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"It's still going to be weak, so it could tear at any time"

Ostensibly, No. 19 Florida's offensive line should get a big boost Saturday with the return of right guard -- and all-conference selection -- Jon Halapio. 

But after talking to Florida's senior leader, I'm not so sure. 

ICYMI: Yesterday I wrote a notebook on the health of quarterback Jeff Driskel and Halapio -- with coaches saying both players will start UF's conference opener against Tennessee. 

Halpio will still play, but how well is a mystery after today's comments. 


Halapio -- returning to action after tearing his pectoral muscle weightlifting right before training camp -- said he could've played (if needed) last week had UF not been off, but by his own admission, the senior's prognosis moving forward isn't exactly promising. 

On his protective brace...

"It's like an upper body brace, I'd say it's like a sleeve kind of thing. I put it on and then I have two straps that pull my shoulder across my body so my posture is like this (see video). So it prevents me from going all the way out here [shoulder moving out], and stuff like that, and from tearing it in the game."

On recovery...

"Basically I've just been doing a lot of treatment. I had an injection, a PRP injection one time, just to speed up the recovery and everything. But mainly the thing that's been helping me is resting and a lot of the treatment stuff that the athletic training staff has been doing well with."

On going forward and the possibility of re-injuring the pectoral...

"They said that just because of the time period it happened, that I don't have that much time for me to develop the strength that I have, that it can tear off again. Whether if it was going to be 50 percent intact, or 100 percent intact, it's still going to be weak, so it could still tear at any time. So they're telling me that that's the down side of it. But the brace helps really well. Practicing last week and this week was a confidence-booster for me, so I don't have no concern of tearing my pec."

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more excuses than a broke hizzoe on the corna on saturday night...these are NOT my gatahs

"I had an injection" - Jon Halapio

Sheesh somebody test this guy for HGH already.

Thats definitely HGH! Just tell the ncaa U misspoke, or it was antibiotics. Lol. CHEATER!

If Halapio is not ready then don't play him. If the brace will protect him then wear the brace. Maybe he should be eased into action instead of throwing him in as a starter if there are doubts.
You would hope the trainers and coaching staff know what's going on.
Either way let's beat up some Vols this weekend on our road to Atlanta.
Go Gators!!

Tænker på du nogensinde tage min hånd , gennem den periode for at være væk , tænker du har varme ord .

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