jlo says not to respond but does so anyway under another disguise. Funny girl.
You did however did get your numbers wrong, UFelony has been relevant for the 4 years with Timmy however Miami has been relevant for the past 30 years so now that we have that corrected, whats the over/under on turnovers from that 2 star QB the gatahs have starting.

Where is our coach in waiting?

Muschamp isnt going anywhere. Texas wants saban.

5 < 3 < 2
7 out of 8

U get the drill turds

Posted by: G.T.- Vir.- N.C.- N.C. St.- Va. Tech. - Fl. St. ? Which 4 L's Will It Be ?

Agree 100% with this poster, he speaks the truth.
I find it very amusing that I am credited with his post and many others as well.
It is clear the sub human Miami Morons are obsessed with everything Gator and it seems they are obsessed with me as well.
On to the road to Atlanta. Goes through Lexington this weekend. Go Gators!!

Actually, the road to lexington goes through Atlanta .

The road to Atlanta goes through Lexington this weekend and through Gainesville the following. Gators know what I'm talking about smartass.


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