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Notebook: Gators release depth chart vs. Hurricanes

GAINESVILLE -- Florida released its updated depth chart for Miami and sophomores Matt Jones (tailback) and Antonio Morrison (linebacker) highlight the few changes.

After missing nearly all of training camp battling a serious viral infection, Jones is listed as UF’s No. 1 tailback ahead of redshirt junior Mack Brown -- who set career highs in carries (25), yards (112) and touchdowns (2) in his first collegiate start last Saturday against Toledo.

Jones will make his 2013 debut Saturday, but how much he’ll play -- considering the South Florida heat, the noon kickoff and the sophomore’s conditioning level -- has yet to be determined.

“We feel pretty good about [Matt’s] progress,” coach Will Muschamp said. “I think you know, as we work through the week we’ll be able to know how much he will be able to contribute.”

Quarterback Jeff Driskel said it’s nice just to have Jones back for experience and depth purposes, but the junior hopes Florida’s starting tailback is totally healthy.

“I know he’s going to do everything he can to be at 100 percent,” Driskel said. “If he’s close to 100 percent, I’ll take it.”

(Jeff Driskel)

Meanwhile, Morrison is officially reinstated following a one-game suspension for a pair of well-documented arrest. In a bit of a surprise though, Morrison is listed as the backup middle linebacker to junior Michael Taylor.

Other depth chart notables include: Suspended wideout Latroy Pittman no longer listed as a backup at the “F” position, while the right cornerback position remains written as  “Jaylen Watkins or Loucheiz Purifoy.”


“I think our schedule is what it is. You guys keep wanting to add the Packers and everybody else. I’m kind of happy where it is right now. It’s been so unsettled just because I know Jeremy [Foley] and the guys have been dealing with the SEC schedules moving forward what are we staying, what are we not. I don’t know that all those things have been defined as of yet.” 

-- Muschamp on the possibility of renewing the yearly rivalry with the ‘Canes


Muschamp said starting left tackle D.J. Humphries (sprained MCL) will return to practice -- in a limited role -- Tuesday but is expected to be fine for Saturday’s game. Backup linebacker Darrin Kitchens strained an oblique muscle and will sit out the first two days of practice this week.

Defensive tackle Dominique will miss Monday’s practice with the flu.


Brown was awarded Florida’s offensive player of the Toledo game, while the Scrap Iron accolade went to transfer offensive linemen Tyler Moore and Max Garcia. UF’s entire defensive line was awarded player(s) of the week for their superb effort creating consistent pressure against the Rockets.


Former Gators and Canes quarterback Brock Berlin -- the hero in UM’s wild 38-33 comeback win in 2003 -- will be Miami’s honorary captain Saturday. … Miami has tallied 500+ yards of total offense in three consecutive games, dating back to the 2012 season. Conversely, Florida didn’t allow more than 370 yards in a game all last season. … UM is 13-14 all-time at home vs. UF. 

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Keep them reports coming Jesse.

Good stuff!

Even muschump stutters when the thought of playing Miami every comes up. Don't blame him watch how he feels next Sunday after the gators get rolled in Miami.

The 10th-ranked Gators powered past an explosive Toledo team 24-6 in their season opener Saturday

Jesse, really, explosive Toledo team, should explosive and Toledo ever be mentioned in the same sentence. I thought you were a journalist and not just a gator homer, guess not.

Really: A Gator homer? That's cute.

For what it's worth: Toledo ranked No. 32 in total offense in 2012 and returned two 1,000+ yard performers.

Miami -- who most consider also has AN EXPLOSIVE OFFENSE -- ranked No. 36 -- four spots behind Toledo.

Good try, homie.

Way to put him in his place Jesse! The problem is, cane fans don't let facts get in the way of their stupidity. The most hilarious part is the confidence they have coming off a game against a 3 win team that had no offense, no defense, no special teams, yet they were in the game till late in the 3rd!

lmao @ Jesse with the homie talk. Hilarious!

Cause u turds run really fast from that annual Miami game question!!!

Former Gators and Canes quarterback Brock Berlin -- the hero in UM’s wild 38-33 comeback win in 2003

Jesse I think you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel my dude!

Toledo's offense played Wyoming, Bowling Green, Coast Carolina, W Michigan, Central Michican, Eastern Michigan, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Ball St. Northern Illinois, and Akron in 2012.

They're not very good at tackle football.

Almost looks a lot like the canes schedule!

Nothing on therd d and our pathetic showing on Offense? They got to driskel way too many times. Two forced fumbles on the qb and 2 sacks? Shouldnt our oline be better against a team like toledo? Our d held for 0 tds but their d wasnt that good. I believe they had 1 returning starter. We shoul have eaten them alive on the scoreboard.

When's the last time the SLS has been tarp free???

did Trey Burton go through the handshake line twice?

@Grounds Crew - I KNOW, I KNOW - Tim Tebow appreciation day!

Be on notice, you trailer maggots, no double-wides allowed at SLS.

And please, no jorts.

Top of the morning Gator Nation, just back from a long electronic device free weekend and see that not much has changed here. Gators had a solid win over a good team.
The Miami Morons are still spouting their delusional drivel, swamp troll still pretends to be a Gator and Jesse keeps doing a great job.
Talking about a tarp free SLS, that will only happen this Saturday, that is a fact. Or a way of life for a cane as in living under the tarp.
Seems like the RB position is much deeper than I thought which bodes well against our next opponent.
With the return of Morrison and Purifoy we will be that much stronger on D.
It's always great to be a Florida Gator.


electronic device free weekend? You mean your dial-up service was not working? The electricity to your double-wide was cut off? Same old maggot, jlo. Same old maggot.

Hey "swamp fever" moron, Toledo had a bunch of returning starters, including their senior quarterback who through for a bunch last year, and their running back who had 1000 plus yards rushing last season.

Go back to Coral Gables idiot.

Welcome back SUICYCO, Gator clause is alive and kicking again thanks to Jesse. We still have a Miami Moron infestation going on but all is under control.
This swamp troll has been infesting our blog for a few weeks now pretending to be a Gator but he was unmasked right away, his latest rant is harping about "how bad" we did against Toledo, as if.
Toledo may be a tougher opponent than the sorry canes, their offense was ranked higher, we will soon see.

Go Gators jls!

The Miami Morons are crapping bricks ever since Friday night. When they say that they were leading 3 - 0 after the first quarter, they realized their team still sucks c***.

Against that j.v. team from F.A.U., they couldn't stop the run or the pass, and they had problems passing themselves. Pathetic.

Jls, I have my tickets ready. I don't know if you heard, but the Gators are playing a home game September 7th in our own back yard. Make sure and wear blue. Driskel is going to wipe his ass with the Canes D.

Peace brother!

Home game it is. Orange and Blue it is, the sorry canes will be in white to "help them" deal with the heat. Bunch of sissies. They are going to get worn down as we run all over them. It will lots of fun.
It's always great to be a Florida Gator.

Funny how JLO and JLO, I mean SUICYCO carry on conversations but are the same person, just some delusional gator fan I guess.
Jesse, homie, really? Take the blue and orange color glasses off at least for that one article.

Wow can't believe the gators are 3-7 in last 10 games against the canes and 1-4 in last five but I think the writer forgot to mention that

Posted by: gator chomp

What is funny is that you falsely accuse us of doing the same thing you do on a routine basis.

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