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No more Knox

Three-star offensive tackle Benjamin Knox (Deland) decommitted from the Gators on Tuesday.

According to reports from multiple recruiting analysts, Knox's decommitment was not a surprise. Reportedly, the 6-foot-6, 260-pound tackle had not heard from Florida coaches in over a month. 

Knox is UF's sixth decommitment from its 2014 class, but UF still has three verbal commitments from offensive lineman. 

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More to come...


Probably no good and I'm a canes fan

Hola, Arturo. Man, these Gatr klucks are crying in their beers. In the case of jlo, his Shirley temple with a wine cooler floater.

ACC sucks and the gators cant compete

Hola SOLDY...where da gatahs at? Are we runnin this board also?

cheers to Driskel the 86th member of the 2013 Miami Hurricanes!!!!!

Why are ALL our recruits leaving us???

Club D'Onofrio is Dropping Defensive Beats...tha gatahs have been beaten like I beat my girlfriends

Brent Pease's laminated play sheet: pic.twitter.com/uD514Kez2J

Jesse, you should probably clarify to these loser cane trolls, especially the one who talks to himself using a different name, that this guy decommitted because the coaches stopped communicating with him. Clearly they no longer wanted him. It has nothing to do with the fluke loss to the canes losers.

Ummmm, Gomer GatorAlum, not one post has linked this decommit to the Gatr loss. Not one. Only in your insecure Gatr mind is it linked which speaks more about the state of Gatr Nation and the impact, short and long-term, of last week's game, than anything else.

Move along, Gomer. Nothing to see here.

Knox decommitted because the Gators no longer wanted/recruited the offensive tackle.

"fluke loss"

How bitter. Can't even lose with any dignity or grace. Miserable typical Gatr fan.

I would perhaps admit, in some parallel universe or strange set of circumstances, that a Cane loss was a fluke. But when you are talking about beating the Gatr TRash 7 of the last 8, how is that a fluke? Maybe if they play another 8 times, and the Canes win of them, you can claim that one of the losses was also a fluke. Of course, chances that the Canes field a team full of freshmen on the road for the one loss are unlikely.

Only in the troubled, insecure, unstable mind of a Gatr maggot.

Don't get upset when we give you the truth, it was a fluke loss. It was a gift. Driskel was the best UM player on the field, but you know that: "cheers to Driskel the 86th member of the 2013 Miami Hurricanes!!!!"
That is the only reasonable post you Morons (or Moron) have posted.
And you got another partially right: "ACC sucks and the gators cant compete" We will see if the canes can compete in the weak ACC as the year wears on, so far they haven't.

jlo, my man! The blog punching bag. Crawled out of your Shirley Temple and Wine Spritzer floater I see.

You've always been a lil' b@tch boy. Now you are a bitter lil' b@tch boy.

Gatrs lost. Deal with it. I guess the other 6 wins were flukes too, right dumb@ss?

If the ACC sucks, what does that say about the SEC LEast?

Try crying in your Roy Rogers this time, jlo. The blog princess.

U stay in Ur Sandbox, and we'll stay in ours ... The Consequences are Urs.

It's Up to U.

Again....great game....Miami's D saved the day for once...and without our starting Safety Bush. I really think the score would have been 21-9 had he been playing....oh well. I think the two statemtns that stick out most to me from the last few months are from AG:

"Get your licks in while you can"


"People don't want to see the U rise....they are afraid of what's on the other side of the mountain"

So so true....

"The Consequences are Urs."

First off, maggot, there are no "consequences." Ooooh, you will post nasty stuff on the Cane blog. Wow, really affects my life one way or the other.

Second, after 5 years of your racist BS, joking about murders, constant posting, you think one mea culpa written on the anniversary of 9/11 somehow makes us Cane fans who have witnessed your vitriol empathize with you? That your alleged "come to jesus" moment connects us to you?

Wrong, douchebag. You are in no position to negotiate anything. The Gatr Trash lost. Until and if the Gatr Trash beats the Canes, you have no bargaining power. That may be 3 years, or 5 or 10 or until your buck-toothed varmint of an AD decides to schedule the Canes or the Bowl-gods match them up. Until then, we set terms, not you.

Do you honestly think any Cane fan believes that had the Gatr Trash won you would have gone out with your pseudo-emotional post? Hell no.

So I say to you, fake Soldy maggot, you dug your ditch. The sh@t storm that will rain down upon you for however many years it takes is all your doing. You had your chances. You even offered truces before only to begin again.

Once a dirtbag rat..errrrr....Gatr maggot, always a Gatr maggot. Never to be trusted.

Consequences? Please. You give what you get. Nothing you can post on the Cane site that cannot be duplicated here. So spare me the "warning" about staying in my sandbox. Winners dictate terms; not you maggot.

Hey insecurity, when I say fluke I'm talking about this game retard. Nowhere in my post did I say anything about past games. Unlike cane fans, we live in the present. Again, congrats on the FLUKE win. Your team was dominated the entire game. Enjoy living in the clouds while you can, because you'll be exposed by the next decent team that doesn't turn the ball over 5 times.

Gatordumb, as I stated you would be making excuses like a school yard girl " The win was a Fluke ". Typical low life, trailer living, sister humping, 1989 BMW driving, felon loving douche bag. Your mouth overloaded your arss on this board for the past year and now you will have to live with the U domination until your puzzy diploma mill schedules another beat down by the U!

Posted by: The U

What a typical post full of stereotypes and garbage cane-speak; "low life, trailer living, sister humping, 1989 BMW driving, felon loving douche bag." That is good, were you looking in the mirror while typing?
Make up your mind Moron, you said I was the one with the BMW, whatever that crap means.
Enjoy your make believe "U domination" until your next bad loss that will surely come.

JLO, I see you responded because you really knew that you fit the definition of what I said, I am proud of you that you finally have stopped projecting and are taking measure of who you are. Domination equals victories in 7 of the last 8 games against UFelony. GOOOO FAKERS

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