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Notebook: Gators on the mend

It's been a rather slow week in Gainesville. Florida's bye week coupled with a media lockout has meant a dearth of content on the blog. We'll be back to a normal schedule starting Monday.  

Meanwhile, ICYMI: A couple of notes on Quinton Dunbar and Loucheiz Purifoy

And here's yesterday's injury update...

GAINESVILLE -- The No. 18 Gators didn’t just lose to No. 15 Miami last weekend. They limped home.

The Gators are the in the middle of their earliest bye week since 2008, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Coach Will Muschamp, on the SEC teleconference Wednesday, updated the status of several injured players, including a number of starters.

Quarterback Jeff Driskel (sprained knee), right tackle Tyler Moore (ankle), left tackle D.J. Humphries (knee), cornerback Marcus Roberson (sprained knee), defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. (hip contusion) and safety Marcus Maye (shoulder) were all hurt in the loss to the Hurricanes, but Muschamp expects everyone “to be fine” and play against Tennessee next weekend (Sept. 21).

Muschamp also said right guard Jon Halapio (torn pectoral) has been officially cleared for contact, but freshman cornerback Nick Washington is done for the season after injuring his shoulder in practice Monday.


After rewatching the tape, Muschamp said senior wideout Trey Burton ran the wrong route on Driskel’s second red zone interception. Burton admitted as much Saturday after the loss.

“When your anticipating a route breaking a certain way and it doesn't that way, it's hard on the quarterback,” Muschamp said.  

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Knox decommitted because the Gators no longer wanted/recruited the offensive tackle.
Posted by: Jesse Simonton | September 12, 2013 at 10:43 AM


REALLY??? as offensive as that offensive line was they need to beg him eback ASAP!! ROCKY A.S.A.P.

Don't get upset when we give you the truth, it was a fluke loss. It was a gift. Driskel was the best UM player on the field, but you know that: "cheers to Driskel the 86th member of the 2013 Miami Hurricanes!!!!"
That is the only reasonable post you Morons (or Moron) have posted.
And you got another partially right: "ACC sucks and the gators cant compete" We will see if the canes can compete in the weak ACC as the year wears on, so far they haven't.
Posted by: jls14234 | September 12, 2013 at 12:53 PM


Well as long as you're in the spirit of giving...UT is next and they are hungry for some gifts!!!!!


Lmao... now they were all playing hurt?
Just saw an esecpn reporter on tv and no lie his first answer to the first question was " i mean honestly i dont think much at all" ....lmao

Gators done!

U clowns get a little g...the big G is fo Golden!

Man you cane trolls are extremely confident after a game you were dominated in. I mean its really funny how you are blinded to that fact. Who am I kidding, you talk just as much trash when you're a 7 win team. Just don't be too surprised when you lose to a semi-decent team that doesn't turn the ball over 5 times. Luckily your schedule is a joke. You'll continue looking decent against all the scrubs you play, so you may not lose till FSU brings you back to reality. Enjoy it while it lasts!
103rd ranked offense = 413 yards
Miami's high powered offense = 212 TOTAL yards
22 first downs to 10
time of possession 38 min to 21
redzone= all day long
Newsflash cane fans, you aren't that good. Just because you won the game, does not mean you're the greatest team ever and Al Golden is the second coming. Get over yourselves!

21-16 @gatoralum...that's one area the gatahs didn't dominate

Lmao @ stats....
CANES 1point for evey 10 yards
gators 1 point for every 25 yards
U needed 150 more yards to beat us and just couldnt do it!

Obviously I clearly stated the the Gators lost. I know it's hard for you rejects to read. The part you aren't understanding is that the Gators dominated the game. Again, let me say it slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly for you. Teams aren't going to turn it over 5 times against you. You aren't that great, so don't act like you're world beaters just because you won the game. It was the most unimpressive win I've seen in the 35 years I've been living. Good luck facing a half way decent team that actually throws the ball away in the red zone and not directly to your team.

By the way, anyone who throws @ symbols in 2 different comments using 2 different names, clearly isn't trying to disguise the fact that they are the same person. Come on, I know you cane fan(s) are a little slow, but give me a break. This is why we all automatically assume its the same loser posting with 25 different names. You aren't very creative. It's obviously InsaneCane. The only loser that comes on here and posts even when there's nothing going on. I mean you've got to go back to 100 years and counting or ufelony or one of the many names you use. Apparently now you're going by the score of the game. Just man up and go by 1 name.

Different person with the @ symbol. I have never used it and saw it and thought it may be easier to type on my phone. I post the score because of all the haters.... i mean gators on the UM blog. Ufelons only dominated 3/4 of the game. And that was defense. Our defense dominated the redzone accounting only for 1 1/2 tds for the gators and one lousy field goal. Our offense dominated the first quater and yourfelons offense didnt dominate any quater. Thats because UMs D dominated your O all game....sure you got some yards ,but no points. And points count in the end. 21-16 counts!

Scoreboard: The only stat that matters.

Lets keep things serious here. Can you guys bail me out?

21-16, like I said we'll see what happens when you face a half way decent team that protects the ball and doesn't throw it directly to your defenders. You can say what you want, but a defense doesn't dominate when they give up over 400 yards and the other team is in the redzone all day long. Plain and simple, if driskell throws the ball away instead of forcing things and simply takes field goals, the game ends very differently. Just because the game ended the way it did, doesn't mean it would have had the gators gained some momentum scoring points. It's common sense, I know cane fans don't use it very much, but thats okay reality will set in soon enough.

Gatordumd,Um defenders left their men to get those interceptions. Now the one into triple coverage was driskels fault but dont think for a minute he gave that ball away. If he did , your coaches are way worse than anyone thought. Miamis d took those turnovers and the gators are a HALF decent team. Unless you think they are a lees than half decent team judging by the way U worded your statment? Maybe you are right, maybe when we face a halfdecent team we wont get so many turnovers,but with the way our defense was playing we should get a couple on anyone. Im sorry U dont think your team is half decent.

" that protects the ball and doesn't throw it directly to your defenders."

"if driskell throws the ball away..."

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Jimmy Johnson used to say "ifs" are for losers. Can't fathom ho ungraceful you are GatrDum.

I now somewhere in the back of his mind, as much of a Gator fan as Jesse must be, he is thinking, "this is why people hate Gatr fans."

If, but, if, but, if, but, if, but.

Here's an if for you: If Miami still had Vince Wilfork and Jonathan Vilma, they would have whupped that Gatr Trash worse.

Guess what? They don't. And Driskell did all those things we told you about in the weeks leading up to the game but you wouldn't listen.

In the words of every winner in history"


In the words of every Cane fan:

"Bite me, Gatr Trash."


GatorAlum just stop arguing with this lone Miami Moron, it is useless to try reason with an idiot.
What we need to do is get our guys healthy and come back and beat up on UT. Halapio coming back can only help, he is our best O linemen after all. We know the D is solid. Driskel is the wild card hopefully he can bounce back and cut down the stupid mistakes and no more gift giving until Christmas.
Go Gators

Gift giving? LMAO!

Gators did all that trash talking before the game and now the canes do it and its not ok? Jlo, U should know....canetrash? Dont dish it if U cant take it

Jlo, did U know Tennessee leads the nation in takeaways.... i mean receiving gifts(lmao)? With that putrid offense ,look for that to be a long game.

What I know is that UT is an SEC team, a worthy opponent. Just like most of the teams left on our schedule. What that means is that we can turn this thing around and go take the east and move on to the SEC ship and then the NC is within reach. All we got to do is win from now on. The SOS is top 5 like usual, so even with one loss we will be ranked close to the top as any one loss SEC team should be.
I also know cane "fans" that keep posting here every day are not real fans they are just a bunch of Miami Morons and there is no hope for them.
It irks them when we say their victory was a gift. So be it. It was. Move on Morons.
Go Gators!!

Lmao...we will see how worthy these sec teams are...do U honestly think most of the sec teams U play are worthy of anything?

Really, it is not like Driskel throws on timing. Why didn't he throw it away? Drickel is the only player on the team they make excuses for. He has more trunover in two years than TD passes thrown, is that Burton's fault aslo?


Jls, didnt u just scold gatoralum for responding to cane fans just before you started doing the same thing?

You guys are the fans. I'm the writer. Please stop confusing the two.

If Tennessee wins this weekend we are in trouble. Remember I called the UM game.Oregon has a high scoring offense and we dont. Better hope Oregon blows them out of the water and exposes their D. We need all the tape we can get in order to score points.

You guys are the fans. I'm the writer. Please stop confusing the two.
Posted by: Jesse Simonton | September 13, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Jesse, I believe "swamp fever" was talking to jls14234. , not js. Since you both have a j and s in there, it might be the cause of the confusion.

Excellent work as always, and as much as I enjoyed Saturday, I wish the series was continued, win or lose. BTW, remember my question on the strength and weakness of both sides, you were right as usual. Well done.

Later Jesse, it was fun reading your work, but the Gators are moved aside for Savannah State. Is there even a Savannah State football blogger out there?

UT is a respectable team?

Keep thinking that, jlo you lil' b@tch.

We'll try keeping not to hit triple digits.

Not angry with Gator fans any longer....was waiting for that game for quite some time and got the result we were looking for. All good.

As far as I'm concerned....no more beef or hostility. Please remember to stay humble always....both sides.

JLO and Gatordumb just cant handle the fact that the U dominates their SEC team (7 of last 8) and all the smack talking they did for the past year has come back to bite them in the arss. Miami fans are not irked by anything you say, we just like to make you look as foolish as your post reflect that you are. Remember the gators are picked to finish 3rd in the SEC Least this year and 6th overall in the SEC, now that is the definition of average. GOOOO FAKERS

Oregon will lose to the good SEC teams that have strong/fast D lines. Tennessee probably can't take them but you guys, bama, and LSU probably could. Your Dline would blow up that cute everyone on a go route crap. Oregon is just used to the cakewalk of no defense found in the PAC12. Stanford is the only good d that plays them tough in the PAC12. And note...this is from a Cane fan.

Later Jesse, it was fun reading your work, but the Gators are moved aside for Savannah State. Is there even a Savannah State football blogger out there?

That was funny, you are looking for a SSU blogger, right. And you have moved along, as evidenced by your several posts and those of your fellow trolls. You Morons will never get over the Gators, you come here to soak up what a winning program feels like. what real fans talk about.
I haven't seen UT play but I do not believe they have an elite D and thus Oregon will probably light them up pretty good. But all those PAC12 teams, also Ohio State and ND last year have been exposed when they play a top SEC defense coupled with an offense that can score. What is holding us back right now is the QB play, we have all the other pieces in play. It also helps to have a healthy O line. Lots of football to be played still. Go Gators!


Our win was no fluke....our D had 4 legit turnovers and one pick off a horrible throw/decision. Our offense scored EVERY time in YOUR redzone....YOUR DEFENSE PLAYED GREAT.....so did ours.

This was a defensive game....we just happened to score more.

Look up the words FORCED FUMBLE and this other one called STRIP when the defender pulls the ball out of the ball carriers hands...Try this one too INTERCEPTION oh wait im missing another word oh QUARTERBACK PRESSURE and lastly SACK.....oh y ea blaming Driskell I thought the gators had better recruiting classes not like miami BS 3 star players (#117Morris)....


Well, it gets worse next week. Ufelons have to play Tennessee next week with a vaunted sec defense. They only gave up a mere59 points to Oregon . Great Ds in the sec! Riiiiieeeeeght!

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