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Keeping up with the Joneses

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Fair point. 


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Pretty accurate tweet by Coach Jones.

don't worry coach Jones you will get ur victory saturday....UT 27 swamp meat 17

Jones is correct, however UT's losing streak will live on for a while longer. We are just a better team right now.

Tenn.has sucked since manning was there. Auburn has sucked since newton was there.alabama sucked til saban got there. Gators sucked since tebow was there. A&m sucked til they got into the sec( johnny paycheck). Jury still out on SC and LSU. Kentucky sucks. Vandy sucks. Missouri sucks. All the Mississippi's suck. Most of these sec teams are 1 person teams. Guess there is an I in team in the sec.

I would have to agree with 21-16......the SEC has been overrated for years!!

Forgot about Arkansas....they suck too.


the SEC has been overrated for years!!

That is why the last 7 NCs have gone to the SEC with 4 different teams winning those championships
But who cares about facts when you are a Miami Moron.

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